The Don’t Call it Frisco Bowl

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AIR JORDAN: Golden Flash — don’t say Gordon Flash — shotcaller Jordan Love threw 30 completions including nine to a receiver also named Jordan.


I am thinking about the Cal bowl game, against Illinois. So it’s my favorite tax dollar at work — Cal — versus the state I was born in. It’s 2 pm on a Monday — my wife works until 8 that’s perfect.

I missed, even on TV the Don’t Call it Frisco Bowl. This featured Kent State — from don’t call it Kentucky — and Utah State, which is not BYU or in the pack 10. I looked it up and Kent State — though I cannot for life of me guess the mascot — had Julian Edelman who was from near San Francisco whereas Utah State –not the Utes — had Merlin Olson of the Folsome Foursome and Ed Berry who I watched return a kick for a TD in Carlmont’s 55-0 victory over Mills — John Capuzelo threw 5 tds including 3 to Vance Pascua. The thing that bothers me is that eight tds usually ends up with 56 points including PATs, but I called it 55 — not sure why. I think the editors of the PTT would have caught that if it were just a ding-aling error.



Steve Young the singer don’t ask him to play “Ohio” by Neil Young

I still call it Frisco…the city by the bay, not the one near Mexico. In Texas. High style versus hot tile. Coinkydinky, there is also a Palo Alto in Texas.

My other two posts today are: Steve Young, the country singer with a song about “falling” and Steve Young the HOF qb whose most famous play I saw in person, October, 1988 versus the Vicodans when he ran 60 yards, made six guys miss (compared to five he outran) and then stumbled and nearly fell the last 10 feet into the end zome.

Also: a earthwise ear in review or year in ear view with pictures and pithy recollections of all 10 shows or so this year: Beth Custer at PACC, Jane Monheit at MPCC, Amendola Blades Parker Skerik at PACC; Bob Margolin at MPCC; Dayna Stephens at MPCC; Dave Douglas Engage at MPCC; Larry Ochs Dave Rempis Darren Johnston Spectral Plus at PAAC — also, interrupting this flow, I stated as a stage announcement that we are arguing to have the name changed to Palo Alto Arts Center not Palo Alto Art Center, and to reclaim the green room — it’s labeled as such on the door — and Dave Rempis stumbled in on Amanda Salsbury merely following orders or signs; Amendola Dunn Bradstreet or so; Molly Tuttle — I guess I should list support acts tho in this show there was none; Elvin Bishop, Mitch Woods featuring Maria Muldaur; what am I missing? Motoko Honda, support act; a family band from near Oregon Expressway with a Spanish name;

I have photos on my cell pretty sure from all these shows, plus some video and audio: I should archive and index such.

Matt the Electrician and Syvlie Simmons at Cubberley H-1 — which was not the site of Ron Jones Third Wave experiment despite me claiming so below. There is searchable contemporaneous reporting from Cubberley Catamount that names the room.

Weird segue plus tipping my hand and literally wearing my art on my sleeve: I want to commish Joey Piziali the former fastest guy on a Paly team, though coach, Cubberley grad and blues fan Earl Hanson says he would not have started in the defensive backfield of the CCS championship teams, to create something based on Earl discussing with a group of cronies at Zott’s the other day the proper way to mark a basketball court with badminton and volleyball flourishes; we would use Earl as a source and then do the opposite for artistic effect. I had previously asked Joey about creating a “green” mural in honor of Bill the national champion 400 meter runner, for whom there is a bench on campus.

Tom Harrell music of performed by Luis Perdomo trio; personally I had a Tom Harrell show of sorts — at Mills Hospital and two different hotel rooms and a couple car rides, but the audience had none.

What am I missing? John Santos Sextet.

It was a banner year, whatever that actually means. We went the whole nine yards and were dyed in the wool.

and1: my main source for a story in DAM about Don Cherry — don’t call him a hockey puck — said that in 1970 at Dartmouth a slang trope was “I’ll flash to that” which means it resonates or has meaning or is stimulating — sounds kind of druggy to me; which doesn’t excuse me for adding here for no reason at all that you can carry less than an ounce of marijuana in your car or gift that much but if you get caught with six or eight juicy plump not juice but fragrant buds you should immediately eat four. And don’t ask me to be the mule even for legal quantitiies.


SYTD don’t call it an ‘STD’ – Steve Young stumbles nearly falls — like the Steve Young song on “falling” not to be confused with the Steve Bruton song wherein falling feels like flying for a while; I was there, with fellow Dartmouthian ad guy Randy “Bits” Hibbits, Niners versus Vikings, October, 1988.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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