Doris Day VS Dan Pritzker

I don’t have time to right this but Doris Day has two movies coming up at Stanford Theatre “Love Me or Leave Me” this Fri sat sun and then more to the point “Lover Come Back” May 17-19 whereas last night at SfJazz I met the filmmaker and musician Dan Pritzker who was opening-nighting his Buddy Bolden film but also had a minor hit in the 1990s called “Lover”. Probably too late to get Doris Day to cover it, but he did tell the story of how he got Wynton Marsalis to do 20 Bolden songs and 20 Satchmo songs for his movie (By nailing the merciless one question trial: who was the Bolden Band guitarist? Something Mike McDermottish, which Wynton got by “speed-dialing” Phil Schaap I think, a famous jazz expert.

I saw Danny Scher last night without his posse. He said David Crosby will perform Coventry Garden (his backyard 300-cap benefit venue) and that Kate Wolf comes alive again at the Pig Farm.

There was a good band that played klezmer and blues in the lobby Thatcher and The John Brothers Piano Company. Or as my Mom claims to have once written on the back of a program that featured a young Frank Sinatra” “He’s good”. The John band be good?

I took about 40 mental notes on the Prizker film but wil have to update later. I told Jon Cormak one of the producers and Pritzker Possee Original G’s that they should work with Corey Harris on the history of blues. Then today I thought they should collaborate with my former client Stew.

My mission was to fact-check my own claim that JB Pritzker, a cousin of last night’s man of the 2-hour (101 minutes to be precise and parochial), was in my Sunday School class at Beth Am in Los Altos Hills, California in 1974 and stood up a an assembly, in the sanctuary and sang “If I Were A Rich Man” from “Fiddler on the Roof” and nailed it.

I thought of this 7 months ago election night when JB Pritzker’s name flashed on the screen, CNN, as the governor-elect of Illinois, only the third Jew as such, and then I texted my rabbi Janet Marder on the news. Leah Garchik tried to check my story but nobody currently at Beth Am had institutional knowledge of the Pritzker’s. Rabbi Alelrad would know but is not here anymore.

I told my story five or six times and got a variety of responses, but no one called “bullshit” or anything.

Cornak (I will have to update his actual name) agreed with my thesis — explanation — of my behavior — the stalking — and sussing — that the Pritzkers across several lines are musical, not just Dan from Sonia Dada and jazz films. “Artistic” corrected or suggested Cornak.

I ran for City Council on an arts platforn and consistently, over a 10 year period, that we need leaders who decide policy with a touch of creativity and feel for the arts. So I am saying that the fact that JB Pritzker could sing on key is a good thing. We can go into later the Jungian nature of his repertoire choice.

I’m also dreaming that JB will own this then agree to go back into the studio and cut a song or two for charity, and raise millions.

Or: if JB Pritzker can actually sing the way I am claiming he once did, that will help him to the White House.

If I Were a POTUS, I would….

But tonite it’s all about Dan. Good luck, Dan. I will see the movie a second time, at Opera Plaza.

Ok, well i have time for 14 short graphs, but no graphics.

edit to add, instantly: wow, this is like the 8th reference to “Pritzker” in Plastic Alto — this is becoming a real source.

and1: Ok, Dan is guitarist and the funky singer is a TBA black guy, presaging “Bolden”!!


black singer from Sonia Dada Lover video,and likely performance; ok, i”ve gone back to look it up they were on Capricorn and Dan found a trio of street singers harmonizing on the streets of Chi town near the L and invited them into the band. Paris, Michael and or Shawn


Dan Pritzker’s slow hand

is this Jimmy Cagney in 1955 “Love Me or Leave Me” title track showstopper set up scene or Dan Pritzker on May 1, 2019 appearing to promote his film at SFJAZZ?


I’m trying to say that Dan Pritzker looks a bit like Jimmy Cagney

Ok and one as I say: there was a kid there named Prince friends of a friend with a lady there named Norma, from TSX or whatever the Lucasfilm thingy and he didn’t see the film and I said there was a scene I related to, as an artist manager where the Buddy Bolden character is fucking a whore –who was in the room, at the premiere, as was her gown, although in that scene she was naked and you could see her nipples — and then he overdoses on cocaine or heroin, injected and she runs out of the room, and down the hall and gets his manager, who is fucking two whores, or three and maybe he is blindfoldded but we can see their tits and then he runs back and does the Heimlich or the Storyville version of such and Bolden comes too or comes to rather and the manager goes “That’s what a manager does” and I said I managed a black and blind piano player and when he was eating dinner sometimes I would say “Henry, you have missed a bit of food” and direct his fork, verbally, towards the meat, or fish, if you excuse the pun.

Andand: the nut graph about Bolden film is he says Dave Benson (x-KFOG) is his friend and they were at a NYE show in Boulder and Benson mentioned he’s reading about the guy who invented jazz and this was nidus of a 20 year journey to create this film. I heard somewhere that they spent $100M on this film which sounds high but how much would it take to get Wyton to arrange or record a book or two books of about 30 songs total? Plus Mark Isham. And like ten beautiful black actresses willing to do full nudity and or be stabbed and injected and smacked around.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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