Humm-baby ready for his close-up

The view last night from Section 118, row 23 seats 3 and 4, or as my former Goodby Berlin and Silverstein colleague Jeremy Postaer used to say "any closer and we could smell 'em"

The view last night from Section 118, row 23 seats 3 and 4, or as my former Goodby Berlin and Silverstein colleague Jeremy Postaer used to say “any closer and we could smell ’em”

For Don Zimmer (1931-2014, but especially 1987)

“YOU SWING LIKE AN OLD LADY, NORMA” after Washington’s Ian Desmond chased a Ryan Vogelsong sinker into the dirt. Either he didn’t hear me, or he did and got angry because he swatted the next pitch into the gap for a double.

“BELLARMINE SUCKS. SAINT IGNATIUS RULES”, to San Jose product Kevin Frandsen, 3B, who maybe did hear me and went only 1-for-5, on a day that Krukow said was the hardest the Giants staff has been hit all year, 12 hits, 9 runs, losing 9-2.

“DELETE THIS ‘SPAM'” on the first at-bat of the 3-hour-1-minute contest, to Denard Span, who hit a double to right, and later scored.

At the risk of being Alibi Ike, I actually thought the Giants responded to my chatter, and often did that which I so humbly suggested.

“GIVE ‘EM HECK, HECTOR” to Sanchez, who made out.

“COME ON, GREGOR” who went 1-for-4 but looks good in the picture, above.

“YOU OWN THIS GUY, TYLER”, because it said he was hitting .750 lifetime against Strasburg, albeit a small sample set, 3-4, but sure enough he did produce a safety, and our first run. I called him “TY-CO” on the next at-bat, but the encouragement didn’t seem to work as well that time. Strasburg was as good as his advance, and struck out 7 in 6 innings, 88 lucky pitches,  nearly all in the 94-95 mph range. He leads the circuit in K’s Schulman of The Sporting Green points out.

I thought about but refrained from this one:

“LET’S GO, BRANDO’. MAKE A ‘STELLA’ OUT OF THAT FELLA” (for Brandon Crawford). I also self-edited enough to avoid saying something about “twist his head and suck out the meat.” Similarly I refrained from dubbing the Nats backstop Wilson Ramos “Fizz”.

After Terry and I put our lids in rally-cap mode, I stole this line from someone a few rows behind me:

“SI, SE PUEDE” (for pinch-hitter or double-switch guy Ehire Adrianza, who deveras lined a single to keep the hope alive. My Spanish made the father and daughter in front of me giggle, and I responded with “Es verdad, no?”

The Giants are in the midst of a stretch where they are playing 20 of 25 games here at home and 25 of 35 leading to the All-Star break. Having won five straight series, including the sweep of the Mets, they have gone 7-0-2 in their last nine sets, so I am betting that Mad Bum, Matt Cain and Tim Hudson can right the wrongs we experienced Monday night. If not we may have to hold a little Situationist prank in which we send 247 balls raining down onto the field from the Bleachers Thursday to ceremoniously disown all the good that Matt Williams did for us in the home run department, 1987-1996.

The game notes state: “The Giants have sold out their last 277 regular season home games, which extends the longest consecutive regular season home sellout streak in the National League”. Meanwhile, there is a StubHub banner in the right field power alley (see above) and 3,847 seats for grabs for today on that site, so do your own math on that one, not to be a party pooper or a player-hater.

I got a kick yelling “Panda” (for Sandoval, of course, who went 0 for 3 but generated some much-needed breeze on a rather balmy Frisco night); I noticed the guy next to me called him “Pabs”.

Terry (my main 6-4-3 squeeze play sophisticated game of catch) thought my cool detachment (wearing a NOKAS shirt and a blue cap with a black dog) was bush league, so she got me a new lid (grey 47 with white logo on orange-and-grey shadows) and some orange knee high socks, to look like Hunter Pence. Thanks, Sweetie. And thanks, Gary Davis, my quasi-brother-in-law for loaning us the tickets while he toils overseas for the Capitalists.

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