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Walk LIne an Egyptian

Not long after the people on TV announced that Trump had won Pennsylvania, Jared Kushner grabbed Christie anxiously and said: “We have to have a transition meeting tomorrow morning!” Even before that meeting, Christie had made sure that Trump knew … Continue reading

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Ryan Gosling ‘The Big Short’ versus Cam Country both 2015 burning houses

Ryan character describes credit default swap on subprime bonds as “burning house” to Steve Carrell character  Mark Baum in 2015 “The Big Short” based on Michael Lewis book.

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‘Ch-changes’ v. ch-ching

I posted a couple hours earlier today –oh, by the way, Happy New Year 2016 to all you loyal Plastic Altoids — to a wordpress blog, a post from a couple years ago, about Bowie Bonds, the asset-backed security from … Continue reading

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