Born on the South Side, would love to work with Bloodshot


I saw something fly past my info stream today about Nan Warshaw. I met her in 2003 at SXSW when I was shopping three projects involving my then-client Caroleen Beatty. Nan said she knew Caroleen from Bedlam Rovers which toured with The Mekons and hoped she’d get back into the business (as compared to being in a band but also studying gardening and later becoming a producer for an internet content entity).

I might have met Nan Warshaw a handful of times and, although I have been out of it in recent years, hope to see her around.

I hope to do 10 shows this year. I hope to visit Chicago in either 2019 or 2020 and maybe produce a show there. (Did I mention my potential collaboration with J.B. Pritzker?)

Here, while sussing out my “Nan Warshaw” file, is my 2003 SXSW spy list:

Otis Taylor “Truth is Not Fiction”; soft tacos
Brad Kava, thanks for checking out my client
Bonnie Simmons, great panel, as always
Vienna Teng
Sam Kinken, let me crash a secret pow-wow
Charles Driebe
Dina LaPolt
Todd Gascon
Mary Lou Lord, and her indie world, busking


I have to admit, homer that I am, and slightly odd you see, I knew Bedlam Rovers before the Mekons

Oxbow, drove 30 hours in a van to get there (I was their manager, but flew in)ST-37
Todd Roper, having the most fun in years
Jeff from Court and Spark
Chris Stamey, waiting patiently outside Yep Roc show
Glenn Dicker of Yep Roc
Jimbo Mathus
Peter Buck (changing a guitar string for Jimbo; bass)
John Stubblefield of Lucero
Cedell Davis, dangerous with a knife
essence, it’s a hit
Phil Roy, also a hit
Kenny Passarelli, getting Oxbow a deal
Eddie Turner
Eliza Wren, send me your demo
Frank Riley
Dawn Holliday, says she likes Eugene
Tracey Buck
Dana from Slims
Adam Kline
Seymour Guenther
Ruthie Foster
Cyd Cassone
Jason Coltun
Christine Albert
Poppy 3 (St. Louis)
Malcolm Welbourne aka Papa Mali
Steve Gumble
Gladys Mae Bullock and her banana bread
Aaron Axelson
Ken Irwin
Glen Morrow,
Nan Warshaw, likes Bedlam Rovers (and Waycross?)
Mike Mills
Dan Strachota
Laura Viers
The Continental
Dirty Power, at Emo’s
Minus 5
guy with Superchunk shirt
Davis McLarty
Mike Gormley, LA Personal Development
Tribe 8
Skeleton Key
Mekong River, good Thai food on 6th st
Las Manitas
Golden Shoulders
Patricia Vonne
South Austin Jug Band
“Screen Door Jesus”
Melody Johnson, spoken word artist
Craig Stewart
Swarm of Angels
Stubbs BBQ
Neil Pollack Invasion
Wavy Gravy
Mark Margolis
Cynthia Shih
Kathleen Edwards
Soulive (just the line, not the band)
Chris Xefos, fan of Stamey
Jayhawks roadie and cases at Hyatt
NOFX street team
Fabulous Disaster
The Donnas (on A.P., Soundcheck and YM covers)
Scott McCaughey, unplugged
Jon Cleary, at 8 a.m.
KGSR morning show from Four Seasons
Del Castillo(Mark and Rick, and Bud)
Doppler Records
Thad Cockrell
Congress Street bridge and Bat (sculpture)
Austin Barn Dance (every Sunday full moon)
Derek Hess
Frank Kozik
Gregg Gordon
Vida Lee
Chris Card
Renee Woodward, her music in “Screen Door”
Leni Stern, and here little cds
Casey Burns
Ben Sollee on cello
Brooke Wentz
Benjamin Laski
Bill Bragin, who is a fan of Stew
Adam Sloat, with the Waking Hours
Singapore Sling (Iceland)
Opal Divine’s
Jason Austin
Elizabeth Brooks
John Wesley Harding
Al Bunetta
Rory Felton and Josh Grabelle(Militia Group and
John Doe
Duff Bershback

I don’t know “If List of Names Makes a Memoir”, but if you hum a few bars maybe I can pick it up. (Which is a refererence to a Zizek joke about do you know “Why did the Monkey Dunk His Balls in My Drink”? Et tu Zizek Warshaw Doe Bershback? Bershback Mountain? This is where I came in..This is wherein I came?


The once and future champion of the world, Caroleen Beatty, here at The Makeout Room Holiday Party, 2018

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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