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Dualing Ian Brennans

Ian Brennan is awesome. He produced a Fugazi with Sleater-Kinney free show in Mission Dolores; he a couple times took SF musicians to tour New York and Philly. He did a lot of shows in the worlds coolest laundromat, Brain … Continue reading

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Song of the day: Kimchi Line by Bho Bhoman

god is a christgau fan, satan likes USA Today on a tuesday Continue reading

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Lytton Plaza version 28

I have written about or at least mentioned Lytton Plaza 28 times now at “Plastic Alto” (this blog). I was going to mention in here today that early this morning I noticed an employee arriving for work at the pizza … Continue reading

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imagined query to publicist of a new band

Jess Rotter Jess at Kemado Cc: Jess at jess rotter Dear Jess and or friends: Hey, can you set me up an interview with Best Coast? If they cannot respond from Europe, it can wait until July. Aren’t they local … Continue reading

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Kathi Kamen transition

I did not know Kathi Kamen also known as Kathi Kamen Goldmark, although I recall meeting her at least twice and am pretty sure I have her old business card in my box that stores such. Maybe in the storage … Continue reading

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Ginsberg, Vale and Shig

From V. Vale’s newsletter is info I am lifting about Shig Murao, the clerk from City Lights who was arrested for selling “Howl” in 1957. Bell’s Books in Palo Alto is also a clearing-house for Shig’s legacy. Sunday in SF, … Continue reading

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Jody Naranjo hmm

Endemic to the nature of the culture cloud is drifting from topic to topic, or is it just me? I started by going back into “Maynard Dixon” and after about 35 clicks I found myself on Marti Struever’s site looking … Continue reading

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Maynard Dixon Sunset Magazine

Sunset Magazine’s annual fair included a rummage sale that featured at least two Maynard Dixon covers for sale, posters for $15 — the website indicates they were normally $50. I may have to look into writing something more articulated about … Continue reading

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Harbaugh #4

Friday at Philz Coffee in Palo Alto, a stone’s throw from the Stanford football stadium where Jim Harbaugh led the Cardinal gridders to an all-time-best 11-win season, Mark Weiss, a concert promoter, arts activist and blogger, performed for the fourth … Continue reading

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