Fake interview with the black eyed beauty of France

Or, Do you have freckle like a turkey egg?

hello, bonjour, black eyed beauty of France,
please excuse sil vous plais, that I am writing you via Plastic Alto the obscure blog rather than more directly thru your email account. I do not speak French, and your father, with due respect does not speak American well enough for my untrained ear, and I could not ask him three times only twice to spell “black eyed beauty” in French.

I am writing about your participation in the famous Accordion Babes project. I would like to ask you a few questions about that.

Sarah Savoy by Nick Barber curated by Renee De La Prada 2014

Sarah Savoy by Nick Barber curated by Renee De La Prada 2014

I like The Accordion Babes project. I like Lightnin’ Hopkins more, however. Do you know Lightnin’ Hopkins, or at least his music? Les Blank, which is an English or American or even German name and does not mean “the blank” made a film about Hopkins called “The Blues according to Lightnin’ Hopkins” and I, forgive me, sometimes call it “Accordion to Lightnin’ Hopkins” even though he plays or played guitar. Inside joke. Rest in peace, y’all.

Although music is a series matter. Life and death, speaking of which, I actually asked you father for permission to use his famous line “Hey, young woman, do you know that your face resembles, with its freckles, the egg of a turtle or hen?” and he corrected my exact translation (from American 337 to American 650) and then said “well, yes, you can use my line, but results vary” He said something about your mom, nice, about his wife or ex-wife.

I have met, and this is not an actual question I admit, but disclosure — dees clo zuur — your mother, the musician and bandleader at least twice and have spoken with her by cellphone a few additional times. In fact I wrote about her just yesterday on account of her band being nominated for Le Grammy, which is funny thought, your Momma is a Grammy — although if she were here she might caution about her or who or how people might address her as “Grammy Ann” or such, and I did say “mazel tov” which is a Yiddish blessing, loosely translated to “salud” when your father described your situation of your personal life, in France, as actual by fiat French.

What do you think of Magnolia Sisters, are they an influence?

Do you like Jazz?

Is it just Django Reinhart or are there other French influences?

Who is the Ron Guidry of the French Soccer league?

Henry, does he play music?

How do they eat crawfish in Paris, is it different than in Lafayette?

What do they, the French think of Lafayette?

Do they bug us about not reciprocating for Liberty, the lady?

I am sure your husband is fine gentleman of the French variety, but might you have married instead the President of France? Have you met the President of France, I mean Sarkosy? (by the way, he and I share the same birthday, he is much older)

Is your mother dating? Please send her my regards.

Who among the accordion babes have you met or you like their technique?

How would your fashion sense chance or differ compared to the other women in the project?

How did you meet Renee De La Prade, or how did she find you?

I must admit I have not heard your music and have not scrutinized the photo — your father claims you are or were Miss February — but when I saw “Savoy’ — does that mean _I know – -that’s weird, my name, in German also means “I know or he knows” maybe we are related? — I immediately clicked thru — how you say, in French, click thru,the same? — and magically I spoke to Marc with a “c” — I told him that I have produced concert and managed musicians for 20 years but before that I was a fan of Les Blank and saw the movie on video “Marc and Ann” about your parents, and the last time I saw Les Blank was when Magnolia Sisters played in-store at Downhome which is the same office as Les Blank.

The question is:
did you meet Les Blank?

also, did you meet, and he is still alive, Chris Strachwitz?

Have you played in San Francisco?

Have you heard of my town, Palo Alto?

Did you do the American university system? What did you study?

Will you appear with Savoy Family Band in San Francisco in March?

Do you lead or headline a band?

Do you write music?

Who is your favorite Cajun musician who was famous before your parents were famous? Have you read your mothers book? Or, what is your favorite Cajun music you only know from recordings?

Do you like music Rock? Which part?

Happy holiday, bon voyage and mazel tov.

Mark Weiss, “marcel” — I took French in pre-school many years ago, but Spanish in high school and university — I know New Orleans and Austin but have not traveled in between. Do you know Marcia Ball, did you know she is from Orange, Texas which is also Cajun country?

If you come to Palo Alto, call me I will set you up a gig, I promise (that is not a question either, although I admit it is hardly a bona fide that is latin for for real offer in that I am writing this to myself on a blog Plastic Alto that has no readers)

Do you have freckles like your mother? What type of egg shell do they resemble? What type of egg shell goes best with black eyes? Is that a Roma thing?

Also, have you considered a acoustic version of “Dmitri from Paris Stylish Girl”?

Or, what about Virginia, what do you know of your Southern roots?

I can swap this out if you prefer not the reference to your parents, and is that you as four-year-old, in that film?

do you cook?

Isn’t there another group,or it it yours, The Black Eyes? A klezmer group?
Maybe you can tour with Black Keys?

edit to add: this is my actual notes from 8 minute interview with Marc Savoy at his shop by phone in Eunice, although I did not realize for a minute or two who I am speaking to:
lesyeyxnoir black eyes I nailed the noir part

edit to add, three months later: the Savoy Family Band — Marc, Ann, Wilson and Joel, but no black eyed beauty of France — play Ashkenaz but also in-store Saturday this Saturday March 22.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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