Medway Forest Indians

way past my bedtime but I am trippin over the news (to me) that Perry Lane is now Oak Creek — and who are or were Medway Forest Indians?{that’s not actually true, but close enough for Plasty late night}

sent me

edit to add, a week later: I am wondering about the use of Edward Curtis photographs as source material for early BGP and Family Dog posters, contemporaneous to above….I also caught about half of Ken Kesey/Milos Forman/Jack Nicholson “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” last night on ION/710 and notice that it takes place in 1963 at least for the movie and want to catch even the blooped version (with blurred lips for the fucking lipreaders), “Al Downing” pitching first game of the World Series, versus Koufax, et al — see also Meatloaf and Phil Rizzuto — I want to read the book, I think it is hiding somewhere in my shelves — and there I am not far apparently from Perry Lane. I should try to read the thing at the Oak Creek Pool. I met Kesey at Bay Area Book Fair 1991 and my job was to grab him by the elbow and gently lead him from Furthr to the podium in time for his hit. I also proposed, at least in my head, that in response to Jim Burch’s proposal to paint FREE on Palo Alto Shuttle that we paint it psychedelic as homage to Kesey — that would get attention, more than the talking heads, I contend.

I have an email thread with Wes Wilson loosely speaking on this topic…I had never noticed an Indian (probably from Curtis) in Family Dog logo…

From a famous movie, with Indian theme:


I had no idea that Will Sampson (1934-1987) was an amazing painter:

edit to add: the rock history blog on which someone said that Perry Lane is now Oak Creek actually had other commenters correct him: Perry Lane is just over the creek, and up Sand Hill west from Oak Creek 1800s; I will check it out soon enough; I’ve walked past it about 100 times not making the connection — the cottages are all wiped out.

In a somewhat related matter, Greg Brown mentioned that he ran across an old Old Davis poster than either Gregg Rolie or Neil Schon asked him to design back in the day, and he said he would show it to me. Weird place for me to mention that I caught MGMT at Frost Amphitheatre the other day but didn’t recognize any of their songs, and didn’t realize until I learned it online that they are a psychedelic band from Wesleyan — I was sort of thinking Flaming Lips and Olivia Tremor Control. Their videos are quite good even if I am jumping on a bandwagon pretty late in game (or pretty lame in gate).   I recall Ramona Downey moving my BOTH showcase in 2008 to give priority — rightfully — to MGMT.

Added a year or so later, or exactly two years later, Earth Day 2015, and Greg Brown has been gone nine months):
I saw this Grateful Dead artwork in a private collection. It has autographs from band members Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann and Vince Welnick. It says “1988” and that the artist was named Jack Johnson. The shirt was for an east coast fall tour including nine dates at Madison Square Garden. It’s a pelon, which means a test-print or A/P or proof. I saw the actual shirt on sale for $179 on line.

Grateful Dead or DaedlufetarG

Grateful Dead or DaedlufetarG

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