Altoon Sultan, ‘Angles and Bar’ w. ‘Dark Ellipse’

Angles and Bar

Dark Ellipse

Altoon Sultan, via her blog, describes briefly the relationship between two of her small recent egg tempura paintings, a couple years apart, “Angles and Bar” and “Dark Ellipse”. Both pieces are based on agricultural equipment she has seen near her Grafton, Vermont home and studio.

Terry (Terry Acebo Davis) studied with Altoon at SJSU years ago and in 2011 while we were at my Dartmouth reunion (class of 1986 plus 25) we took a little sojourn to catch up with Altoon.

Altoon sends word of her work on the cover of a journal and the accompanying feature. I was impressed with her following on the leading social media.

I was also comparing two works by Edward Hopper, a 1913 painting and a 1921 etching that depict the same New York City building, but from different angles, if that explains where my mind is going.

Grafton, Vermont is about 52.7 miles from Dartmouth. In real life it looks like this:

Not to be confused with Grafton the acrylic saxophone, that Ornette Coleman used

Not to be confused with Grafton the acrylic saxophone, that Ornette Coleman used

and1: Diacritics is the name of the journal that Altoon’s lovely work adorns the cover of. Here is a link to her media page. Coinky-dinky like, Diacritics is also the name of something put out by DVAN the organization of Vietnamese artists that my former client Dao Strom is part of. Dao is passing thru Cali this month and I wish her well, even if we don’t actually meet up. (i had to avoid this morphing into “Diacritcs w. Diacritics” a whole nuther muther…)
one is out of Johns Hopkins since the 1970s and the other out of SFState or UC Irvine since more recent

this by Altoon

this by Altoon

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