DeYoung v. deform, and Comaroff architecture book

Weiss and friends at DeYoung Museum, 2014

Weiss and friends at DeYoung Museum, 2014

Laughing out loud and rather hardily, at the humorous distortion of the Weissian chin and nose; talk about chin music?!

And I juxtapurposed this photo by Eric Cohen, who not not incidentally studied masters level with Paul McCarthy at UCLA in the 1980s, and was credentilaized, of the James Turrell Terry calls in a shtupa or something, I call it a clubhouse, and based on the photo effect it captures the stranger in the room but also because I turned my mug, it picks up my inner- John Merrick, or Eric-Merrick as I call him.

The only 3 pages of Comaroff I am likely to read or have read so far — I bought the above linked book at Green Apple on Ninth, under the old new Le Video- had to do with the distinction between two types of deformity. I will have to update to get the distinction clearer.

But it made me laugh.

This is what I will look like if Jim Harbaugh ever does hear tell of my “The Harbaugina Monologues”. Oh, yeah, Griffin Bonini the judge on behalf of his twin brother — if that explains this, here — Colin Bonini the senator from Delaware — has a Harbauginal excretion: that Jim was swatted by Colin, Gunn-Paly hoops circa 1981-1982 — I was actually by then retired and not in the house — and got his own rebound and shot again. Swatted. Colin two, Jim zero. But Our Boy Harbaugh gets the ball back and shoots. And scores. So give him credit for his focus and tenacity. And I wonder if there was a Mr. Bono, perhaps related back in the day to the future quarterback of the Niners, and then that guy had offspring, Boninis. And now theres a whole flock of Boninis, god bless them all. Cissie, too.

I rented or borrowed for $4.32 from Le Video a really bad movie called “Chumscrubbers” because Eric said he and his twin were in the final scene the wedding scene as musicians. Bad movie about kids today and their lack of good psych help. (Which reminds: I want to catch up on HBO “In Treatment” the English version, or American); 2, I noted and photed Rachel Kushner “The Flame-throwers” on display in paper at Green Apple, and commented to the clerk, maybe the Aussie babe, and she said that Rachel in fact had been in there several times while visiting her folks. And sure enough moments later I spy Peter and Pinky Kushner and Terry and I chat them up a bit. Peter and Pinky met in 1961 thru Peter’s Dartmouth chum but not chum-scrubber Alden Van Buskirk, Dartmouth’s answer to Kerouac, if you switch football for four-event skiing. So although Peter and Pinky are scientists, Rachel Kushner got a lit gene by osmosis or downright magic thru the poet who introduced her parents. You read it here first, last and Lami. Mom says Jane Campion has optioned for Hollywood.

I am inserting a photo of Flame-throwers here, as distinct from link to online-seller for the fairly obscure but staff favorite architectural screed with with we lead. The was from a set of 103 I shot on stupid smart phone yesterday, on 22 topics I will spare you for now from having to scrutinize save the topic titles:
1 Keith Haring show
2 Terry Acebo Davis in black light at Haring show
3 weird gift shop with skulls and my fake death mask shot on 9th avenue below Irving
4 i made a dog with my hands near the Haring dog drawing
5 view of 2 joggers near park as seen from Harmon Tower or whatever its called
6 architectural ad on bus stop shelter
7 vietnamese women doing nails late Sunday evening inner sunset although Steve or Eric scolded me for being voyeuristic — Terry wanted to get a manicure, bona fide customer
8 we met some cute dogs and owners but I did not shoot the deputy or the sheriff
9 We ate at Arizmendia garlic pizza but I did not shoot that either (10-14 I am cheating to look it up, what I cannot recall)
15 magazine stand refs to Miguel Zenon and David Grohl
16 Le Video sign: archive, cuz I worked for them in the 1980s
17 9th avenue Terry and Steve look like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez freewheelin
18 ice cream truck
19 Papua New Guinea artist in residence I want to say Vincent Tegebuto or seomting
20 Pomelo (and I posted about this, twice in memory, once yesterday by cell)
and i am doing this from memory, not in order of occurrence, yesterday between 1 and 7 Sunday in the park.

steal this book

steal this book

edit to add, later that day: re-read parts of the book to distinguish “disproportionality” from “deformity” yet it eludes me the architectural relevance; cool visuals tho.

And1: how i know that i am really out of it, #34: article sent to me electronically from SF Magazine the former Forum: something about a new coffee roaster in Berkeley Supersonic but it is not uber-hip just uber-savy: Supersonic is the exclusive United States partner of Nordic Approach, a Norway-based green-coffee importer. The new cupping room is packed with machinery capable of handling almost every mainstream coffee-brewing method available, including a $22,000 Kees van der Westen Mirage and an $11,000 Steampunk siphon brewer that runs off a Google Nexus tablet. – See more at:

and what do you call that widget that automatically suggests you link back to something if you lift more than a line from?

Here is Lopez Garcia La Cena from circa 1980 that the authors use as example of deformity or disproportionality, I admit I had never seen it before:

Notice the mom

Notice the mom

four days later: actually this whole session was influenced by the four of us hearing a replay driving in of Terry Gross and Ray Davies of the Kinks and the fact that Lol Coxhill is the guy who gave Ray the idea of converting from artist to musician, and that you really got me is a gregorian chant. we were doing a 3-part version of that in the James Turrell tunnel hole. Here is someone made a transcript:
RAY DAVIES: Well, “You Really Got Me” is a strange one because I went to art school, studying – I was doing a five-year degree course as a painter, a sculptor and filmmaker. And music was my hobby. But at college, we had lots of great bands playing. And it was early days of R&B in Great Britain. I wanted to be a sideman, basically – just play along with other people because I hadn’t really written songs. I was more interested in painting. But I played in a few bands. The great Lol Coxhill, who not many people in America know, but he was kind of legendary mentor and inspiration for a lot of musicians in the U.K. – Lol was an improvisational jazz guy. And I was an upstart R&B player. And we sat down jamming one night. It was to a song called “Da Doo Ron Ron,” by The Crystals. But Lol was improvising in the most incredible jazz style. He looked at me. And he said, you should do this R&B music and write your own songs because he felt that I could write riffs. And I went home. And I was trying to write country blues. I was very influenced by a lot of American music and – it’s a mixture of a Gregorian chant because I sang in the choir at school. If you think of it as, (singing) girl, you really got me going.

So, it’s that to a Big Bill Broonzy phrase, which is basically G-7. So it evolves through a mixture of blues and my sort of English, quirky, subliminal influence of being in a choir during Gregorian chant, which definitely comes through if you really think about it.

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