Democracy in the house


Palo Alto City Council is meeting in front of a live audience of Americans who still believe in Democracy (minus unknown chamlobbyists and landlords here to stare down me and some neighbors). I count eight people in the hosue, of whom I can name two. Some are staff. There are four staff in the meeting, Ed Shikada, City Clerk Lesley Milton who I just met, Dani King her assistant, and someone I cannot see, likely Molly Stump their attorney. (Our attorney – help me out, Rebecca E!)

In the house are a quorum of Eric Filseth, Pat Burt, Tom Dubois, Greer Stone and Alison Cormack. I saw Lydia Kou or Kuo appear via magic box. 

I plan to speak at the next possible opportunity, which is #`13, my high school hoops number for the league champion 1981 Titans. This is loosely speaking about the business tax, or the longstanding filibuster and embargo of such. I am cribbing something I posted here in Plasty back in February, which I  likely sent in to the public record. Plus something I also likely sent in to the proverbial message in a bottle Covid-shutdown era Democracy.

I also like to say that many parts of our culture and civilization are subject to white noise and chaos. And that’s a huge factor, well beyond historic 20th century norms as described by Heisenberg or Doppler. That is, the universe is expanding, and largely unknowable. Yet, speak friend and enter.

Just don’t say “N-word” or n*****. Not even rhetorically, my:


San Jose gets twice as much revenue from business tax than from TOT. They get $70 m per year in business tax. We get zero. It’s possible that we would get more than that, despite the population differences, as we have Tesla, Amazon and the like.

(I like the way, Mr Bones, he goes to “BOLD” right after he references the struggle of Black people and Black Lives Matter, even ironically and confusingly)

Meta issue, and meta verse or phrase in that I am talking about my blog but I marked “words” and “platos republic” as distinct from Hasbor “Play Doh” or that Japanese modern dance Bu Toh or platos fuertes which are strong and not small plates, and I noticed the Greek dude “Tennis” or something, looking at the site here on Bryant that was briefly a Turkish cafe run by the greatest soccer dissident of all time (yet not martyred like the Colombian dude) Hakan Sukor I think – he literally wrote “Hakan Sukor” or his actual name and “fastest goal” on a piece of news print for me to Google – -and I have retired the term “search Injuns” — I heard from Mateo Romero briefly today and a local paper had something about a law designed to fine Colorado high schools $40,000 each if they call each other Redskins or Savages. Which a Native Group is apparently fighting against. And “filthy lucre” my code for “money” whereas Platos Republic or Plato’s indicating possesive is my code for tag or category of Democracy.

The second little bit, which might be at 7:30 if this is 6:46 on a Monday – and I missing Najee Harris of Vallejo, CA and the Steelers to do this, this sitting shiva for Democracy or witness or witless useful idiot getting just enough of a whif of freedom to not (censor censor censor – -see also Reality Winner and Davey Havok) and I’m just vamping to avoid listening to Action Item 12 Public Hearing which reminds me of the line I think by Raymond Chandler the guy who wrote not Dashiell Hammet Sam Spade but the other Bogus part, Philip Marlowe, looking for a clue –his line about how many lies in one line. One, it is not Action its babble, two its not really public is mediated. Not sure what language this is supposed to be. And the picture is out of synch by the words I hear. I think they are literally running Filseth’s voice thru a processor to disguise him or not make it obvious that he is here in person with we the people, all 10 of us, 3 known, 7 unknown or lobbyists or staff, and not Tanaka or Kuo hiding in their little hatches. Reminds me of Das Racist the multi-kulti hip hop group from Wesleyan — I’m at the pizza hut, I’m at the taco bell or Panda Fast Food, I’m at the combination Taco Bell Panda and Pizza Hut, but not at 250 Hamilton. Hutch or hatch. Year of the Rabbit. Iam. Iambic pentameter. Because I could not stop for Death Death kindly stopped for me. No, On a midnight dreary– MC Lars, I knew him. Finite Jest. I’m in the “In” Crowd, I know where the In Crowd surges the stage and kills 8 people.

Speaking of which, I am toting Len Siegal book “Disturbing The War” specifically to quote 404 CA Penal code about the riots he was accused of starting which I say applies to the ruckus at Dr. Cody’s house, that PA PD said they would prefer not to disberse or intervene, the futility of it all. A cop literally said to me that he would not tell 20 people who had agreed in advance to meet in front of a doctory’s house with pots and pans and megaphones at 9:30 one night — or several nights because he was quite certain that they would stop by 10. But it’s 9:30 now, why don’t you try?

And this piece, not strung with pearls but pretty good for someone who has not given them the business for 18 months: 

Palo Alto Networks whose founder built a monster home very near mayor Filseth downtown north Poe and Bryant is a $50 B Billion company that has a national TV campaign with the NFL, we should license the use of our name, could be worth a millon dollars per year to We The People. That’s 50 words, and above is another, previously published bit, 50 words. 

Plus: (practicing with an ally) Datatheorom on Emerson, $800K in revenue. 

Hippo is a Unicorn — is on Lytton. In a new building near the former record store.

