Elsa Sorensen VS Paul Sorensen

Elsa Sorensen was a former Miss Denmark and appeared clothed in advertisements, I learn. I’m always learning. Recently, about Denmark.


Paul Sorensen is in the St. Francis Hall of Fame and was on the Playboy All America team as the lone scholar — he was number one in his class at Dartmouth and starred in football.

Dartmouth under Ed Shanahan and Ted Leland returned the award, $5,000:

A $5,000 scholarship awarded by Playboy magazine in the name of a Dartmouth football player has been returned by the Ivy League school.

Senior Paul Sorenson (sic) of Cupertino, Calif., had been named a member of Playboy’s preseason all-America team. He had been nominated by Dartmouth’s sports information office for the Anson Mount scholar-athlete award.https://18fa2e1533980fc41cd0d21f3ecafde1.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html s

However, Dartmouth’s dean, Edward Shanahan, its athletic director, Ted Leland, and other school officials decided to return the check. They offered no explanation, other than to say the decision was based on “institutional reasons.”

Playboy sports editor Gary Cole said that based on a letter he received from Leland, he believes the “women’s movement on campus” influenced the decision.

Pretty sure its “sen” not “son”…and in “sense” not masculine child.

Paul Sorensen is 1988 number 54 bottom left but also near 4.0 for Dartmouth


Note: further research or close reading reveals that Elsa Sorensen is also known as Dane Arden;

The Dartmouth team leader in total tackles in 1987 (120) and 1988 (124), linebacker Paul Sorensen ranks 13th in school history in career tackles (260). He was a part of the Big Green defensive unit that didn’t allow a single passing yard or completion in a 49-7 win vs. Penn in 1987. The two-time First Team Academic All-American was named the 1988 Academic All-American of the Year. Boasting a perfect 4.0 GPA in computer science, Sorensen was awarded six academic citations and the Phi Beta Kappa prize for highest academic standing. A member of the Advisory Committee to the Dean, he spent three summers in college as an intern for Apple. Sorensen earned his master’s and Ph.D. in geography from the University of California Santa Barbara while working as a research assistant and is currently a senior software manager at Cambridge Systematics, a provider of management and planning consulting services and information systems to the public and private transportation industries. He also serves as the associate director of the Transportation, Space and Technology Program at the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis. Sorenson also holds a master’s in urban planning from UCLA.

and1: Dartmouth beat Penn 31-7 at Franklin Field on a rare Friday night lights-0ut. QB Nick Howard ran for 100 yards. Buddy’s boys are 3-0 while the Quakers are staggered at 1-2. Thanks Gunn alumni dad (his kids went there, he went to Cubberley) Bret Baird for the update — I wish someone had mentioned this earlier in the day. Especially since I spoke to Peter Roby’s office earlier that day. His secretary is new in town and played lacrosse at Elmira and is from Vermont. Apropos of a Stanford alum I met whose son is worth recruiting – -at least get straight the o’s or e’s in his name. I think his name was Monroe Trout a Harvard basketballer class of 1985 and the Wall Street Journal or NY Times finance pages claiming that that the president of the College David T. McLaughlin a football player in 1953-1954 personally recruited Trout from his upper west side prep school, failingly. The current hoops coach is also a David McLaughlin, presuably not related. The Dartmouth QB Howard is born in Utah, raised in Green Bay and Stevens Point, WI. Government mod with econ. There is a receiver from Newman of New Orleans, my roommate’s old school — he was president of the rugby club and bragged about which D1 bound player broke his ankle in a collision; the Mannings went there years later; there is a Sacred Heart all-metro former player Tevita Moimoi a Tongan whose family has rugby roots – Dave Kiefer once wrote of for the Almanac. 

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