Fabric artist Windy Chien not afraid of limelight

Windy Chien creates art out of knotted fabric, dare I say rope.I spotted her work or guess correctly at its source, at the new Verve Coffee 100 block of University Avenue. Her website reveals that she has graces the interior of the high end Cali Ave eatery Protegee which ironically enough is the first floor of the office building which replaced Keystone Palo Alto / Edge rock club.

That’s notable because I knew Windy as the owner of Aquarius Records, in the Mission. A classic well curated indie, the store is related to Elephant 6, Noise Pop and 415 Records (some of that may pre-date Windy’s time).

Windy’s extant work is available via Themes and Projects on Minnesota aka Bryan and Mark of the former hip Palo Alto photo gallery (hip meaning, for example the police came by to check out the legality of some nudes — the gallery was unofficially known as Nudes + Prudes. That’s a joke. {Check that: she had a show there 2 years ago, so suprise may be limited}

My headline comes from a half-remembered but potentially joke, that I heard from Alan Black of Green Apple Books (the Glaswegian) something about a bar that would not serve “ropes” but the anthropomorphich hero/butt tried to sneak I’m but was told “I’m afraid not” or something. I left the spelling intact of the five-syllable word as wink back to Sylvia’s Serbian shrink in the previous post.

I should have outroed with rrope but here is Pee or P.E.E:

Windy Chien has forgotten more about 1900s music than most people ever knew.

I presume these were her friends:

Kelly Green re Andee Conners, Andee was a business partner at Aquarius or at least a loyal employee

And if you are totally stalking me or meaning to rob my house, you might be interested in knowing that in a tribute to Windy I am going to drink a Tito’s and Tonic at Protege then bike back to Stanford Shopping Center for the SFJAZZ program featuring Stanford Jazz Workshop All Stars.
I’m also meaning to see Akira Tana and Kenny Werner soonly enough.
And1: I had a piece of the 1981 SCVAL championship game basketball net, like one knot’s worth but don’t know where it is now. I know knot now.

At Berve Coffee, Palo Alto:

400F3628-DEBC-4925-861F-793A47AA4A80.jpegAt 260 Cali Ave fancy restaurant:


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