I did not buy the Sunday Times today, but if I had I would likely read, then clip, these 6 arts stories:

Kirsten Luce for The Times

  1. Well, it’s not a story but a blurb about Savion Glover and I only want it for the picture, because I used a similar NYT lift for a Greyboy Allstars show in 1998, the poster I mean; he’s at The Joyce with a new show; someday, The Mitch?
  2. On page 10 “A Long and Winding Road: ‘Yesterday’ the film required a lengthy courtship for the right to use songs by the Beatles”. Shouldn’t it be “The Beatles”? See also Who vs The Who. Counting Crows vs The Counting Crows (who is counting, Adam and Immi, or the the little black birds?) by Dave Itzkoff. The business geek backstory for the film which imagines (like Mindy Kaling’s early “Matt and Ben”) what if there’s a guy who knows the Beatles catalog fairly well but across a universe where somehow they were otherwise deleted from the zeitgeist — also like the Ray Bradbury story about stepping off the dinosaur trail and getting skrewed. It got a pan from the PAW but I should still see it; I liked the Elton John Busby-esqu romp and of course Bohemian Rhapsody. I’d like to see a show about a Metallica roadie having a love child then 30 years later giving up the biz to become a yoga guru and having his daughter move back in with him and teach at the same dojo.
  3. J Hoberman Streaming column about “Fritz Lang’s Intersteller Overdrive”. about “Woman in the Moon” because I am hoping to collaborate someday with Richard Marriott of Club Foot Orchestra, who lived in Palo Alto briefly and sent his daughter — theme here — to Paly High and is hereby indicted into the Palo Alto Rock and Roll Archive because he claims plausibly in an interview with the author that he was or is a member of mysterious and masked rock band The Residents — and I’m going to cut and paste this paragraph and send it to Bo Crane and Steve Staiger Also I recently met by phone Roger Arvid Anderson a Dartmouth alum in SF who has worked with Richard Marriott and also underwrote a recent string piece about Orozco. If I do, as Earthwise at The Mitch — Eat’M, a classical run I’ve got that plus a Kronos spin-off thanks to having taken in a house concert in Sea Ranch reachingly. But otherwise I am capping or closing or looping the recent run of shows and remount of Eartwise and first pass at The Mitch as a cinch starting therefore with Allison Miller on October 18 and ending likely with Tom Harrell somewhere on October 24.
  4. back to the newspaper section that I’m not actually buying or reading but somehow am inspired to bluff my way through another 1,000 words-pressed: and by the way if you don’t mind a commercial interstitch The Angelika on Houston and Mercer is showing at 1 and 6 (my time) The Dead Don’t Die which I caught about 20 minutes worth up in Emeryville but then rushed home after getting a refund because it really freaked me out and made me want to walk my dog on 12 there is a story by Gia Kourlas about a dance group of mostly black people with music by Meshell Ndegeocello who I vow to someday a, book and b, learn to spell. Ronald K. Brown at Bard Summerstage.
  5. whereas on 13 across but not the gatefold 8-9 tv I skipped there is a dance company “Rope Burns Are a Possibility: Brendan Fernandes subverts dance and art with ‘ballet kink'” which lassoes me gray matter because just yesterday I finally had a Tito and Tonic — another commercial intertonic — at Protege on Cali reeled in there so to speak by my discovery of Windy Chien knots – -and I can do Windy Two by doing a “Windy Chien VS Brendan Fernandes
  6. Black Keys Jon Parles it was also in RS I think. “Let’s Rock”. The RS thing brought in in same breath or bundled together like faggots that’s a thing Jack White Racounteurs and reminds me that I met Mark Kozelek at Caffe Trieste and started to say that I confuse Jim White with Jim Black both drummers but stopped before I threw in ridiculously Jack Black. Although that kind of works because I only met the future Ms. Jack Black Tonya Harding I mean Tanya daughter of Charlie because Roger Anderson different Roger Anderson of Vapor Trail said Mark Kozelek Haden Tanya Haden Charlie Haden Duh to check out Spain. At DuNord years ago, then later BOTH but not The Fillmore. And I did post recently about Ralph Carney, that special parrot turned sadly canary in a cold mind, Portlandia.

check back for the links. It’s all about the links. As Aaron Luis Levenson the producer said at the class I took at UArts in 2004.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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