Kristen Strom Getz tribute at Stanford Jazz series

Kristen Strom will appear at the Stanford Jazz series, performing a tribute to Stan Getz. It’s a matinee, 2 p.m. July 13 Sunday. Info here. The show is at Dink, with tickets ranging from $15 to $35, which actually seems a little pricey, especially for a matinee, featuring all local musicians. She’s playing for no cover at Rosewood Sand Hill — the famous “cougar bar” on or near Stanford campus, the following Saturday evening, from 7 to 11, and has several other area appearances, plus her teaching at Stanford and other camps, according to her website. (My ambivalence about Stanford Jazz is hard to conceal, huh?)

Part of the back story for the Strom gig is that Stan Getz had a residency at Stanford, an event which inspired the university developing a jazz program involving: Larry Grenadier, Jim Nadel, Joey Oliveira, Andy Geiger, Ted Gioia, Nathan Oliveira and more. Joey played a Getz tribute a few years back. Nathan made a portrait of a sax player at Smith-Andersen titled “The Man”, that I saw in a private collection.

There’s a story in the East Bay Express by Sam Levin about Ellen Seeling of Montclair Women’s Band complaining that there are few spots for women in the area’s jazz festivals, and she recommends blind auditions. Strom is quoted in that story, as is Jason Olaine, who is producing a Fillmore Jazz festival. Reminds me of Nat Hentoff in his 2010 book commenting on, and validating, Joan Bender who in 2001 protested about the lack of women in the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.

I think of Strom as a local musician, but am unsure of her Palo Alto ties. Provisionally I include her in my list of 500 Palo Alto jazz memes.

Here is Montclair band video(I remember seeing them in the East Bay, when Allison Miller was their guest artist):

Not to confuse matters, or deflect from the Kristen Strom hit, but here is Joan Bender, with Brian Gari and Michael Wolff somewhere back east playing “Chocolate Eyes”. I met Joan in IAJE in New York, and actually had a meeting with Wolff that same week, as a candidate to join his enterprise.

And while I am near the subject, the Palo Alto Twilight Series has finally been announced and includes Mads Tolling, a Danish-American violin player gaining material, August 16 at Mitchell Park. Back to Our Ms. Strom, her band includes Scott Sorkin, Jason Lewis and John Shifflett, — and Fred Harris, piano — plus in this case, for the Getz book, singer Jackie Ryan.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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5 Responses to Kristen Strom Getz tribute at Stanford Jazz series

  1. Thanks for the mention Mark, and for posting our video from the Montclair Women’s Big Band show at Yoshi’s Oakland last November. AND for mentioning Sam Levin’s hard-hitting expose of the exclusion of women jazz instrumentalists from the big four jazz festivals again this year. I am also very ambivalent about Stanford, and don’t understand why, with all the amazing female jazz instrumental talent around these days, the guys who program these festivals refuse to include them on their main stages. I hope your drawing attention to this issue, along with Sam Levin, Andrew Gilbert, Martin Snapp and others, will be a wake up call to festival organizers, and the women who put up with having to buy tickets to see only men perform.

    • markweiss86 says:

      Thanks for writing, Ellen Seeling. With a little more bandwidth, I would write more effusively about MWBB.
      I doubt Jim Nadel reads my blog but anyone who reads this knows I am begrudgingly a fan of his workshop and camp I mean “festival”. I thought $30 for Kristen’s show was too much, unless he paid her $5,000 for the gig per se, in which case I would have gladly bought 10 tickets.

      Further: if only Allison Miller had accepted my marriage proposal, in October, 2000 — who knows how different all our lives would be today.

      Keep on swinging’ sister, as Royal Stokes would say.

      • Thanks again Mark. I wish someone would feature the Bay Area’s Stan Getz protege Mad Duran sometime. She spent a lot of time with him and absolutely kills his style. And, don’t feel too bad about Alli. She probably did you a big favor!

  2. markweiss86 says:

    I love Alli. It’s a longer story. There is some mutual respect there, as much as anyone would expect from such a rock star. We are talking about Allison at 26 and me at 36; I didn’t actually propose, but I had let’s just say a professional crush. Or an unprofessional crush. We were both leaving relationships. I’m well-partnered now and I presume she is, too. She certainly holds down the rhythm section on a lot of amazing music. Not that she gets around or anything.

    My impression, as a newby and relative outsider, is that there is a pretty thick Bay Area chapter to the Stan Getz epic. I will keep my ears open to Ms. Duran, from that Stan-dpoint.

    Has MWBB ever played Palo Alto? Maybe something with The Gunn High orchestra or jazz band??

    Or could you whip something up for some guest vocalists? (I know a couple candidates). Didn’t you play Castilleja once, the girls’ school?

    Anyways, I don’t feel bad at all about falling for Allison Miller when she was 26. Who wouldn’t have?

    About Madeline, you are reminding me that I have a log of 1,000 sax players, and I am not sure I have her in there, I should. It’s in a blue wire-ring notebook, not the internet.

    • Hi Mark, this is the third time i’m responding to your last message, and i don’t see it posted so not sure you’re getting it, but I’ll try again. Anyhow, we haven’t played in Palo Alto for about 8 years, and can’t even get arrested on the Peninsula or in the South Bay. We played for the Palo Alto Jazz Society then, but never for any of the schools you’ve mentioned. I’ve been grousing about Monterey, San Jose and Stanford for years, so I’m guessing my name is mud down there. I don’t know why after 17 years of trying to get the group into Monterey we still haven’t been programmed. We are totally unique on the West Coast, and one of the best big bands out here bar none. Our personnel has included Mad Duran, Kasey Knudsen, Sarah Cline, Mara Fox, Tammy Hall, Michaelle Goerlitz, Jean Fineberg, Ruth Davies, etc. We have sold out the new SFJAZZ Center, Yoshi’s Oakland and other venues in the past year. A number of band members have taken their own groups to Monterey and San Jose, but not the big band. I guess as to why or why not would be a question better directed to Tim Jackson, Bruce Labadie or Jim Nadel.

      We’ll be at the Menlo Park Library on Thurs Dec 18 at 6:30pm. As far as vocalists go, we haven’t had anyone sing with the band in years. We have way too many strong soloists to have to devote a big chunk of the set to vocal material, which usually doesn’t offer the instrumental prowess of the ensemble to shine. Really, audiences go bananas for MWBB. We can’t get off the bandstand after our shows. The group is a moneymaker, so I’m scratching my head as to why the South Bay is so uninterested. Any thoughts?

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