Open letter to Fat Mike re Tony Sly and Molly Tuttle


I am wrirting from Coupa Cafe Pao Alto my normal hang and 40 feet from me is a stranger who says he is Mike Sly yet too busy to finish this off, had to jump on a zoom. His computer says NEVER FORGET TONY SLY.

When I heard Molly Tuttle do “Olympia” I was psyched. She is from Palo Alto, her dad Jack Tuttle teaches fiddle; She is the best guitarist in bluegrass, twice in a row. That the song lyric mentions “Lars” even better. Four-oh-eight in the house!

She was The Hazel Dickens Scholarship at Berkeley for shits sake!

I played Mike (Sly) — the Santa Cruz Skate goofy monster on his cap was a tell — 58 seconds on my handheld, fighting against “Two of Us” Just the two of us we can make it iff we try on the house system. I have enough “made” here that I might have asked them to cut the house music, more bass in our monitor.

Anyhow, I think Molly Tuttle should could or would, though she is in Nashville now and has Ken Levitan as pm — big time — she already had WME as her agents — go one further and show her South Bay flag or 408 –its near 650 — pride by doing a whole EP of NUFAN in honor of the dearly departed Tony Sly.

I may or may not have already run this by Mike Park, Asian Man.

These are strange times. I say there is “white noise” I hope I don’t get cancelled for using the phrase “white noise’ — noise cancelling white noise. Chaos. In our entire civilizaiton.

By the way, irony: I startd EArhtwise in 1994 as a reaction against media. Which it 1994 menat TV. Televisin drug of a natoin. Now its even worse. I don’t use social media. This is a blog, sure, its wrodpres. but I dont use (I wont event use their names. no use).

Anyhow, call me. Or write me at 650 305 07 01.

Mr Sly said his brother is from Los Altos, even better, I was thinking Sunnyvale. I remember meeting Gus Spanos at a print shop, Alphagraphics, I was actually there fro a few weeks slack mother fucker until the boss man fired me for alleged workers comp fraud — longer story. Not true. Or not on purmpose. Gus and a partner not Greg St. Claire something waspy like that — I get the two guys mixed up. Eaton? They bought the old Murphy Street Theatre and had plans to make a club. They also bought the old MV theatre, where Neil Young recorded once. Not sure whcih building it even is. I remmeber the Gaslight, inCampbell and Gilroy. I think I saw Papa Roach there. I like to call The Edge Keystone Palo Alto to sound more OG. Jerry Garcia played there 67 times. I saw the dead like 10 times, not sure if that makes you disinclined to work with me on this. I ate cookies spiked with hashish made by the future Obama Administration National Security staff and ambassador, at my first dead show, The Greek, 1982. He was a frosh at Stanford — he’s a professor there now – and he was dating my homegirl. I was her wingman. I took a hippie chick butnot a nose ring girl – this was Reagan era, fell me? – -named Jenny Baumann. I was stoned or weirded out and either slept thru half the show or tried to hide behind my own eyelids. Wake up and find out that you are the what? I thought ‘dead-head” meant the world was so bad that better off being a zombie.

I was not cool enough to see DK’s although I was cool enough as the editor of the Homestead Epitaph Nick Ferrantinos I mean to approve Steve Cohen and David Carnoy’s interview with Jello. 1982. Ok, years later, in the Cubberley sessions Jello came and spoke, my show, my house. My dime. Weoversold the house but then got approval to put 50 chairs on stage, the old high school Cubberley had or has a proscenium stage and pit. Room for orchestra and Jello in the round Mmmm. As Bill Cosby might say. Or is he pudding us on?

AFI played the Cub for 412 people, 300 seated and 100 in the throw and 12 suspended in mid air between stage and first row. No one was crushed. Stupidy I had Eugene Robinson of Oxbow on security protecting the band but for him it was like training for the Hammer Throw at the Moscow Olympics. (Great veiled or masked or unmasked Michael MCFaul reference, that.).

Anyhow, sorry for your loss.

Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

Sunnyvale Music Club, baby!

Mark Weiss

dba Earthwise – just yesterday I wore a t-shirt DK “Erase Racism” i bought at Nordstrom for two zuzim feel me?

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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