‘No Sleep til Brooklyn’ VS ‘Gotta Get Some Sleep’

This is shameful I admit. One is a Beastie Boys still frame where they are wearing rock and roll wigs. The other is Keith Jarrett, Charlie Haden and Paul Motian in the 1970s, during the era that they produced 17 albums in nine years, according to Do The Math by Ethan Iverson. I say: EI could win a MacArthur Genius Grant if he did nothing but write about music. Seriously. It would take me two years to fact-check his 12,000 word article, which we surmise he started a couple months ago when he read in The Times that Keith Jarrett would stop playing due to a stroke. And “fact-check” would mean just verifying all the statements he makes. Walking thru his steps. Checking his math. if there are 500 statements in that article, I’ve never said 500 truer things about jazz music, or likely any music, in my life.
Is it “do the math” or “do the meth”? What’s with the “@”?
I am so stupid I once tried to describe The Bad Plus as people who didn’t listen to Ornette.
My wife meanwhile is listening to “The Blue Note Series” — which is a later group, obviously — while I have cued up on my handheld “Gotta Get some Sleep” from “Bop Be” because EI says it’s his favorite Keith Jarrett solo.

I once bought a painting from Nancy Peacock (of Roy Hargrove) at the Big Sur Jazz Festival but did not at the time know who her ex-husband was. I’m just a rock promoter who was told to study the Broun Fellinis VS Charlie Hunter Trio rivalry at Elbo Room. I’m just a marketing guy who didn’t want to write ads for Chevron (“Now with 25 percent more Tecroline — turn your engine into a washing-machine — I literally saw a display for “Techron — 25th annivesary”)
Thanks, Ethan.

I met Josh Haden before I knew who Charlie Haden was


edit to add: there is a blog called “Music Aficionado” that has a related article or two of them about the early Jarrett groups, including the album cover art and some embedded videos.

andand: ironically, the cd my wife is blasting to my annoyance is live at the blue note (on ECM) from 1994 with Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette — July 4, 1994 — and is 70 minutes five cuts — there are several cds from the run — and six tracks and one of them is “Bop-Be” from the same cd or the title track from the cd that had “Gotta Get Some Sleep”. 

andandand: This is something I sent a young musician:

Besides Taylor Eigsti, some jazz pianists I recommend you learn about include Myra Melford, Martha Sanchez, Ethan Iverson, Aaron Goldberg, Aaron Parks, Fred Hersch, Motoko Honda, Edward Simon, Danilo Perez, Patricia Barber, Maya Kronfeld, Carmen Staaf, Luis Perdomo, Jason Yeager, Art Hirahara, Wayne Horvitz – most of them did shows or recordings for me recently. But maybe I should send her the link to the Ethan Iverson record. 

And1: actually Terry corrected me if that is the word: we are streaming from her handheld via Bose Connect to “Time After Time” from the same series. 

five: I went into a digression into the polished musician Krystian Zimerman mostly on the grounds of the fact that Homeland Security once destroyed his piano and that he rents a shell of a Steinway and carries his own guts which he assembles. 

six: and permit me to be the first person to link Keith Jarrettt and San Jose’s Joy Dawn Hackett, whose name popped up in my stream due to something being promoted by San Jose Museum. 

seven: I could not rest until I reopened this post to add more video of Joy Dawn Hackett or Joy Hackett of San Jose – -I heard about her because she is doing something with the San Jose Museum and I have not heard her – -because wifey is cranking Keith Jarrett from 1994 — this artist was not even born yet — but it looks intriguing. It would be great for something big to come from the 408. See also: Smashmouth, Jessica Jones who I saw sing at the Sharks game; Mike Park; Laura Chavez at Pour House or Poor House; although Laur a like myself is actually 650 soul sister and maybe now lives in SD; Art Hirahara went to Bellarmine; Brian Ho; Xiu Xiu back in the day; ok, Doobie Brothers. No Use for A Name sunnyvale; Sunnyvale Music Club which met at the Cupertino Library; Goldfinger; ALO featuring Dan Leibovitz.  It’s called Soundscaping by San Jose Museum, and its next thursday which is also my birthday.

little off topic but i saw that HER from East Bay — Black and Pinay genius — will play the Super Bowl – -which will have 14,000 people in Florida. And due note but not blue note that the Beastie Boys have 36 million views whereas the Keith Jarrett song has 6 thousand. 

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