20 inter-related headlines from Yesterday’s the New York Times regarding the election two months away and the future of democracy IMHO


One. Trump bolstered by party he has transformed: emphasizing nationalist themes, he goes into election looking to shift narrative


Two. Trump Unchastened by time in top office, even impeachment


Three. Teen suspect glorified police and weapons


Four. With walkouts, NBA players jolt Pro sports


Five. Fauci’s odd journey from “meet the press “to “Young Money radio “


six. Putin says he will send a force to Belarus if protests grow

Seven. President spurns norms to elevate candidacy, but virus’s reality stays

Eight. A lineup notable for who is missing: the heavy hitters of an old guard: no Bush Cheney Baker or Dole.  And certainly no McCain

Nine. Giuliani’s big reward? Relevance, in the form of a coveted final slot

Ten. Ivanka  Trump was a balm for voters in 2016 much has changed since

11. “Gasoline on the fire”: Biden says that Trump is rooting for violence

12. Over 100 former McCain aides sign onto statement endorsing Biden

13. “Unfinished business “in trump foreign policy gets skimmed  over


14. Parentheses Black Lives Matter parentheses the power, promise and challenges of a growing protest movement

Jump from page A1: Teen murder suspect glorified police and arms

15 following a deadly Trail

16. What if the right wing on Facebook is the real “silent majority”?

17 April was trump’s  cruelest month Paul Krugman

18. Trump and the politics of “mean world” David Brooks

19. Russia slides deeper into autocracy by Nadya Tolokonnikova

20. We need better than a ‘normal’ foreign policy: if Biden wins we can’t go back to trying to solve every problem Emma Ashford Cato Institute






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