II. Jump around!

Mateo Romero, Mark Weiss, Terry Acebo Davis, Melissa Talachy Romero

I’m on an art bender. I meant to be on the way to the gym, but I somehow could not stop myself from logging on for a minute. I meant to check on someone named Anna Maria Hong, who was in residence at Djerassi Resident Artists Program — Terry had visited their open house recently and skimming the notes from that event, this named popped out at me. She is a poet from Yale with a MFA from Texas Austin, who will be a fellow at Harvard. Calls to mind: Terry Hong, my Dartmouth classmate now at the Smithsonian, plus all my Austin literary artsy set, especially my former client DS.

But when I logged on I was curious about the Jemez Pueblo potter Lorraine Chinana, who I met recently at SWAII Indian Market in Santa Fe. My parents, Paul and Barbara Weiss, the pot collectors, bought a beautiful silvery slip scriffito humming bird pot from Lorraine. I bought a wee rosebud mini thingy that is signed L Chinana Walatoma Jemez that I was told was actually a collaboration between Lorraine and her daughter who I also met Angela Chinana. I didn’t actually meet but saw there also in their booth I guess it was Tito Chinana, the father. My mom spotted Lorraine’s masterpiece at the Friday judging and we sought it out on Saturday and they closed the deal. The Weiss’s added generously but judiciously to their collection in this expedition. Terry and I each made purchases from the gift shop at the Wheelright Museum, where she also befriended the young potter Julian Coriz, who was there to be honored as a scholarship fellow to continue studying and learning his craft.

Next I found myself digging or searching (but not actually G——-, I’m trying to avoid using the corporate name) next for Redwing Nez. Terry and I bought a great little oil at the Wheelright Museum silent auction — very much in our price range, perhaps donated by a collector, not the artist directly. It is called “Perphelia’s Trailer Home” (fr0m 9/08) and shows a beautiful colorful sunburst sunrise or set (but not “the set of all sets”) with a humble abode (but not adobe) in the foreground and desert flowers lining the driveway. We spoke to a woman at the auction and she wasn’t bidding against us, merely admiring the piece. She said she owned a couple Redwing Nez pieces, which we found reassuring.

I hope it is not a slur to, instead of the ubiquitous big corporate name, to try “search-injuning” especially regarding Native Americana.

I found a vimeo of Redwing installing a mural in Flagstaff, AZ for their Centennial. Maybe we can contact him and tell him of our admiration and suggest he apply for a public arts work here in Palo Alto. Someone named Gaby Lampkey I think was singing along as they worked, is credited in the clip, a worksong.

I had a fun but intense time in Santa Fe. Terry and I probably swallowed more art than we can digest.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, I popped in on Smith Andersen Gallery in Palo Alto to say hello to Paula Kirekeby and her lovely and talented assistant Melissa — I wore my Cody Sanderson cuff in her honor. They have hanging a group show of San Francisco collage artists including my friend  Matt Gonzalez, Gustavo Romero, Theophilus Brown, Kathryn Kain — apparently they gather and do work together. I bought one of Matt’s pieces — he has three red dots now, and it was the show’s first day, off to a good start. It is my fifth piece of Matt’s in my little horde, but the first I bought at market prices — too long to explain how I ended up with the first three. Well, okay, he donated a piece to my Earthwise 15th Anniversary concert at Bottom of the Hill and it didn’t sell, then likewise to my one-day political art show last fall at Smith Andersen, part of my campaign for Palo Alto City Council — I was running on an arts platform. My first I bought cheap at an auction for Beth Custer’s tour; another piece Matt gifted each of us one day Beth and I visited him at this office.  I asked Paula if she has considered having a clarinet player at the party coming up.

Not to jump around too much more but Tommy her preparator also showed me some amazing and wacky and scary John Beech monotypes her created there recently. I said that I cannot afford them but maybe someday I will be able to and they might not all have sold through.

Ok, now to the gym to actually jump around, or at least stairmaster, universal, dumbbell curls and elliptical cardio. But no “Everlast.”

edit to add:

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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10 Responses to II. Jump around!

  1. markweiss86 says:

    Mr. Brown, I miraculously am told in real time as I finish this piece, is 91. My Matt Gonzalez piece, Untitled in the price list, “#6”, features a cigar band from a cigar actually smoked by the artist, who uses “found objects” as his material, same sources indicate. The piece is sort of architechtural, Mondrian-esque. Further, if not “furthr” it also has a hard to describe relationship to an obscure book of poetry “Lami” by someone named Van Buskirk.

    • Mark Weiss says:

      This deserves its own entry — if not, verily its own blog — but it turns out that Alden Van Buskirk Dartmouth class of 1960, protegee of Jack Hirschman and David Rattray, who I learned about from Matt Gonzalez, apropos of me mentioning a chance meeting with Lawrence Ferlinghetti, died of PNH a rare blood disorder, at age 23. I am indebted, as perhaps the world will someday be, to Mr. Bob Rosen of upstate New York for shedding light on this fascinating small chapter in the history of The Beats, or medicine, or skiing, or apropos of “Light in August” or “Human Stain.” That’s my contribution to National Poetry Month.

  2. Mark Weiss says:

    My parents first started buying pueblo pottery while visiting Santa Fe to see the opera. Then they started going for both the opera and SWAIA Indian Market. Then they had so many pots that they decided to give them away to the DeYoung Museum. About a dozen of those pots are on display, as part of a large exhibit about The Americas, with more pledged to be donated later. Here is a link to the DeYoung website referencing this relationship:
    I recall bringing three pieces of barro negro from Oaxaca home after the Neighbors Abroad exchange in 1981 — was that the seed that sprouted into this collection? Probably not. Also, my distant cousin Frances Toor wrote about Mexico and gave my Mom a piece of pre-contact pottery, years ago.

  3. markweiss86 says:

    I also bought this small multi-media piece from Mateo Romero who was at Dartmouth during my senior year — he is class of 1989 to my 1986. Melissa is also an excellent potter, from Pojoaque Pueblo, although has been too busy with their family to work much in recent years. This image is similar to one used on a special edition chocolate box that Terry and I gladly added to our collection of Native Americana. The boxes were a fundraiser for SWAIA, the producers of Indian Market.

  4. markweiss86 says:

    I heard from Mateo via texting that he and Melissa are in Arizona for an opening. Meanwhile today I went to the DeYoung for a seminar on provenance (not the cool part of France I visited but something about where a piece of art came from) featuring three excellent speakers including art lawyers Barbara Hoffman of NY (who said she won a gaudy trophy playing in a copyright group tennis tournament with Noel Silverman) and Kate Fitz Gibbons of Santa Fe and Berkeley who grew up in a household of arts educators and recalls Judy Chicago as a backyard performance artist — most people had ponies. I spent 7 hours talking and thinking art (and art law) before rushing home to feed the cocker.

  5. Mark Weiss says:

    Speaking of “Everlast”, Terry Acebo Davis at her “tri-age” show at the Triton, had a piece named for the boxing glove. (Everlast is also the name of a rock band featuring the former singer of House of Pain who had a big hit called, wait for it, “Jump Around.”

  6. Mark Weiss says:

    Another little byte falling out of my Matt Gonzalez tree: Krissy Keefer a dancer who ran for Congress (and for whom Jack Hirshman made a benefit appearance):

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