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Sudden vivid flashback to 1981 Jefferson starship at the Greek theater what you gonna do about stairway to Cleveland
whatcha gonna do about Cleveland?
whatcha gonna do about rock & roll?
whatcha gonna do about crazy crazy?
whatcha gonna do about it?

hey we gotta a new band – a new face – a new time!
sing a song of rock & roll & drive us all crazy
people tell me everything I need to know about
rock & roll
politics n’ all about our new band
but some people never happy “don’t like it” – “didn’t see it” oh oh
they had to make a comment!

your new drummer’s crazy, your manager’s an asshole! get a new shirt?
I can’t stand your guitar player!

rolling stone, village voice, picky picky picky!
said we can’t sing, can’t play, can’t write anyway!
new name – old name – carry on, with such insane fuckers everywhere,

whatcha gonna do about it?
whatcha gonna do about crazy crazy?
whatcha gonna do about romance?
whatcha gonna do about tense moments?

so I gotta new girl blonde girl big mouth big heart y’know i like her,
but they say she’s too noisy, atomic girl! … atomic girl!

New York – L.A. times rock & roll magazines, said we couldn’t make it
but here we go again on rock and roll radio, rock and roll radio,
people tell me everything I need to hear about what we need, what we
got, what we’re never gonna get

old singers gone away – whatcha gonna do about it? gold records rock &
roll n’ why dontcha sound like you used to in ’65? ’69? ’75?
everybody stand up, they got to make a comment, critics said they’ll
never make it, never make it, never never never never never never never
never never!

fuck you! we do what we want!

chaos comin’, keep strummin’, louder & louder & louder & louder,
whatcha gonna do about it? whatcha gonna do about crazy crazy? whatcha
gonna do about it? whatcha gonna do about dark ages? whatcha gonna do
about nite time? whatcha gonna do about Walter Cronkite? whatcha gonna
do about romance? whatcha gonna do about the economic price index?

whatcha gonna do about llluuuuuv? whatcha gonna do about tense moments?

whatcha gonna do about crazy crazy crazy crazy?
whatcha gonna do about it? (7 times)

War & toxic chemicals and mister Rogers n’ true love n’ the end of
civilization n’ muzak n’ the ptl club n’ Ronald Reagan n’ guns n’ the
draft, b52’s n’ nuclear fission dc-10’s n’ cancer science fiction brain
control drugs n’ sex n’ buddha n’ 714s 45s eight billion people jesus
krishna n’ everybody n’ rock and roll surrealism – everything
everything everything everything!

fuck you! we do what we want!

weird segue:
comparing Mickey Thomas with Jefferson Starship doing “Fooled Around And Fell In Love” circa 1981 to Elvin Bishop Big Fun Trio audio of same song December 20, 2019 at The Mitch:

wait this is kind of fun: what about Molly Tuttle “Cold Rain And Snow” from September 30, 2019 also at Mitchell Park by Earthwise — hey, they’re a jam band!

Tim and Greg doing their title song, “Mother Hips” from March 7, 2020

Jerry Hannan on January 17 doing his song from the “Into The Wild” movie, “Society” also at Earthwise at The Mitch:

Amendola Versus Blades Versus Skerik Versus Parker march 30 2019 about a year ago at Palo Alto Art Center — actually I had Amemndola VS Blades as a duo scheduled to return to Palo Alto, at The Mitch — Scott’s 3rd show in a row here — but we are now trying to move it to September 11, 2020 at The Mitch on acount of the novel coronavirus:

A bootleg of a house concert at SeaRanch on May 11, 2019 featuring Kronos Quartet doing music of I want to say her name is Andrea Verbeloff that’s not quite it, but she is Servbian and the bass player, I want to call her Sunny Han, asked her to talk about her type of I want to say synesthesia, she creates these scores that are like paintings:

And this is about a minute of Patricia Barber’s version of Sam Smith’s “Stay” recorded at Dazzle in Denver, second set, May 16, 2019, preliminary to her doing two shows for Earthwise, February 13 at The Mitch and February 14, 2020 at Occidental Center for The Arts –actually the segue sort of makes sense in that when Terry and I were at the Kronos event we got the idea of bringing Patricia Barber with us on our next tour or visit of North Bay, which resolved as Occidental not Sea Ranch, Gualala, just as well, nicer drive meaning shorter, saner. I guess between the fires and the pandemic we got a healthy dose of PB-19-20.

Well, this is most of the set from Occidental, Duffy and I sitting in the front row — first time working a show while on a journey, and first time bringing pooch to the gig. I didn’t know much except suggest the affair, Tina of OCA did most of the work, plus the artist of course. Larry Cohut on bass. For Company.

Aissa “AJ” Lee and Sullivan “Sully” Tuttle two-fourths of Blue Summit playing a new song called “Faithful” as part of their set opening for Tim and Greg recently. They were set to play another local gig at Ray Sliter’s house concert series when they got the heebeegeebies or we all did, or we are trying not to. As part of AJ’s intro she says she had noticed the Mother Hips sticker on the wall at Moe’s in Santa Cruz but had never heard them until that night. Sully leads thru a speedgrass version of Bob Dylan 1965 From a Buick 6…
Just want to end here with a name check of Tom Sullivan (Eagles running back), Sullivan V New York Times (precedent for Libel defense), Chris Sullivan (soccer), Miriam Sullivan jazz bassist, Elizabeth Sullivan of Pace Gallery, not to sully the waters. O fuck you we do what we want…

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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