Unitas, Matte…Strausser

J0BC691F0-B7F5-4419-B240-A18B72C07752.jpegerry Sorenson mentioned to me that our mutual friend Chris Strausser had joined the Colts.

I sent the Colts webmaster a note about the fact that in 1981 Chris was co-offensive player of the year in the Santa Clara Valley Athletic League (SCVAL) with Jim Harbaugh. I thought of that apropos of the fact that Jim, who most consider a Bear, or a Wolverine, was also a Colt for a spell, in fact arguably his finest season (minus the gratuitous and grating “Jesus played a fine today, blocking out evil” stuff). 

Chris has been my friend since 7th grade. I remember him telling me about the difference between Palo Alto Pop Warner tackle football and the flag football most of his classmates were playing at Gunn (Aside, or digression: And I was circulating a photo of the 7th grade C Team from Terman — I weighed about 5’7, 105 — that showed me, Ross Eltherington, Greg Logan and Bill McGlashan, now famous for both his hedge funding acumen and for joking about photoshopping his son’s face on a actual high school kicking stud to fool college recruiters, this to a guy who had already pleaded out and was wearing a wire. (Flash to: the Wire, not to be confusing, takes place in Baltimore, but I’m getting word play head of myself).

Kudos to Strausser, I’m saying.

I would go to a game, home or away  — meaning Indy (never been), Oakland or Santa Clara. Actually I wouldn’t mind checking out the new Rams digs. Especially since they have four of my Dartmouth home boys on their front office. (That, and I had both Goff and Gurley on my fantasy team).

Which sent me fumbling but not flipping thru a box or two on my desk in my new man cave for Colts football cards. I was thinking “Tom Matte” and “Johnny Unitas” but forget where I had stored my vintage cards, the ones I retrieved somewhat recently – but before The Move — from my mother’s John Attig, so to speak (Gunn history teacher and longtime Palo Altan).

But instead a found a more recent lode of heroes including…um…Jack Troudeau — quarterback…something Something….a skill position guy…and That Guy that guy…likewise, probably touches the ball or defends the pass. 

Which begat a column idea pretty for from the Post — hey, Ghost to the Post — that’s Oakland versus Baltimore in a very exciting game from my youth, a playoff, with Dave Casper of Notre Dame scoring the winning touchdown from Stabler against the Bert Jones Colts. Actually my first GFL team was the Blue Oyster Colts. Not to Everlast jump around.

I do not have it straight and had to think about it a sec: 

The Colts moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis in 1984 or so.

The Browns moved to Baltimore.

A new team formed in Cleveland.

So, I read, after texting Chris something about meeting Tom Matte, that he and Unitas were disowning the Colts over the move. Confusing times, or very pomo. I wonder what happens if, in Cleveland or Baltimore someone is talking about the time Jim Brown ran over Mike Curtis. 

I recall and sometimes retell that my dad, the classic Libra, cut the Oakland patch off his Raiders knit cap —we were fans and attended about a dozen games 1974-1980. (Before jumping on the 49ers bandwagon, with Joe Montana, although we did some Steve DeBerg and Steve Spurrier, but not John Brodie). 

Tom Matte, of Ohio State and Cleveland area (like Chris Strausser, tho his dad went to and maybe played for Michigan – -he grew up liking Art Schilchter, speaking of buckeyed Colts, scored I read but would not have seem 3 touchdowns in the NFC Championship game, which landed him on cover of Sports Illustrated, which I think I’ve seen at the Old Pro. I hope Chris Strausser gets to meet both Art S and Tom M — he’s certain to meet Tom Rathman ex-49er and Cornhusker who is on the same staff of Frank Reich. 

And for the record, Bill McGlashan is innocent unless proven guilty and has the money to hire the attorneys who can beat the Feds. But I do say I was surprised to learn he had gotten into Princeton. The story was that when his family took a sabbatical of sorts to Israel, and his dad quit tech to co-found Beyond War that he said he decided to take school more seriously. And I recall that when Terry, TMW, and I went to Seatte to install her show at Wing Luke the Times had a feature on Bill McG and how hot his hedge fund was. So conceivable he made tens of milllions or more, and maybe that makes you think you are that much smarter than an admissions officer. (Especially the kind — in a completely unrelated story — or is it — take LSD then stab their friends). 

And this is a perfectly acceptable place to say, like Robert Reich in “Saving Capitalism” we should be taxing the endowments of Stanford, Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth, especially if we are using public funds to help clean up their admissions pr. 

So instead I have this big pile of trading cards on my table and one liners about each card, or some cognitive kibbutz. Kibbitz. 

And I never finish this type of post. I have a slew of unfinished or misleading “75 of my favorite Thoughts” posts.

I admit is kind of decadent to be eating $7 meatballs and $13 cocktail at a sidewalk cafe (Local Union 271 — not to be confused with Thinking Fellers Union 272 or 252).

Ray Sadecki,  Cardinals

Jim Harbeck, Colts

Albert Bentley, Cots RB, Miami, 27 touchdowns

Jack Trudeau, I want to say Purdue, (Illinois , I was confused by Jim Everett) 35 TDs thrown

Jerry Rice, 49ers 1991 Fleers, has a price tag that says $1.00, in a plastic sheath

Eugene Robinson, Seahawks

Matt Williams, 1990 Topps

Matt Williams, 1990 Topps I have two of them

Charlie Prosek Williams, the guy traded for Willie Mays, SPCA I mean SSPC — he was before his time otherwise his nickname would have been Prozac. Apparently he was born in Flushing, New York, near Mets Stadium, but presumably pre-dating such. 

Trevor Wilson

Donnell Nixon

Ken Oberkfell

Ernie Riles (2x)(no, 3x)

Don Robinson

Chris Speier, from Alameda, CA like Willie Stargell, who has a monument — so should Chris — aha, my next cause celebre, quite literally. And I recently bought the memoir of U.S. Rep Jackie Speier and determined that they are not related

(I was walking around with a stack of football and baseball trading cards and then forgot to finish this, but here it is as a draft..earlier today I wrote about Alan Eagle, the former voice of Dartmouth football, having written about former Columbia linebacker Bill Campbell. Bill’s brother Jim played two or three sports at Navy with Roger Staubach…anyhow, good luck to Chris Strausser of the Indy Colts)

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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