George Crile w. Ann Hagedorn

I am reading Ann Hagedorn’s book about privatization of the U.S. military, “Invisible Soldiers”. Slowly. It’s in my stack. Plus I photographed Ann not once but twice when she was in town.

Later, while touring with Andres Fajardo and his three fellow Chi-lomb-icans, I bought for a buck “Charlie Wilson’s War” by George Crile, the basis for a Tom Hanks movie I’ve never seen.

Where do these two stories intersect? They, Ann and Charlie are or were both watchdogs or alarmists — like Paul Revere — about the military industrial complex.

There’s also an obit of Crile from NYT from 2006, when the movie was in production but not as famous.

This is a red herring: but Andres trying to make me feel better about losing my race, apropos of the Weekly’s distortion of my story, reminded me of Norman Fell in the Graduate, asking Dustin Hoffman, Ben Braddock (?) if he is “one of those outside agitators”.

Andres thinks if I had rung 5,000 doorbells I would have won. Or, he thinks I should ring 5,000 doorbells and run again, and win.
Meanwhile I like Virginia Woolf pine for a room of my own and 5,000 hours to read.

–mbw from 15 minute computer at Mitchell Center, i’m a minute 10 here.

Did any other film buffs note the reference to “The Graduate” in last
> night’s episode? The super kept referring to Newman as “an agitator.” In
> “The Graduate,” Norman Fell as the guy who runs the rooming house in
> Berkeley says suspiciously to Dustin Hoffman (Ben Braddock), “You aren’t one
> of those _agitators_ are you? I won’t have agitators in my house.” It’s
> such a rarely used word anymore, I’m pretty sure the writers knew from
> whence they lifted. 😉

You are so right. Also ironic, since the Graduate was on TV a couple of
days ago! I had forgotten how much good music is in the Graduate!

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