Latest word on Nick Nolte film by Dartmouth grad Jonathan Nossiter

Sort of a cross between dune and in the absense of the sacred by gerry mander

Times says that Jonathan Nossiter, a Dartmouth ’84 which means I may have overlapped with him two years although I’m not sure we’ve met, yet I think so, has a new film called “Last Words” that was selected for Cannes but the festival is cancelled. The film is set in 2085 and stars Nick Nolte as a lonely blogger who has posted more than 2,600 times and has roughly 100,000 hits but that is confusing to him since as far as he knows he and his three co-stars are the only people left on the planet.

I tried to write him a letter but as of 2001 he had no email, or would not give up such to Dartmouth Alumni Directory.

His father wrote for The Times.


Mr Nossiter: Of all the things going on in the world these days and today I noticed your name in the New York Times. I am concluding that we have not actually corresponded — my search function confuses you with a sub-thread of “Noise Pop” a music series; I did find something I was recalling recently — kind of a red herring — for a Dartmouth classmate, about another classmate — about cemetry monuments and the New Yorker perhaps more than Anthology Film Archives — my memory says that there are some Nossiters from Dartmouth and one or more with The Times. Brian Moore and I were once gallivanting in New York and he was carrying a little clipping from the New Yorker about a concrete ornament warehouse at second and Houston; It had actually move very far uptown. But there was an ad on the wall for a film by a Dartmouth alumnus who is a journalist and has a Jewish name I’m forgetting his name —Nossiter maybe—it was playing at anthology film archive right around the corner on second. The founder of that was Jonas mekas. Then I had an internship for one month where I traveled around New York putting their program in hipster hangouts. I’ve kept in touch with the manager there for 17 years his name is John Mhiripiri an Ethiopian immigrant. Terry and I honeymooned in New York at Ian Schrager ‘s The Public near there. Do you get to New York? Anyhow last words indeed: Kudos, Wah hoo wah — I still say that. Mark Weiss in Palo Alto but born onthe South side Plastic Alto the blog (Brian was a filmmaker whose thesis was a film about ROTC –later became a neuropathologist.) ps: I see there are 3 Nossiters — including a Sf branch as of 2001 at least, No email listed — dead end

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