Asch to Asch, dub to dub

DJ Olive

Photo by David Binney in Italy.

I met David when he was with Joey Baron I think, they played at Hotel Cabana, where the Beatles once stayed. No, it was the Leni Stern show. Those were the only two shows I did in the Cabana Room and I sometimes get them confused.

A couple years later I was in Williamsburg visiting David Beech and we were at this Jamaican restaurant that’s no longer there. I think it was called Bleu Drawers. The guy at the table next to us started gesturing a bowing motion with his arms. I asked him “Are you talking about Matt Haimovitz?” That was Gregor Asch pka DJ Olive; they were talking about Matt being part of the Ropeadope music tour, which I caught at The Independent on Divis which was formerly known as Justice League and Kennel Club.

Anyhoo, I am doing this shout out to the Mr. Asch because I was linking to his father or grandfather or great grandfather in the previous post. I didn’t realized he was also later in the Whitney Biennial. Good job. Good one.

As your eyes adjust to the dark you realize you’re 
on the balcony overlooking the tent. after a while your eyes adjust further and you start to make
 out the moose heads mounted at eye-level around the walls looking down onto the tent with 
sleeping people inside.

And it was Greenpoint not Williamsburg, Bleu Drawes Cafe.

The Joey Baron band I am thinking of was JB, Adam Levy, Steve Cardenas and Tony Scher. The Leni Stern band would have been LS, David Binney, maybe Kenny Wolleson. Jenny Scheinman played with Leni later; I recall bringing them a North Beach birthday cake but did not make the show, the following year. I also recall that Joe Russo at one point worked in her office, and a lady whose name I do not recall but was an aspiring actress and I caught her playing a stiff on “Law and Order.” This is a little off topic from DJ Olive or is it?

I saw David Binney in Fall, 2008 doing a benefit for polio cure with some Indian Musicians, at Flint Center in Cupertino, with my dad, sponsored by Rotary Club.

edit to add:

I was checking on the DJ Olive site, to close this out, and I noticed it say that they are mastering a new cd called THWIS.

So, EARTHWISE give shout of praise to THWIS.


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