Anna for Congress: Or, what is the sound of half a brain clapping?

I am going on record here as support for Anna Eshoo.
Although Bill Johnson that Fascist will delete my view, per usual.
Which is why we need Anna another term.
(Met Ajwang at the Farmer’s Market and was impressed…)
Tanaka is a joke: What is the sound of half a brain clapping?

edit to ad, one minute later; I just donated to Anna Eshoo campaign via Act Blue

and: from a museum exhibit in NY on “one hand clapping” by Wong Ping which I almost read at 8:18 at Peet’s as “word ping” or “woke ping”

andand: I updated this to include tags for wong ping who is genius; and categories to include “sex” which is usually, at Plastic Alto, merely gender but here, indeed, sex, “platos republic” which means politics but also references allegory of the cave in that the wong ping thing goes, ahem, deeper than I thought; and “words” which means koan here. I posted to youtube:
I just watched this for 7 minutes in context of my efforts to impact public opinion and the 16th district congressional race here in Palo Alto — hard to explain; respect to Wong Ping.
Probably doesn’t go here but I bought three papers, SF, SJ and NYC to read three obituaries to Norm Mineta, who went to San Jose High. The kid who took my order went to Westmont but has peoples in AR. 
My dog just kissed my nose; he wants to be taken home and fed. By 9 a.m. on a warm promising Thursday, as Peter Gabriel plays “In your eyes”…Wong Ping “in your eyes” would mean something else in his video “Jungle of Desire” 

Another reason to hate computers:

Norm Cash Misses Twin Bill

from NYT in 1962 — I’m looking for May 4 yesterday not two years before I was born, tho I did the baseball revere 

Act blue or green

and and but not Anand Patwardhan: its Robert McFadden in the NYT:

Norman Y. Mineta, who as a boy was interned with his family and thousands of other Japanese Americans during World War II, then rose in government to become a 10-term Democratic congressman from California and a cabinet official under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, died on Tuesday at his home in Edgewater, Md. He was 90. I will look it up but I would guess Norm Mineta would support Anna Eshoo and not Greg Tanaka. 

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