Vijay Iyer Trio ‘Optimism’ 7:23 VS Anish Kapoor ‘Mother As A Mountain’ 1985, for Donald, Janice and Mark

Mother as a Mountain by the Indian Anish Kapoor which is coincidnetally in Minneapolis but the Walker not MIA

Terry TMW bought a Bose cd player but it turns on by itself if you plug in a MacPro to charge and lay it near or on the black sleek otherwise fairly intelligent box.
Like today. And it chose to play (or Terry did, initially) a track from Vijay Iyer 2012 ACT session “Accerlando” which seems Spanish for the speed up, Track 2 an original called “Optimism”. I was sipping my coffee, Philz,from a Peet’s Chicago Loop mug — I was borned there, or boned there, in the sense of the Creator endowing my sack of flesh with a bit of hardness and shape — on the South Side.

The song is around 7 nad a half minutes and I became aware of it, and it particularly with about 30 seconds remaining and hit rewind or two arrows to the left;
First I wanted to test myself; Could i just sit and listen to a chunk of music for 7:23?

Chicago also has Anish Kapoor’s most famous work, although it is also the most frequently mis-identified. It is not a bean. Try to make coffee from it!
Out of 11 songs the set has five originals by VI and covers of Herbie Nichols, Duke Ellington, Flying Lotus slash Thundecat, Steve something, James Templeton or something. Henry Threadgill (who, in 2001, when I was off for sabbatical to NYC or Brooklyn or 30 Carroll Street in Red Hook near Van Brunt and a chilly morning walk over the Brooklyn Parkway towards Henry Street and the –QBE? Queens Brooklyn Expressway? –Fall Cafe or Gathering Cafe — there was a guy there that said he was in a band called So So Human — and they recommende Motherless Brooklyn — and a young woman came to my room to teach me yoga — and I went to a Nan Goldin show and bought a box of postcards and tried to sneak one onto the wall my host had covered in her photos — I never heard what she thought – -and when I came back the following year, after the towers had been imploded — she had a running total of how many mice they had caught in that room — apparently mice fled the implosion and took up mice-holds in Red Hook. Oh, yeah, so Hans Wendl a jazz expert from Munich and sort of a mentor to me as a jazzmonger said I should whilst masquerading as a 212/714 – -is thata the number the digits the dig its for Brooklyn == check out Threadgill. Liberty Ellman who went to Sonoma State with my former sig-ot SS — but not Sylvie Simmons — plays with Threadgilll. My neighbor Ben the Yale football and javelin star and quad-daddio had a yard sale and his wife gave me or sold me cheaplike for a quarter or dollar or on credit a Threadgill record with The Lib — I liberated a Threadgill — been spinning it in my 250 Hybrid.

I hit repeat a couple times, then lit it drift to 3 which is Rodney Temperton. The voice in my head as I peck on the keys here reminds me of seeing a Mark Kozelek show at Kuumbwa by Folkyeah and he reads not sings from a script and has a meta-piece where he goes something like “People say, Mark, ‘all you are doing is reading a bunch of words from a page’ well you try reading a bunch of words from a page!” and I saw Donny McCaslin this WO at Bing and told him that Mark played a song of his or namechecked him.

We wrote to Steve Cohen the artist manager and asked if Vijay Iyer could come to the Stanford Math department lounge and do a casual soft ticket show on the piano that Paul J. Cohen had donated to his former colleagues. The thought was that Vijay of all people might have an inkling — a small amount of ink –as commpared to an iota which is from the Hebrew word for tiny hand yad — of the continnuum hypothesis and how the keys and steps are or are not like the number line or infinity – the space between the iotas as it were or shall be soon and for the rest of your life. The problems of 13


Human nature…the problems of 12 billion people does not amount to a hill of my mother or a 30 pound pile of red pigment. Or 11 billion pig men. Or pig pen mknerned we saw his grave and I left a little something something. Or the horse men invented by Boots Riley who is actually Jewish despite throwing stones Palestinian style.

I made a painting at one of those paint workshops cum cocktail hour team-building scams and I put for clouds thinking of something Mateo Romero cochiti told me or showed me idograms I dog rams? ideograms — drawings of ideas, like glyphs — that sort of meant “rain” and sort of look like UFOs.

Goodbye pork pot hats. Good bye Patnaudes. If you get to MIA go see the Hearts of Native America show, for women by women for everyone actually.
Go ask Alice, when she’s 10 feet tall. Go tell Momma on the Mountain. Turtle mountain, KEYA in Belcourt North Dakota signing off. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for Mother Star. Iyer.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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