Fifty giants, or 49


How many, exactly, appearances for The Big Green did I miss, springs 1985,1986?

I bought a value pack of sports collectible cards at the San Francisco Giants store, at Stanford Shopping Center, which itself is a billion-dollar entity, part of a $30B endowment, tax free. I paid I think $10 for 51 cards, or 50. There were a couple repeats so this might only be 49 or so different players. I was going to do a cold take, the first thing, succintly (!)(?) that I think of. I have a lot of sports facts in my gray matter. Only the best facts. The best facts. This is from memory, about 12 hours after sorting them alphabet like — and I reminds me — so much for succint — that at the dog park — continuing canine theme from below — that I pedantically told an 11-year old the relationship between Greek alpha beta and why we call aggressive dogs “the alpha” — I thought if I explained it it would help her to remember, a mnemonic device.

Mike Aldrete

Madison Bumgarner

Brett Butler

(mystery man posed with MadBum)

Will Clark

Kelly Downs

Shawn Estes

Scott Garrelts (2)

Atlee Hammaker

Jeff Leonard

Darren Lewis

Kurt Manwaring

Kevin Mitchell

J.R. Phillips

Mike Remlinger

Rick Reuschel

Dave Righetti, as a player not a coach

Don Robinson

a rookie or prospect pehaps known as Jim Rosenhoem

Bill or Billy Swift, oddly posed with a bat, in a Mariners uniform or something blue not brown or orange

Manny Trillo

Jose Uribe (and I fished this out of the pack as Fred Pepper was mentioning the president of Colombia I think, a different Uribe, but I also remember the group cheers not a park itself but at is simulacra Pat O’Shea’s the original sports bar on Geary and Fourth Avenue — U- RIBE or sometimes at least when I was drunk and I recall peeing – U — RI — BE three parts)

Max Venable

Matt Williams (who was not actually the subject of Mindy Kaling’ and Withers’ first comedic break-thru, that was Matt Damon, nor was Callie Withers the former pro soccer player a comedy writer or actress but she can sort of draw — which also reminds me that I will have to cut this off in 20 minutes to watch the second half and exciting finish of Serbia-Brazil in group stage of Russia World Cup 2018 and so far have recalled 15 of the promised 50 or 49 heroes )

I’m gonna stop on 24 in honor of Willie Mays although he was not in the pack. Which reminds: thank you childhood friend and neighbor and boy next door Andy Dieden from 1972 thru 1974 for sending me a 1970 Willie Mays Topps when he heard circa 2009 about me losing 80 prime baseball cards in the great break in of Feb. 1, 2008. See you in two weeks at the stick I mean the glove. And what did Jon Krawcyck do at the ATT Park, Willie Mays or the glove or a fancy railing like David Cole of Dartmouth at Stanford’s Mem Chu? (He did the great #30 hockey player in Newark, New Jersey the goalie, I wrote about below, or mentioned).

Edit to add the next day and I am on my way to the game 1245 against Colorado here is the list of the 50 cards I started to write about in recall from memory yesterday Michael Dreddy bud ride back Steve Bedrosians Mike Benjamin but black Madison Bumgarner with mystery card bomber Dave Burba  John Burkette Brett Butler Jeff Brantley Chris Brown will Clark 1990 fleer All-Star race Clayton Johnny Cueto which is tops 2016 Steve Decker I’ve never heard of Kelly Downs Sean Estes the TV star Mike Felder I think is a tiger something Scott grill  Scott Direlle fleer Scott grills upper deck Atlee Hamaker Mike Jackson again to me not really a giant Terry Kennedy his knee a cardinal Mike Cuco 1988 crook Kay are you Kay Michael Kors Craig Lefferts Jeffree penitentiary face letter  Darren Lewis Center field Greg Litton not the dark and stormy night kind Kurt man wearing KIRT duly noted Willie McGee more of a cardinal MVP but I think it’s from the spare right morning Frisco doesn’t like disco Bob Melvin from the 650 in fact probably live within 5 miles of L Paulo alto tree Palo Alto post 375 national champs or lease national World Series for American Legion  Kevin Mitchell upper deck checklist card 1990 Kevin Mitchell tops all star Brian Nickerson don’t remember you Jerry Phillips not to be confused with JT snow or Jax now he of the perpetual tan mark Portugal looks a little bit like Cristiano Ronaldo Dante Powell the pride of North Beach should be a bus stop Luis can Youness Luis he


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