Great football writing, part II

hut 1:

Devon Cajuste told me,the night of his 3-td performance against we the people’s black nights — compared to the private cardinal robber barons — that he had never heard of Dwight Clark and the Catch but is a Cowboys fan. His mother, Andrea Cajuste, seems a genuine fan well-beyond what she might have picked up merely watching her son, although she does fly in or fly out for every match — as in,look for her in Seattle. Meeting them, I was tempting to zip up to Seattle –Terry has an art show there, coming up, in theory we could deduct the trip — but I also have Taylor Ho Bynum, who I think of as quite a catch, playing Lytton Plaza Saturday at 1 so no-go and no chief (Seattle) not all things are connected. Some are near misses. Isn’t it pretty to thick so, and run a 4.37 forty and be six-four and a nice guy. I also suggested he track down Dr. Paul Maggio m.b.a since his Plan B or Plan not-NFL is medicine. Irv Weissman — my fellow Dartmouthian — is already his advisor, duly noted. Devon the Duly.

Palo Alto -- come for the football, stay for conga drum lessons in Lytton Plaza, where Devon and I met, August, 2014

Palo Alto — come for the football, stay for conga drum lessons in Lytton Plaza, where Devon and I met, August, 2014

And speaking of duly noted, Devon the Dude, Devon the Duly, Tom Dooley — and I have to be the only football writer bridging the Kingston Trio (“lay down your head Tom Dooley”) and Joe Namath, — Tom Dooley was also a German ringer on the 1994 World Cup U.S. soccer team — Steve “Scoop” Almond’s book against football is 13 times more popular than John Schulian (check that TK), so far at Amazon, in terms of the number of reviews so far:

hut 2: and I hope i never have to explain why i go here
Yukica was terminated by Edward Leland, the athletic director for Dartmouth College, after back-to-back disappointing seasons in 1984 and 1985. Although Yukica was offered standard compensation for the remaining 18 months of his contract, he instead chose to file suit against Leland in New Hampshire Superior Court for breach of contract. Based on various procedural irregularities regarding Yukica’s dismissal, Judge Walter Murphy, a former football coach, issued two temporary injunctions against Leland and Dartmouth College. With the case gaining increased press, partly due to testimony at preliminary hearings by coach Joe Paterno of Pennsylvania State University, and college football recruitment already under way, Dartmouth settled out of court and Yukica went on to coach Dartmouth for another season before resigning.

Although the case never went to trial, Yukica v. Leland has been hailed by the American Football Coaches Association and others as setting an important precedent in sports law. The case also affected how coaching contracts were written, particularly at the college level.[1]

Reminds me that I once said if not published in the Daily Dartmouth, as sports editor in fall 1983, something about Yuckica that his problem, predictability, was summarized: you run-a the ball on first down, then run-a the ball on second down, then you pass-a the ball on third down and …wait for it YOU KICK THE BALL ON FOURTH DOWN. pun on yoo-keek-sounds-like-“kick”-a, if you are Irving Berlin writing his first ditty circa 1920 about the little marathon man who ran the wrong way, the baker. Dorado? (TK)

hike: the actual argument

edit to add, November 23 that is to say eight or nine weeks later and the day after the Big Game: I taped the Big Game and watched it in speed-mode, forwarding thru the commercials and at times special teams. My favorite player #89 Devon Cajuste did not score, although a running back I had never notice, Remound Wright I think had four TDs a Big Game record. Devon has 28 catches on the season, equal to his junior year total, but for 480 not 640 yards and 3 not 5 TDs, so probably to him and maybe NFL scouts a letdown. Not sure why. Other than that the offense was lagging compared to the rest of the conference, and it has been defense carrying them. Stats. So QED it was that one day I saw he and Andrea his mother that he got all his 3 TDs, between playing congas with Mike at Lytton Plaza and drinking chowder with Sam and I. Med school, I recall, is plan B. But I think he is fit enough and fast enough to take a shot at pro sports. Reminds of my Harbaugh comedy routine wherein I suggest that he quit the game to play in a world beat band.

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