‘Plastics’ (Buck Henry, 1930-2020, my fellow Dartmouthian)

Buck Henry wrote the script for “The Graduate”, starring Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman

My brother in law Gary just sent me Buck Henry on The Grateful Dead.
Chris Knipp, a fellow Dartmouth matriculant, told me that in his day (or week), the plebes would be shown an orientation film that starred Buck as the typical student.

Brian Moore, the esteemed neuropathologist, during his budding filmmaker wanna-be days, told me the story of being an usher and ticket-taker at a movie house in Los Angeles in the 1980s and Buck Henry came in, handed the ticket over but then immediately retreated when he noticed that the opening credits were already rolling.

edit to add: I just wrote about 1,000 words about Buck Henry and Carolyn “Honeychild Coleman” Coleman based on his obit and her “neediest cases” treatment and then pounded on the wrong key and apparently lost the whole hot mess:
Why did a Times reporter write 1,000 words about a known artist and never mention her best known name? It would be like the obit writer doing B. Henry Zuckerman and you have to reach graph 22 to find he is the guy who also wrote “the Graduate” and worked on SNL.
I am saying that the starving artist is not a neediest cases and or the times writer is derelict in that treatment or both.

But yeah artists are marginal and we the people as part of our tax burden should keep people like her afloat (and floating, writing, performing, eating three squares). But I think the Times treatment is dismissive. Would you describe Mark Morris as I guy you met with holes in his wool socks, standing in line for coffee outside BAM? (BAM where Coleman apparently played recently; I mean she is hardly steve lopez of the LA Times and his schizophrenic street music cellist soon to be in a Hollywood pic).

I mean, maybe there is no such thing as bad pubicity if they spell (most of your) name(s) right, but surely the publicist did not say, good news, you are in the Times, bad news, they think you are dying or crazy.

It’s further exoticizing of the black especially female artist.
How is Sudan Archives influenced by Honeychild Coleman?

Also: I am comparing Tiny Desk concerts of: Tank and the bangerz, Noname and Lizzo.
Also: Major Taylor is an rock trio from NYC playing a known venue, I think BAM. (Plus a DJ, plus a bike society in Worcester who hired Otis Taylor for a benefit).
I am tripping on the new Steve Lacy.

I will try to edit to restore my rant about The Times treatment of Carolyn “Honeychild Coleman” Coleman — yeah, that’s a redundancy.

i had a riff about DJ Lonnea Denise or something, coming ot stanford this week and MelMellie her dancer. TK

Honeychild Coleman in a film by Thea Foley, on her website

That’s Buck Henry, the Buck Henry, in a 1950 film about Dartmouth, walking past the Orozco Murals, the Orozco Murals, but I want to talk to you about a black artist Carolyn “Honeychild Coleman” written up in The Times as a neediest cases…what the fuck?!

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