Gunn thumps Fremont 50-20 to earn CCS berth under coach Jason Miller

Film at 11

Although T.J. Takafua, 300 pounds got 103 yards on 15 carries, Gunn added people to its playoff bandwagon more than it got derailed by visiting Fremont.

Gunn 50-20. I have to admit that although I was covering the game I didn’t see much action. Gunn has big plays and you look up to see someone scatting up the field but you don’t watch a whole drive play by play. Chris Melvin cousin of the former M-A star and brother of an obscure Chiefs coach does play by play but I was not listening carefully.

I was with my coach Hans Delannoy, who won Gunn hoops titles in 1980 and 1981 and for San Ramon was statewide coach of the year girls in 2006 and is in their hall of fame.



Bob Peters, himself recently gone then eulogized a The Mitch the same day I was at another venue with my own gig, has a son also named, confusingly Bob Peters with a restaurant on State Street in Los Altos but it was too late to serve us, even if we were Hans Delannoy.

We ate the cheese plate at the former Honcho bar, next to the former Cho’s counter and our server Ivan was a Mexican basketball star who said Oaxaca has a great team.

I met Lambert Gunn’s star, in Miller’s lounge – not the doublewide and told him to write to Buddy Teevans at Dartmouth. Buddy was also once a 105 pound high school quarterback. I’m not kidding. Buddy Teevans, futher all Ivy QB and close to 100 wins in Hanover — and beating Harvard 17-14 start of the fourth last I checked — was once a 105 pound high school freshman QB and told the story to we alumni that he cheated at the weigh-in, that he grabbed a five pound iron and slipped next to his Governor Wheelock to make the team.

So Gunn’s James Lambert, 231 last week and about the same last night, is like a cross between current Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevans and former Dartmouth president, South Dakota high school quarterback and World Health guru Kim Jim. 

I stated that I would ring mayor Tom Dubois the father of a Gunn VB champion, Anna, and demand that we find a job, maybe City Manager for Michael Lambert, who lives down here, South Palo Alto on Alma means soul and say we should find a place for Michael here maybe assistant city manager. if he is chief of libraries of SF, I’m sure that is a bigger budget than our entire city. He said he’s moving to Sf after James graduates.

I’m also high on Eric Wang, #52 who is a stalwart of the defense, and uses his size as an advantage, by going under the blockers. He got four tackles at Cupertino, I’ll update re last night.

I shot a good bit of the senior introductions — I might try to get the Oracle to run a bit on Eric Wang as my fullpage ad. Advertorial. As it were. Why don’t they cover sports per se?

The Weekly still deletes anything I say, no matter how astute or concise or how far from the greater truth that Democracy is corrupt for the failure to regulate capital which in Palo Alto turns the Weekly into a bunch of shit. 

There’s more meaning in the ascent of Gunn football than merely the fifty or so opportunities to say “yeah” and not feel their pain.

A mother after the tino game accused some 14 yos of gloating over an injured Tino player and taking cell photage as trophies (or tropies, I reckon) but coach CG said no, they were expressing their respect and admired the player, he called him by his jersey if not his name). I asked him yesterday if there was any fallout or follow up. No.

So in theory Gunn will get a CCS berth — by the way, the Frosh soph won league, maybe first time ever. Best of all would be Gunn-Paly in CCS.

Coach Miller says Monta Vista has forfeited the final game, so Gunn will finish the reg at 8-2 (I had said likely 7-3 or 6-4…)

Nayla invited me to watch Frosh-soph next week and i invite u.

Children are our future. 

Go, Big Red. Go, Titans.

I will update with the scoring totals — is Gunn #1 in CCS in scoring, or points per game?

I will update with list of tackles from Cupertino, timeless, classic.

And the fake pitch. Miller said the extra beat of waiting was Lambert’s own idea. On the Play of The Week they showed on TV, or finalist for such. But footage from defense side by Courtney from Carolina did not show what I saw, a guy turning his back to play, wating a beat then springing to life, like in a choreographed which means timing bit by that Hong Kong action hero who is also funny. 

Jackie Chan, meets Buddy Teevans meets Jim Kim.



In a not quite related matter, although her brother Paul Kraft (1963-2003) was a QB for Paly and played for Hans Delannoy frosh-soph baseball for the Cougars — once a Cougar always a Cougar — Kathleen Bryson nee Kraft an attorney in Northern California, criminal defense specialty, says that her former badminton partner Dr. Karen Drews combined with generational hero Eric Heiden to create a human life:

speaking of Little Red



update: James Lambert was named honorable mention all metro quarterback in the Chronicle but no Titans were honored in the mercury. I’ve said privately and in various random emails that I think Dartmouth should recruit both James Lambert and Eric Wang for football and other reasons but I don’t think that’s in their future. Dartmouth football does have a recent Sacred Heart grad.

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