Madonna’s daughter doctored VS Barbara Streisand as yenta

Backed with :  i’ve been listening to electric light Orchestra ELO for 43 years but only just for the first time heard 10538 thanks to an article by Jim Harrington listing the top 10 songs which appeared in the mercury six months ago


Elif Batuman “The Idiot” (2017) Reaction to page 13

Man, I don’t know if it’s good or bad but every page I want to stop and react to. I’m only on 13. I was going to push all the way through to 18 and stop because of the symbolism the Jewish thing Chabot to life etc.  Shabbat. (I think Chabot besides being a college here is some French guy who hung out with some Spanish guys 250 years ago…).
So, I am flashing back to spring of 1983 at Dartmouth when I went in to sign up for my freshman seminar — I had to take English 5 first. I was literally just discussing something related to this with my best friend from college Dr. Brian Moore the pathologist who was a filmmaker and made a film about gay people joining ROTC. It’s a little weird we remember our SAT scores. Admitted it although I was an English major and now have a blog with more than 2400 posts and more than a half million words I was only 30 points away from having to take remedial English which I think was called English 3. (I think they originally wanted to call it  “English 5-2 = 3” but they thought it would piss off the football players who had to take Math 2 before math 4 and 5)

English five is the one depicted in the very true movie animal House where Donald Sutherland writes the word “Satan” And literally takes a bite out of the Apple but it looks like the two were “SAT” and “AN”. And my professor was named Chauncey Loomis and he would dictate into a little tape what he thought of your essay about Paradise Lost and 120 said “this is good writing” which if I remember it 40 years later is rare that I get compliments at all. I think he was referring to just one paragraph or so not the whole thesis. I probably got a B or B+ maybe A minus.
So to compensate for being in the second wave of people who could choose seminars and having heard about them during the first two quarters from people obviously better than me — hey if you don’t mind another aggression from the little fan letter you’re probably not even reading my mind also flashed my freshman girlfriend Charlotte from West Hartford and the way she would say that word like “quadder” — Someone who hangs out at The  Quad?— Dartmouth does not actually have a quad it has a green— Stanford of course has a Quad — and part of my backstory of why am obsessed by EB — u — Not the “omit needless words” fella obviously — And I told the story to the book clerk at 4:47 On New Year’s Day – Sophie— which perhaps not coincidentally was the name of the woman I was supposed to marry — Who dumped me in October 2000 — I was living near campus at Oak Creek in would walk across campus for exercise and to think and a copy of the Stanford daily blue basket me like a tumbleweed — They picked it up and there is an interview with a leave bottom on — but they misspelled part of the book they were reviewing “the people who read team”.

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