Equality VS Equity (the rainbow world of Palo Alto’s Molly Tuttle)

She comes in colors.

This is the 27th time I’ve blogged about Molly Tuttle in a year, or more likely name-checked. Meanwhile there are people who’ve been following her for 15 years. This is a great video, of a great cover of a very good song.

I’d like to see Molly do some covers of South Bay, 650 and 408 punk and ska from the 1990s — not sure what that means but she brushed up against it with her “Olympia” Rancid covers, which name checks as a lyric bandmate Lars Frederiksen who was in a San Jose punk band before joining Tim Armstrong of Rancid. Ok, the South Bay 408 band played my venue, they have a name very much like the New England jam band formerly associated with MoonBootLover, and has an album called Jiggle the Handle. It’s a pun. (I got all that but not the word I am looking for. Not “Crack”, or “Cracker”. Argh. (edit to add: Matt Freeman and Tim Armstrong were also in Op Ivy, another punk fav of MT)

ok here’s a bridge, about Kent Lockhart, Marlinda’s son, although he liked hip hop more than folk or the Rolling Stones, and classic soul, and was actually a very good dance, like the robot, and this is referencing color or mother nature, it’s sports illustrated ranking University of Texas El Paso as seventeenth in the country pre-season and Don Haskins the Bear mentioning his “swingman” and the roses: Sophomore Center Dave Feitl will need a lot of rebounding help from Reynolds and Forward Paul Cunningham. Another factor inside is junior Swingman Kent Lockhart, an art major who grows roses in his spare time—and catches a lot of heat for it from the hard-nosed Haskins. “You’re spending too much time watering your roses,” Haskins likes to tell Lockhart when he makes a mistake during practice. But if Haskins does his usual careful cultivating, everything could come up roses for him, too. Lilacs miner. 

And yes i am aware that I have captured three images from Molly’s rainbow video of black women. 

I asked a woman named Amy Halpern Laff if she considered herself a person of color but she is a vegan activist in a mask



A couple hours later I am watching the end of Edward Scissorhands but also reading about Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson, about Social Justice. Or not getting rolled by the most evil possible people.

some wacky shit out of GA

violence in, I forget, WI?

more bridge: I caught the end of Queen and Slim; also, Loving,and liked the closing song of Ben Nichols of Lucero; I’m reading Sylvie Simmons on Ronstadt in MOJO (Talking Heads); a bit of my bible, David Shields on MCs; 

But I was comparing Molly Tuttle and Edward Scissorhands only that Molly’s childhood may have been difficult on account of her alopecia. And Edward does a nice job on Diane Weist’s hair. 

I coulda shoulda just done “Edward Scissorhands VS kid from Kidnapped” by RLS Chapter X sword fight:

RIYL risk or RLSK

Wait just a minute: researching the missing meme above, the connection between Lars and the 3-band bill of San Jo bands I had at the Cub in 1995, I notice that Chris Shiflett, who has Molly on his podcast, and is maybe in the above referenced video, was also in No Use for A Name. 

I’ve seen this: but also:

Work with me a bit I may have drifted out of bounds but I must say, so this is Joey from Lagwagon also known as Joey Cape — Italian, two syllables, or batman thing? — and now One Week Records, minimalistic DIY budget acoustic thing?, but was there also a Joey from My Records in SF and Santa Barbara but what I’m really looking into is Israeli punk folk performances and mostly punk that can be done in about 46 hours — not necessarily in one week, but yeah, sure why not, punk from the Sf Peninsula South Bay or San Jo, like the 408 and 650 — I’m reacting to something I saw of Molly from Palo Alto doing a punk sung about “Lars” from Rancid, or Olympia or I guess Roanoke — not sure how to say that either. Row, noke, like joke or Ro AH no key.

I did not know Tony Sly from Homestead High but I was thinking recently of the late Lance Hahn of HI. 

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