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Larry Klein, circa 2011, leans in on behalf of the wealthy oligarchs and his clients I mean the people

Larry Klein, circa 2011, leans in on behalf of the wealthy oligarchs and his clients I mean the people

Lame duck Palo Alto City Council Member Larry Klein tries to quote basketball coaching legend John Wooden tonight from dias.

“As John Wooden would say (if he were polled on loop technology, or using staff time as a subsidy for Palo Alto downtown landlords and parking czars), ‘Hurry, but don’t rush.”

No, sir, what he actually said, as my coach Hans Delannoy said to me, too many times,


I actually passed this note on to City Clerk Donna Grider, and also to Gen Sheyner of the Weekly. Then posted this.

(I might outro with CSN song which comes to mind)

Also, I presume I was on deep background, but I made some sort of soft voice comment to GS about…Foreign Friends and not quite Wizard of Oz Scarecrow and Klein — I said the last name of the famous coach – -who by the way, had a losing record against Cal’s coach Pete Newell, and pointed to my head.

more Larry-mania: I mentioned in a Weekly post that I was “tough on Klein” here. When I went to speak my 3 minutes Monday — on public safety here — I noticed Klein was not paying attention, his head down, in my opinion trying to ignore me or psych me out. Similar to the episode a couple years back when Mark Peterson-Perez, an activist, and sometimes a fairly caustic speaker, spoke and Larry Klein and then in sympathy Pat Burt both turned their chairs around when he spoke. When I applied for Planning Commission I noted later –reviewing the tape, a public record — Larry Klein left the room, presumably to take a leak. I would say there is a definite pattern, and you can check it by referring to the public record, the video bank. (And I am in Sullivan v. Times territory here — it is not easy to libel a public figure or seated official, but for instance, if I cannot prove my pattern AND he can prove some damages — which becomes known as “reckless disregard for the truth” or “actual malice’ I could be in trouble — this is thin ice, or deep wading). When I ran for council in 2009 and Larry was also a candidate, I did seek him out at a post-event and try to shake his hand and say “I am not sure why I am so hard on you.”. Similarly, I caught Larry Klein napping once at Lytton Plaza mid-afternoon or lunch hour, and might have snapped an embarrassing paparazzo, but instead greeted him woke him, tried to shake his hand — he offered me his left to my right, clutching the paper with his shake hand — and made some reference to the noise ordinance at the plaza. But in the context of a perception that leadership caters to the powerful and does not listen to rank-and-file or grassroots, I would say it is fair comment to note that Larry Klein does not make eye contact or face me when I speak to council or commissions and he is on the dias.

In Weekly:

Rupert — if that’s your real name —

There’s confidentiality and then there is running around in a white hood. No, I don’t think we should have to sign our ballots.

I refuse to accept donations — and people offer — in sympathy with the concern over Citizens United and McCutcheon cases. To date, in two cycles (garnering a “combined” 6,800 votes) and three weeks into this campaign, I have spent ZERO on campaign per se (save filing fees, running tab $75).

This year, for yucks, I am likely to spend up to $1,000 out of pocket, if I can think of a worthy use of the money. Something arty, and smart not crass stupid and cliche. No yard signs. I am for a yartzeit on yard signs.

I asked other candidates to agree to a cap of $10,000 — that’s way above what I might spend.

And since this sometimes linked, and was in fact reported incorrectly in other papers, I sat thru a Union panel on candidates, that they might endorse, but refused to sign a contract that would pledge me to vote with them. I think of myself as pro-worker, pro-middle class, pro-democracy, but not pro-Union.

For the record, I worked on campaigns of: Jerry Brown, Becky Morgan, Tom Campbell, Jeff Adachi, Steve Cohen.

Here is an article on this by Robert Reich (my fellow Dartmouthian — he a few years ahead of me, I’m certain we had some of the same professors); I also recommend his film “Inequality For All”

Web Link

I will keep to myself who among the candidates I am talking to — I would say at this point I have spoken, in the last three weeks, to 9 of the 12, and maybe 5 or 6 of the nine current council, in side-bars and in passing if not strategy sessions per se.

Although I get in their jock a bit, I would say I could work with anyone on council. I was pretty tough on Klein in my blog post last night, but in theory I could find an overlap and mutual common interest, for the good of the people, our community. (I attacked him for his habit of turning his back, looking away or leaving the room when I speak to or am interviewed by council…)

I hope people use the full 80 days to decide and do not mail back the ballots early.

But we need rank-choice balloting or districting or both, better than bullet-ballot scenarios.

Read my blog if you want more nuanced versions of how I think.

There’s also a Times article on trolls:

Web Link</p>

I call this “whack-a-troll” but it seems miles away from discourse and Democracy…

You don’t think you can win the respect of intelligent readers writing under your own name?

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