I am not working on my blog because there are this many things more interesting than my new computer, tempting though it may be

I am not working on my blog because there are this many — 12 — things more interesting than my new computer, tempting though it may be. At Printer’s Inc, Cafe, Palo Alto, with about 90 minutes to be “productive”.

1. Sonny Smith, 100 Records, 11/40, set of prints, box set, including “I Walk the streets, richest man who ever lived” by Hank Champion, although it is signed Esther Peace Watson, on Mr. Pickes High Fidelity, and Jackie Feathers & Carol Darger, with the Concrete Praire Band, on Melody House, (which, although I’m not expert, looks like Sonny Smith himself and a confederate wrapped in a faux Navajo — Navafaux?– blanket — not to be confused with lecture taking place either right this minute or in a minute at DeYoung Museum in SF apropos of the Thom Weisel Collection of Native Doodads and Goodies — signed on verso SlHR PRN 2010 — Del Rio, Prayer for a Dying Dog” — this time the verso-graph looks more like Wilson, 2010 — and now I am totally confused and DEFINITELY NOT blogging or surfing or serfing the cloudgate today. I bought this a while ago, Holiday Season, 2011 or so, I remember Steve or Eric Cohen with me, at Gallery 16, and I now I paid in installments but honestly don’t know if I am current or not — if you excuse the Coen Brothers reference — and have not heard the music either. This spiffy new computer, from the leading brand, does NOT have a disc drive by the way — too cool for disc drive, you have to buy that separate.

2. Big Youth New Painters From Chicago catalog or chap book from Corbett vs. Dempsey, Modern Art & Uncommon Objects, cvsd 0034,  2009; (the Vivian Maier story I wrote about below made me suss this out from my archive, anew);

3. HAND-MADE Notebook with Found Photograph blank, by Emily Parrish, a Bay Area artist or publisher who Robert Syrett discovered and did bidness with at an East Bay zine fare recently, I bought at Accent Arts just a minute ago, for four zuzim, I could not pass over. The print is a squared 35 mm print of a man in a sweater standing in from of a building with Baltimore-esque stoop, although rounded, not quite Federal Style windows, doors and shutters (3), but weird blue and white zig-zag pattern on the facade.

4. I am carrying with me, the things I carried, for no apparent reason, the set of about 20 “Fox Says Ding” stickers that Robert Syrette made for me last fall, 2013, and I have had some ideas of how to actualize the concept, them being stickers and not prints, they seem destined for more glory than merely being horded or saved. Look out for them! (one idea was to try to get Palo Alto Mayor Nancy Shepherd to let us install them for a few months on her door or window or anywhere on the 6th floor of 250 Hamilton and call it public art, or temporary public art.

5. a collection of 10 cassettes (something that came before cd, which is something that came before MPEG3 or streaming), circa 1994-1998, that were in storage locker, and part of a much larger collection: Freedy Johnston, This Perfect World; Devouring Our Roots, San Francisco new-folk uprising, a benefit for Food Not Bombs; The BabySitters Club (Matt Sussman, Rachel Metz, Jessie Oppenheimer) 12-song demo (tarbell7@yahoo.com); WXYC Demolisten 3 (includes Archers of Loaf “Web In Front); The Babysitters Club 4-song demo (including their smash hit, Serfn’ Sperm) and the tape is actually a re-purposed Fun Lovin’ Criminals promotional tape not for sale, as is the packaging, papered over); Will Ackerman, A Windham Hill Retrospective; La Zapatistas Del Norte (De Chiapas) Puras De La Sierra — corridos; Julie Lake, vocalist, “Deedle’s Blues”, “I Can’t Get Started” “I Remember You” with Gunn HS Jazz Trio; “Katie Gorman’s Demo”; and lastly Jose Cardenas, Firme, Mi Barrio Records, “Hiena” and more.

6. Today’s Chron, for articles by Ben Fong Torres “New Kind of Hipster“; and on Galeria de la Raza, bought for 1 zuzim, which is not cheap.

7. 2014 Who’s Who in Baseball, which reminds me that the Giants were deadlocked at 8-8 in Denver entering extra innings.

8. The Flame Throwers, by Rachel Kushner, first Scribner paperback edition, February 2014 — I continue to say, no matter how true it actually is, and though it is not really any of my business, that her parents were introduced in St. Louis in 1960 or 1961 by the poet Alden Van Buskirk, who was in grad school there and then and forever, Pinky and Peter.

9. Lucky The Magazine About Shopping April 2014 ($3.99) where my former Gunn High School Oracle co-editor Jean Watt (Jean Godfrey June they call her) is now Executive Beauty Editor, reporting, through only one or two intermediaries, to Anna Wintour, artistic director, which I bought for an article about an app where if you buy food from certain restaurants, somebody makes a donation to some needy cause or peoples in a faraway land.

10. The Economist, April 12, 2014, which suckered me for $8, for the book review section and maybe the cover story about The History of Finance in Five Crises.

11. I was gonna write about Le Video, and their Indiegogo.com campaign and my conversation with their founder, Catherine Tchen, who posed for this portrait:

Catherine of Le Video

Catherine of Le Video

Katie Gorman, I had run into at the Barbara Stanwyck festival at Stanford Theatre — the movie that had a cameo by Bettie Davis, sitting for an artist — and she had mentioned Le Video, and when I went to the City the other day for Matthew Robb’s lecture of the Weisel Collection, at DeYoung I had parked near 19th Avenue but in the park and walked the rest of the way in, then wandered up to 9th for an enchilada at Park Chow, but wished I had gone to Gordo’s just for the bigger serving, then popped in to Le Video, and heard Tchen telling another customer about their sticky situation, and nearly starting to cry, and I reminded her that in 1988 or so, Scott Smith and I had presented to her or at least described for her an ad project for our spec books, that had dual-ideas and puns, like Film Noir (“North by Northwest”) compared to Noir Film (picture of Spike Lee from “She’s Gotta Have It” which was a nautical term at the time, I mean au courant), “Gates of Heaven” (picture of dogs) compared to “Heaven’s Gate” (picture of a turkey); Green Apple will take most of the space but Tchen wants to raise money to buy more space-efficient cases for her 100,000 titles; I left with Ricki Stern’s recent film about R.A. Dickey and Tim Wakefield, which I saw about 7/9ths of and then mailed it back to Le Video, although I used a “priority mail” envelope on a Saturday from the lobby-service only Birge Clark designed and doomed Palo Alt0 Post office, the robot charged me only First Class which is about $2, compared to $10 or so for actual “Priority” and I hope they don’t lose it or ding me. Obviously I hope we don’t lose Le Video or the Post office but I am only one person, what can I do?

Anyways, back to my 11 things I’d rather be doing and a room temperature Amstel Light, although the bottle doesn’t seem to want to tell me how little alcohol it has, compared to 95 calories.

(If I update this I have a half-dozen photos in my stupid cell phone from that same afternoon in SF, including a couple more Le Video shots)…

Matthew Robb and a slide of the Weisel mimbres

Matthew Robb and a slide of the Weisel mimbres


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