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Gennady Sheyner did a decent account of my campaign for Palo Alto City Council, despite the fact that I boycotted the Weekly and declined it’s offer to be vetted by publisher Bill Johnson and editor Jocelyn Dong.

I ran into Sheyner today on Cali Ave. The activist, lawyer and humanitarian Winter Dellenbach, re-introducing me to the reporter, said that my yardsigns (designed by Terry Acebo Davis the former Palo Alto arts commissioner, with help from Rob Syrett) were the best she has seen. (I guess, despite the boycott, I can drop one by the Weekly, to their luxuruious $5 Million home on 450 Cambridge, near James Franco’s famous “420”).

I defy GS or anyone to find, out of the half million (500,000) or so words I’ve written, on Plastic Alto, anything “anti-government”. I think I am the one who always says “Government is a we not a they”. I even said, in 2009, “Government is (as I looked out on the audience of the debate, at Sheraton, put on my Chamber of Commerce) Carolyn Tucher…”

I am anti-current-leadership, for sure. The “silent condemnation” treatment is fairly subtle, but thanks for noticing.

(Back on the signs, and maybe or maybe not I will re-edit this for flow, like a Philly-based rapper, soul-mistress but not Ledesi, not that don’t have flo — Floetry? Jill Smith, I dig, er digress, yo, microphone check one two WHAT IS THIS? rumor has it…ALO! ALO! ALO! like the humble but loud pushcarts of Old City, I mean I would rather be compared to a Jerusalem pushcart barker than not, rumor is that Dave Price of the Post, formerly and founder of the Daily News, sold to the Merc for 25 zuzim, or million-zuzim — inflation — Price has not one but two Weiss for Council buttons — I think he is trying to reverse engineer it or prove some slush fund flowing between me and Former Rice Farmer Loves Water Polo Wears Shades.)

The jew-baiter and latent anti-Semitic language encoded in calling me “The Agitator” kind of rankles. Reminds of In Dubious Battle by Steinbeck or parts of Matewan the movie by Sayles. (I might just forward this to ADL).

Keep in mind that the Weekly was founded by famous critic Pete McCloskey if that indicates how and why the Weekly fell off it’s rails. (Although Jim Baer who helped fund 450 Cambridge also helped build the new JCC).

I will re-cap my prob with Bill Johnson, or what I call the “Dong-Johnson Thingy” another time.

Meanwhile, here above is excerpt from Trey Parker’s “Mormon the Musical” a funny song (EXPLICIT) about Westward expansion, see also “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”.

I will suss me out on the “agitator” bit.

edita seconds later: i will update with photo of Bill Johnson watering his flowers, that I sent, with sincere kudos to Tom Dubois, their endorsee. (for the record, tore out the sheet my picture was on, from 2012, and tossed the rest or recyled). also, cathy johnston wife of a candidate asked me if I had read Steve Levy’s column on the candidates and I said no but vowed to donate $5,000 if he endorsed me. Still have not read it but SL himself said he had not. No cigar, fellas.

edita 2:
winter and sheyner — sounds like a Philadelphia song team — like the book about Savannah GA (and…its? JEWS?) but I prefer Stockton, or Amanda Renteria Country, circa 1920:

edita 3, still only minutes later, here at College Terrace libary where I met for first time Andrew Fetter, Gunn 1986 and Princeton 1991, whose sister overlapped with me or our respective classes did at Gunn, and he said he was voting anyone Gunn, which I guess is Weiss, Wolbach and Fredrich, his teacher (both of theirs perhaps): the term “outside agitator” comes up a lot; I may be the first “inside agitator” that is not built by Maytag; like I say: strange moment Palo Alto 2014 when The Establishment pushes for continued rapid change and people like me for argue for continuity are called, I used to say “insurgents or worse” and now indeed “agitators”.

I will circulate this to people wiser and less vested here.

Jason Peery the Pinewood basketball coach told me recently that he will vote for me, based on me saying I played for a 1981 SCVAL champion; I hope to call on him in the next 28 days and let him affirm or disavow. Nice man. Nice yard. Nice yard sale. His wife would not take the $1 (one dollar) I offered for a goofy coffee mug. (picture of mug TK).

My understanding is that LDS support the Broadway show but am willing to broaden my understanding and amend or redact. I am certainly not trying to play two communities against each other. I am mainly saying that when Palo Alto Weekly moved from High to Cambridge they invested in such a way that they cannot cover development, if they ever did.

Read Packer Unwinding and both Chomsky Manufacturing and Bagdikian Media Monopoly and let me know your thoughts.

edita-omega: shout to 6th grader Jeffrey M_ of Palo Alto and his favorite player, the near-Giant-killer Bryce Harper, the youngest player in the MLB.

edit to add, later: I removed some of the more contentious comments. I actually spoke about this once to a local rabbi who said she did not agree that the term “agitator” is an ethnic slur. This previously featured a video sample of a song from the Broadway show, which I really do not know if people find it offensive or not. I do not intend to insult any culture or creed in Palo Alto as a group or as individuals.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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