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World’s most sly reference to ‘1984’

For the record, I like John Fredrich and look forward to whatever else he will say or do in the campaign. He taught at Gunn for a number of years, starting just after I left. He ran for council several … Continue reading

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Peace is the only adequate war memorial: ceramics installation by Ehren Tool in Palo Alto

Eight hundred and eighty ceramics mugs comprise a type of Old Glory reference and codex, at Palo Alto Art Center, which I am calling Palo Alto Peace Center for the next eighty eight days or so. Here is my reading … Continue reading

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Harbaugh comedic monologue take 3

I did another 11-minute-23-second segment of my mock-Jim-Harbaugh tribute Friday at Philz, with the emphasis on mock. I know if was exactly 11:23 because I did it as a “track act” talking over Pink Floyd “Pigs”. Why “Pigs”? No reason. … Continue reading

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Big man pig man charade you are

you are nearly a laugh, but you’re really a cry (for help) and I’m here to heal you, my brother. Continue reading

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