Together Again Palo Alto smokin’

Jeff Parker, guitar; Scott Amendola, drums

Plays Monk, Lytton Plaza


Josh Thurston Milgrom filling for Zach Ostroff, photo by Ed Helwig

Equator featuring Beauman Edwards and Eden Edell

Thanks are due to the following musicians for being Together Again Palo Alto, in order of appearance: Steve Poltz, Dayna Stephens, Genius Wesley, Lucas Vesley, Michael Aaberg, Marco Peris, Will Magid, Morgan Nilsen, Inspector Gadje, Mads Tolling, Colin Hogan, Eric Garland, Gary Brown, Mitch Woods, Nancy Wright, Kedar Roy, Robbie Bean, Beth Custer, Will Bernard, Ben Goldberg, Scott Amendola, Eden Edell, Beauman Edwards, Niko Korolog, Esther Young, Josh Thurston Milgrom, Ivor Holloway, Jason Lewis, Wil Blades, Jeff Parker, Skerik and Jeremiah Lockwood.As an encore, Brittany Haas and Hawktail appear at 2 p.m Saturday, October 2 at Lytton Plaza. Courtesy Earthwise and Chamber of Commerce. Sound by Alex Specht and Andy Heller of Audio Pro Group, Redwood City. Neil Khoury of Mac’s gave us water when we were too smokin’. 


Hey Mark, 

here are the names:
Dan Cantrell – Accordion 
Paul Marini  – Souzaphone 
Morgan Nilsen – Clarinet 
Joey Friedman – Alto Sax
Danny Du Uy Cao – Trumpet
Will Magid – Trumpet 
Marco Peris Coppola – Tupan,
Lets talk soon,
notes: Jeff Parker and Scott Amendola; young boy at Monk show; Jeremiah Lockwood; Jeremiah Lockwood  — this gives me an idea to upgrade the City of Palo Alto seal to include a figure next to the tree, like Dartmouth’s logo had two Native Americans; Annika an incoming Stanford frosh, with Dave Eck, an incoming St. Mary’s student, during the break between the shows Saturday; Mark Weiss of Earthwise and two Stanford Olympic Water Polos; a future City Planner envisioning opening Uni Ave to cars but adding hazards for trucks; Mayor Le Levy, Schwartz whose father was of counsel to Stanford, and Weiss rejected by both institutions; I am wearing an Otonowa t-shirt, the band by Akira Tana that played right before the shutdown; Le Levy near the fountain he donated. We have a diverse audience; Alex Spect of Audo Pro Group is at back, right, with shades; nearby, at Bell’s photographer Margo Davis of Barron Park prepares for her Sunday event, documenting her trip to Antigua. the teller at Wells who cut the band their paychecks; I liked her nails. Eden Edell and friends — she plays most Thursdays at Lytton Plaza; Yom Kippur was day off for TAPA, but I visted Frost, Hillel and the YO OY monument at Cantor; red herring: Barbara Manning circa 2000, will play Earthwise at The Mitch in November, lord willing and the cricks don’t rise, nor the Covid dashboard figures; an Eritrean woman who laughed at my Steve Lacy joke about becoming invisble to smoke pot unobserved; Amendola; Amendola Goldberg Plays Monk; Aleta Hayes of Stanford called to ask for a ride to Cubberley to vote and I snuck away from Mitch Woods’ second set to go vote; our poster, that listed five of 13 shows; And spelled Ben’s named “golderberg”; he was, duly noted, more resplendent that usual; Weiss, with Mads Tolling: hint, the “d” is silent; Downtown North denizens Matt Beasley, a former Paly hoops star, his father Mac Beasley, a former Cornell hoops star and chair of Stanford applied physics, Mac’s bride Alexandria, whose sons are also local musicians; Alex Specht of Audio Pro Group, sets the dials; he also noodled on Hammond B-3 during the break Saturday — backline by California Percussion; tennis pro Mike Jessup former CCS champ for Saratoga High I met at Oak Creek; he was one of many who played ping pong before or during the concerts; Mark Weiss of Earthwise, Dayna Stephens and Lucas Veasley, who was also seen playing rock bass with a great Janis Joplin type singer, drawing power from a school bus at University and Waverley; candid pose with Veasley, Stephens, Michael Aaberg and “Genius Wesley” age 19; I met Michael Aaberg in January, 1995 when backstage at The Donnas’ professional debut he ripped apart a piano, as guest of the girls. at the Art and Glass show I met Mary Kate Richardson, a potter, whose family helped build Dartmouth College, my old school; Duffy and Daddy on a break at Old Pro Sunday; Steve Poltz and Weiss; Jack Tuttle formerly of Gryphon Stringed school, Steve Poltz, Mark Weiss; Poltz holding our yardsign; Poltz playing “Ripple” a Grateful Dead cover, with Jack Tuttle and Maureen Roddy Tuttle in audience; he handed his guitar to Jack mid-song for a solo; Molly Tuttle is close friends with Poltz, which is one reason the show took place at all; Beaumann Edwards of Equator Friday night late — with Eden Edell pretending to sing; the show ended by the time I returned from covering Gunn football in San Jose so they are posing for camera, not actually playing. Equator was going to be in the actual program but Bill Johnson of the Weekly nixed the idea, to protect his Moonlight Run; more people likely saw Together Again Palo Alto music at Lytton Plaza than were timed in the 5k, 10k, or half at Moonlight Run. 


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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