And at 7:04 if you can somehow seem me at home, I flipped my mask down because I want more air.

Santa Clara is at 75 new cases per million, which is 1 in 13,000 citizens. Which means if this room were totally full we could do this every night for 7 year mask on or mask off without seeing an infected person. 

Also: on friday I have a concert at Mitchell Park center with Bhi Bhiman, Sylvie Simmons, Charith of Classical Revolution, maybe Aleta Hayes. About 12 songs, all by Leonard Cohen. Then Diunna Greenleaf blues on 11/18 Thursday then Saturday the 20th all at The Mitch — MY FIRST SHOWS IN 18 MONTHS — Barbara Manning

at 7:07 I put my mask back after 3 minutes of breathing free

SF Seals, The Corner Laughers, Clean Girl and The Dirty Dishes.

I have Amendola VS Blades indoor at The Mitch on December 15 then Scott Ben Todd Monk on Jan. 23. Then Caroline Davis a sax player from NYC three night residency around the 28th; then Sunday that weekend, also my birthday – I’m Aquarius sun, Cancer Moon, Scorpio rising, two thirds overlap with Remi Wolf– whose name references both Rome and Candlestick Park. They tried to charge me $150 secondary market via AEG/AXS Bryan Perez to see her show that same week at Regency SF, I almost bit but was too lazy to get up and find my wallet the computer laptop had not saved my numbers. 

Also, at Bottom of The Hill JUST ANNOUNCED an event in SF by Earthwise called “Lisa Fay Beatty’s ‘Save Me, Yeah'” that honors a former colleague who died 10 years ago this month in a motorcycle accident. Not sure the exact format, other than drinks on me, or first round, if you read this, hear my voice or knew her.

Making progress on my Van Halen Mark Leland Tribute.

I have about 40 projects buzzing their way to forms of flight or communication or dance or stinging. As I said below or above. Although I name checked Anthony Bonet not Bourdain. And Mark O’Brien. 

I am going to take out the offensive confusing word. That references race; today I bought and gifted to Jamie and Alix a list of coyote myths gathered by Barry Lopez. They live on Addison.

I have a new neighbor I call Flutie, like Don Cherry. Kudos to Delbert Anderson appearing in Sonoma next week. 


edit to add or backed with bw — and i heard the words density and its a miracle i am still conscious after 70 minutes fo this “density” contemplates redvelipement of teh site zones whichare lower rn 40 at redvelopmetn tbut that a policy problem for the councli whatever zoning would taht be extended to all other zones privacy inerests I cannot recall his name Leight? Lay? Late? I remember that Rebecca called him a “pissboy” for the builders but he takes in about $200,000 per year. I met “Vin” who is working with Ms. Milton and did work directly for cash, and Kash rather– a good guy, my neighbor, also near the former rez of Palo Alto Networks Monster Home builder guy — and Mazah or something who worked for SM Sheriff. 

here is something nixe from NU Times new ideas for flags:

i think if you click it sort of has the designer in some cases

Lait Jonathan Lait and not a lot of coffee in his latte, just All American milky goodness

Ok i’m gonna really listen closely –passed my copy of Len’s red book to Dr. Horowitz who thumbed thru it for a few minutes. Mr Moss Bob refused to borrow it from me as it was inscribed.

Also, I riffed a bit I guess on KZSU with Vince Larkin who remembered the name of my dog and its college football reference during the closed session but I missed my chance to speak open forum or whatever, which I called “open mic”. 

I was here earlier with Duffy and had no vax card so alert staff refused me to pass, like Gandalf and the Balrog. the Mines of Minas Tirith. No speak no friend no enter, and now 80 minutes of blather. 

Without really using my translater devices but with the help of 100 of such meetings under my belt and 500 topics and having spoken for the record about 200 times I would say they are ent-mooting how much profit to give billionaire and multi-millonaire super-delegates especially the tricky fumble-rooskie or Sweet Georgia Brown Globetrotter warmups of guys who own or owned Fry’s which went from 14 to 60 acres upzoning oila. moolah. I heard Pat Burt say “affordable housing” which is local voodoo mojo hocus pocus for giving money to the rich and not taxing like in the next item, lucky landlocked like Kazakhistan thirteen. Len had a bit from like 1970 about whether Democracy really works here or is everything done just for Stanford –$35 B endowment pays not taxes plus $18b in landleases at Stanford Industrial Parks which went from war stuff to video games which I guess is still a war in that they are using that to enslave us all and build the matrix or metaverse. 

And when I am interviewed some time in next 90 days and maybe before I finish my year 57 like Heinz variety here we’ll see if I get asked how serious I was when I sent a letter to the leadership about not shooting us, for gathering at Cogswell Plaza to make music, without a permit and not turning on the power, that three of us were Black. I think the person who brings it up loses. God bless the families of those killed or crushed in Houston. Hello, Hueston we’ve got a problem. Lay. Winning. Reality winner. Total immortal, yet a prisoner. Mere surmise, sir. 


and 1: 90 minutes in I think of the famous farting scene of “Blazing Saddles” yet I am not laughing.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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