Registry of historic rock venues, Portola Valley

Music writer and rock pioneer Paul De Barros of Palo Alto re-enacting elements of an early gig, 50 years prior

Music writer and rock pioneer Paul De Barros of Palo Alto re-enacting elements of an early gig, 50 years prior

Twenty nineteen, five years from now, brings an anniversary of Portola discovering, so to speak, Palo Alto, on behalf of the King of Spain, , in 1769 and I have been thinking that it sounds like a good concept for a party.

Meanwhile I ran into jazz and popular music writer Paul De Barros at Zots in Portola Valley (what greenhorns might call Alpine Beer Garden) just today. He was doing some musical history and archeology. He claims he gigged there, in 1963, with his rock band.

Zots was called Casa de Tableta and has a marker regarding its historic significance, I had been noting, before Paul chugged pastcASA.

He gave me a brief re-cap of the history of Santa Clara Valley rock and roll, from his era. He said he is working on an extensive research project recreating the set lists of the bands from that era, his era. He said he is Cubberley class of 1963 and knows Bill Kreutzmann and Gregg Rolie, if that places him to the music fan but not expert/ genius. He said the repertoire pre-Beattles was a lot of Chuck Berry (as, of course, was the Beatles, in their Hamburg days).

In honor of all that, I had a double Hamburger, although I was fixing to dog.

(What made me approach Paul was that just as I was pulling in in my 4-cyclinder Chevy — what I call my little cheddar — this dude 18 years older than me was doing it on a bicycle –and came from much further, “down by Bayshore”. My opening line was “you are a better man than me, bud”.)

I hope he gives me a credit line for the picture of him standing where his hit was, 50 years ago. Not that I’m Jim Marshall or anything.

I recognized his name from Downbeat magazine, where he writes when not also writing for Seattle Times.

Paul De Barros should give a lecture or presentation on his findings, perhaps at Palo Alto History Association. Come to think of it, I might just mosey on down there, to Cub, to run this by Steve Staiger.

The photo of Paul on his own phone has him gesturing like on an air-sax. Back in the day you would think “sax” when you thought “rock” more often than today.

Here is link to his book on Marian McPartland:

edit to add, a month later:
Laura Stec the esteemed eco-cook (that’s cook, not kook) and former BAA regular, wrote about Zot’s and I added news of Paul:
Great job, Laura.
Tim Harris and I met up there recently; I drove although it is biking distance from my apartment, Oak Creek. When I got there I greeted a dude who had obviously come a distance on his bike. It turns out he is Paul De Barros, Cubberley Class of 1963, looking to shoot a photo in the spot his band gigged there that year, i.e. 50 years ago. He is actually a known music writer, mostly jazz, in Seattle. Was visiting his parents.

Also, re Khosla, I am pretty sure I recall precisely that twenty or so years ago, the Mercury, then a Knight Ridder paper and much better than today’s, ran a list of water scofflaws and he was head of the list, for a Palo Alto or Palo Alto Hills property, or LAH, maybe the one you are describing. (He famous as VC and founder of tech company and recently for privatizing a beach access). Water scofflaw meaning he ran up a huge bill even when we were supposed to be rationing.

Here is link to picture of Paul:

Web Link

I have to say the food was iffy. I would rather eat yours, from what I hear. And no I cannot follow a recipe but thanks for suggesting.

Mark Weiss
BAA, 1993ish

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