Dead musician high on blockchain

The chronicle claims that Jerry Garcia despite being dead 26 years is an investor and advocate of Blockchain, cryptocurrency and non-fungible art investment NFT.
We may be going to hell in a bucket but at least his beneficiaries are enjoying the ride.

$1 million if you’re already speculating in cryptocurrency can buy you this:

Compared to doing a screen capture or cutting phase

for comparison sake and because it’s ironic here is my version of how the band got its name for what the name means: story goes that a man arrives in a village and meets an undertaker who is in a cup quandary or is upset because there is a body of an indigent person or an unknown person and they’re not sure what funeral rights: the traveler not necessarily being wealthy but being compassionate encourages the undertaker to do the right thing and perhaps pays for part of the funeral expense. Peter he buys a mule or a donkey or a horse or some type of companion. Soon after that good things start happening to this person maybe he invest in cryptocurrency or finds a bag of gold or gets laid. Turns out that the Spirit of the departed indigent person had returned to this plane in the body of the mule and helped all these great things start happening; grateful dead. (If there are any obvious intact errors in my version of the grateful dead man I’m going to leave them symbolically or consistent with the idea that the proliferation of computers and social media and iPhones is indeed influencing our understanding of our place in the world and what is happening

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