Counting coup v. counting crows

Counting coup is a Native American concept, sometimes depicted in art or especially ledger art. Whilst I am pecking away on my lap top, with dog by my side, my wife, yes wife, Terry naps in front of the tv while PBS is talking “Antiques Roadshow” in next room, a rerun, about a ledger drawing and I count that term.

There’s a link I will make for reference.

But it reminded me of having seen Friday the rock concert with the great indie 90s band Counting Crows featuring Adam Duritz son of a dentist in Berkeley.

Also, Adam Duritz — who I think of as voice of my generation or tribe, being my exact age and coming out about 50 miles from here — and we had connections in about six ways over the years — wears a weave that is extensions that is to say his dreadlocks are not his. And they showed him with courtside seats at an NBA game maybe the Warriors and it looked like an animal sitting on his head, a black sheep or something. Which, in this context, thinking Native American, especially since I just added a note to a post about True Margrit and “True Grit” Adam Duritz’ hair reminds me of the trapper trader in Coen Brothers “True Grit” I’ll try to Swede in.

I should update with shots from the show. Terry and I had eight row seats I bought for $250 each from Ticketmaster Live Nation but it took an exhausting long time to find my tickets at Box Office at Shoreline of Mountain View and Marvin was patient but it turns out I bought from secondary market from a season ticket holder but that was not in evidence and it seems that I had to download the ap from Ticketmaster that is give an evil corporation full check-spread access to my phone just to attend the show. I was sort of upset when i made that purchase — they call it “mobile only” — that I tried to contact machers at the former BGP and corporate like some dude again my exact age (and AD’s, AD’s age) that makes $24M per year salary and Michael Rapino and a publicist who is clickable on the Live Nation site but actually left the company years ago and probably did not read my email anyway. Wait, check that. I actually tried to apply for a job as a secretary or assistant to a outreach publicist for a major talent agency as a way to get my note accross about the frustration of dealing with Ticket Master Live nation. I filled out some type of computerized job application with something like a synopsis of my carrer. and in the moment I conned self into believing that I would go to LA a couple times a week to do outreach for some agency. Why not, I went to Dartmouth–? Did I mention I have 25 years now as Earthwise Productionsof Palo Alto?

Did I also mention I am, as part of my rebirth and reboot, trying to hire an intern or junior partner or producing partner the son of a Dartmouth alum and homeowner who is Paly ’83 or ’84 and Dartmouth ’87 or ’88 and a lawyer and his son is musician and illustrator and attends or attended Oregon and was wearing a Van’s Warped Tour coming out a chain hamburger store I was almost going to eat out of.

my tag feature suggested a gratuitous coda about Adam Johnson, the Native American Stanford author who wrote about teen snipers and North Korean prisons.

Crow-Cheyenne-fightand1: this is weird seque but I tried to contact Jaune Quick to See thusly:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any work by Jaune Quick To See Smith, but I like the article in NYT about 50 Shades of Brown in New York. I’m going to New York in two weeks for one week for my honeymoon having married the Pilipina American artist Terry Acebo Davis and we met Mildred Howard here in Palo Alto when she installed a bottle house and we went to Santa Fe that year, 2011 and Mildred suggested we look for or up Jaune. Also, I wish I could hire Jaune to design a 50 shades of brown city on 50 acres here in Palo Alto near Fry’s that is up for development. We will contact Garth Greener or whatever they are called when we get to NYC.

andand but not “anand”:

neighbor Hadar the Israeli rang door bell and liked my Cody Sanderson bracelet. Cody whose son has cameo in same Coen Brothers True Grit movie. He plays a youngster who the anti-hero protagonist literally kicks off the porch of a trading post. Racist moment, but for effect, expedient? Jeff Bridges or his stand in does the whupping.

We also — andandand — have a Nathan Oliveira sheet that shows a fake ledger drawing or Native American scene. Andandand I tried to buy a Fritz Scholder dog print but we weren’t too sure about the lack of a chop.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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