4/17 OF @ HAIKU

(Brautigan, 1967, p.6; Weiss, 2018)

9EEDC010-B525-400D-B609-E9E7120DF70FA7599A47-46A1-4899-9BA6-8A1BF3A6FA7ACB991F26-3F40-43D8-A61E-3225BECA5BE5B1C31565-E096-4AF8-8A9F-6A368347B4C5A7936C59-BA1E-44FC-8BAC-5A82345A8ED7A73B2DA4-A312-425C-94FF-0B0B6D84907CDCE52E6B-1449-4745-B0C0-6CB392B770251D5F8921-BAF7-471C-BAB5-617D562E977668A97BE1-8250-445B-A848-DDEDF1E0C8F450885136-7CC7-4442-8F83-E86F1F5BF2AAC3B85635-5F24-46FB-9EA8-A35D71FED2661EBA6641-9356-4E33-81B7-6688A96DD56E1B550288-763A-47BE-96E0-1D77DE6ECBD9F07580C3-9315-433B-AC68-1729E28EDAA7ECCDF9A3-4E67-44E2-A15A-C6736AD70007A31787F2-BADA-45E7-81C0-2A9E07E1E9AED9416404-A78A-424B-BE6B-ADBE0FF3BA274BDF7BB1-D8D4-4940-AF61-EE13A0DD6F5D6AD08EFA-D111-4F36-8DF6-D46148C39DDEC1D8F2B1-682A-461F-BC5B-0734FEF8B28B3874E3D4-25A0-4D30-B7DE-C1836513E9B90E3CF8AC-4137-4869-8318-7566DD6976BC41429CCC-5A13-4476-A8A3-8C0C08525A2DE2FB38D4-1874-470E-895C-DB2C2BB6F9A81AAF514C-7125-4ACD-AB36-43B9A553BE00E23A9105-6BE8-4B65-81F3-5FF5B67946B7A668A509-5C32-48BB-A88A-1AB2F10415A84D8035E9-90FF-48E6-8B49-3F1046B1E1B6F953A1B5-9677-4F9E-80A8-7F2474C5E2E9CC74BD0D-1C1C-4D87-9AAE-7374E490255A8CF3515C-1857-4AD9-8D1B-D53C1EB1A93E7507417C-B669-4D38-AC39-DCA96678BDCA2201ED94-5250-4E9A-A890-5D6C7F6CCCBA2187D646-18B7-4730-A96A-E4EF289B027F6CCB810E-46C3-42CE-90D1-CDDD5C5512F16683ECE1-13DC-40B1-8322-79C5773E499C147906CC-70AD-414D-844B-27AD82A1D3593023239C-3DCF-4746-8473-A5286AC5CFBF826A9061-3184-41F1-A2E5-3FFFCEB9153494E3912A-EBAD-4800-AF24-EE07C3FA2CE83DA7947E-0322-4E57-953F-6A87DE43096A75932D8D-6FC5-4600-A5BE-1AC0CEEFCF8DTerry Acebo Davis, Mark Weiss; Davis; Bronco’s fans at 49ers; Marcell Harris; EPL soccer on TV dogpile; former AAA football star, Weiss; Davis, Minerva Amistoso, the filmmaker and photographer; Tuck and Patti; portrait of Duffy on Dog Wall of cafe; Tom Morello; my cousin Lisa Pritzker; Mark McGwire rookie card; shoes by Tom Varvatos; lights by Bruce Munro; Norzin Lama shot by Shaquille O’Neal — up to 800K views on instagram; Terry and Duffy; mystery of the aleph; Weiss with Nordstrom menswear guru; Ari Smolar; Nina Kashadourian; Mo Salah; Bill Mitchell the former Gunn Titans basketball star, Mark Weiss was also on the team; detail, bound copy of the 1985-1986 The Dartmouth, photo of Bob Blackman and Murry Bowden — I had interviewed Bowden and Willie Bogan for the 15th anniversary of the 1970 Lambert Trophy team, yet future U.S. Army language specialist Rich Outzen ’89 of San Mateo’s Aragon High — not pictured — completed the story; Joey Fabien at Pascal Bokar’s San Carlos club in a band that also featured Baxter Robertson on keys; Lin Manuel Miranda, Emily Blunt and James Corden doing a number from “Hairspray”; Steven Colbert wearing Barton Perreira glasses; Mark Weiss wearing Barton Perreira glasses, with fancy eyewear rep Rod Carper (presumably wearing Kawasaki); Weiss, Jim Keene eyewear unknown; 1995 poster for The Palo Alto Soundcheck that I was showing just two weeks ago to Brad Johnson of Virginia Dare, at Parker Gibbs’ Makeout Room, by Pierre Paul Pariseau of Montreal; Doug Hilsinger and Caroleen Beatty of Waycross; still life with Chanukah bush; Ready Player One by Ernest Cline; Weiss and donated books of Anderson, Stone, Twain, McPhee, Golding, Cline and Cohen; Chris Bryant; The Progress Collection dishes and bowls; Blind Boys of Alabama at SFJazz featuring Jimmy Carter, age 89, seated; double portrait of artist Chris Knipp of El Cerrito; “Hank Morgan as The Boss”; Weiss and Raiders fans; Raiders fans, with Weiss classmate Chris Strausser offensive line coach of Broncos in background, too small to distinguish; Knipp and former Flower Films Vernon at Down Home Music El Cerrito; Davis. my camera rolls comprises 14, 238 such.

edit to add: Denny McClain of the 1970 Senators, Topps 1971:


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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