L Sax L

Pat Labarbera (1944)
Steve Lacy (1934-2004)
Guy Lafitte (1927-1998)
Oliver Lake (1942)
Ralph Lalama (1951)
Byard Lancaster (1942-2012)
Harold Land (1928-2001)
Brian Landrus (1978)
Don Lanphere (1928-2003)
John Laporta (1920-2004)
Prince Lasha (1929-2008)
Yusef Lateef (1920-2013)
Christof Lauer (1953)
Azar Lawrence (1953)
Hubert Laws (1939)
Daunik Lazro (1939)
Ronnie Laws (1950)
Claude Lawrence
Ingrid Laubrock
Andy Laster
Arnie Lawrence (1938-2005)
Brian Leake (1934-1992)
Remy Leboeuf (1986)
Bobby “Lips” Levine (1923-1997)
George Lewis (1900-1968)
Willie Lewis (1905-1971)
Eggy Ley (1928-1995)
Steve Lehman (1978)
Elliot Levin (1953)
Harlan Leonard (1905-1983)
Jed Levy (1958)
David Liebman (1946)
Terry Lightfoot (1935)
Charles Lloyd (1938) (note: as of this writing there are only two $60 tickets left to see Charles Lloyd at Stanford Bing Theatre, part of the Stanford Jazz Workshop Camp and Festival Series, compared to the $90 tickets and $120 tickets –back to my point about the line blurring between jazz and “classical” — who can afford $120 tickets?)
Jon Lloyd (1958)
Mark Lockheart (1961)
Joe Lovano (1952)
Erica Lindsay (1955)
Fredrik Ljungkvist
Giuseppi Logan (1935)
Julien Lourau (1970)
Tim Lin
Frank Lowe (1943-2003)
Jimmy Lyons (1932-1986)
Jimmie Lunceford (1902-1947)
Claude Luter (1923-2006)

edit to add, three weeks later:
James Brandon Lewis

New York Times ushers up James Brandon Lewis, on Okeh Records

New York Times ushers up James Brandon Lewis, on Okeh Records

Lewis is born in 1983, according to All Music dot com bio.

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