Thirty-three things I (might) write about on “Plastic Alto”

1. Laurel Nakadate ‘The Wolf Knife”, free in Believer;
2. Andrew Bogut, and Kent Lockhart: Kent told me he once coached Bogut, who worked out with Dandenong, Kent’s old team, in 1997 as a teenager and guard;
3. A Passover Haggadah, from the perspective of a spider;
4. One Direction, the boy band, on SNL, which used to have edgy, indie and outsider bands like Talking Heads doing Al Green;

5. Ai Weiwei–and my crude drawing of his “Fragments” 2005
6. An update of books I have bought or borrowed intending to read: Lethem’s essays, Wallace Shawn “Fever”, Arcadia Press “History of Candlestick Park”, 2012 Baseball Almanac, especially list of players born in Illinois — as I was;
7. Buckminster Fuller and or Beth Custer and or Rob Bell of Zomes;
8. Mark Bradford at SFMOMA; I recall sitting next to Mark Bradford the Stanford athlete — football and basketball — on a Southwest flight between LaLa and San Jo a few years back; I have a project of homophone celebrities, for instance Steve McQueen the dead actor and live filmmaker, Penelope Houston the punk singer and British film critic, Chip Hooper the tennis star and music agent and or photographer et cetera; sort of related to the fact that I am ranked no better than fourth about four music Mark Weiss’s I know;
9. “The Last Picture Waltz” (TLPW456) update and re-set; especially Tuck and Patti outreach;
10. Build The Empire live at Palo Alto City Hall (photo);
11. Rasputin Records, rises like a phoenix, in Mountain View; I wrote this entire 800 word, twelve-link blog in one hour and 10 minutes, paying $21 for the privilege, at a Kinkos/FedEx two doors down from Rasputin, while waiting for it to open, so I can fulfill my quest to buy the new Matthew Shipp cd;
12. Matthew Shipp record review;
13. Kabbalah klezmer from France update;
14. 101 things in my phone, which is like 100 books intending to read;
15. Dr. John review in New York Times by Jon Pareles including supergroup with James Andrews or Troy Andrews, Ricki Lee Jones, Rene Marie;
16. Debra K a waiter at Boxing restaurant in the former Citizen Cake site, at Grove and Gough, recommended by Mr. Derby (?) from SFMOMA gift show, which plays Galactic in-house on tape although Soundhound wouldn’t capture it, says that all the bands on tour go to Alex Andreas’ Boom Boom for Late Night jams, although I don’t think he took me up on my idea of gathering Fred Wesley and Josh Roseman;
17. Guest column by Eric Hanson brief review of Hermeto Pascoal;
18 Guest column by Eric Hanson, baseball poetry “tribelines”;
19. Guest column by Michael Young, my neighbor;
20. Santa Clara Valley has a “teen poet laureate”;
21. It may neve get beyond this stage but I texted Glenn Hartman about a new band idea or name called Beignet and the Yats, a play on “Bennie and the Jets” described as “Elton John meets Dr John” — beignet if I spell it correctly is a type of doughnut from New Orleans while “Yat” I believe is a derogatory term for certain denizens of New Orleans that are outsiders and greet each other with the phrase “where y’at?” — although built into the name might be the fact that the rhythm section might have to be comprised of these types, if they actually exist; see also John Kennedy Toole; they lyrics could be adaptations of scenes from “A Confederacy of Dunces” and the melodies could be mixes of NOLA and Elton John — get back honky tonk;
22. Somebody told me that James Franco is getting a PhD in art history and his thesis is on James Franco;
23. Dohee Lee was in the Times yesterday; I saw her at DeYoung with Scott Amendola, Larry Ochs and Jean Jenrenaud;
24. I caught about 30 minutes of a doc called “Beautiful Losers” about Chery Dunn, Barry McGee, Harmony Korine and several others, skate crossover, et cetera, at SFMOMA;
25. Woody Guthrie liner notes proposed for Stella Brooks Folkways cd, circa 1940; “sounds tough and good”;
26. Mexican wrestling and picture of yours truly wearing a mask at Los Straitjackets at Mitchell Park, circa, 1998;
27. more gossip about Gidon Caine;
28. Morley Safer and “60 Minutes” covering the Basel Miami art show and being covered by New York Times;
29. Grateful Dead in Rolling Stone suggesting that the government in America should underwrite as a public service their tours;
30. Jeff Clements, Citizens United and Yiaway Yeh;
31. David Choe, Mark Zuckerberg and my $20 worth; I walked in on Choe the night he was finshing his job for Facebook, on Emerson above Jing Jing and bought a calendar from Choe for $20; I like to think that without that coin in pocket he might not have deferred his payment to the now famous $200 million;
32. Linsanity recap, Woody and Spike, Hubie, Magic;

and lastly but not leastly, #33, the sixties era modern poet John Wieners who I heard about while promoting Alden Van Buskirk.

Edit to add, on April 20, 2012 4-20: I talked to John Paye about #2 above, and yes, he remembers Kent Lockhart. (See also my pingback “The Lockhart Loo (proposed)” about renaming part of Seale Park in Palo Alto for the former Gunn High, UTEP player, or about putting a plaque there about The Three L’s — Lockhart, Lin and Loscutoff, three former Palo Alto prep stars with NBA ties — Lockhart was drafted by Hubie Brown to play for the Knicks in 1985).  John Paye and I spoke about the fact that Gunn-Menlo was the first game at the new Menlo Gym which opened in 1980. John, as a freshman, probably guarded Kent as a junior in that tilt, won my Gunn I wouldn’t have to look up. Meanwhile, and perhaps snarkily, I reminded Paye that the Frosh-Soph game preceded the Varsity game, so technically I and not he played in the very first competition there, and further, that I started the game — a rarity for me — because Brian DiBiaso, son of Stanford Coach Dick DiBiaso, and eventually a D-1 player for Oregon — was benched for a disciplinary reason, and that I covered Beau Brown, my eventual Dartmouth classmate and more known as a football player. Menlo probably beat us — they had Tony Fenwick as well, on frosh-soph and as varsity dudes a few years later Paye of course won state and even as a junior I think they ran off 20 or so wins, to our 22 or so the year before, as I recall. But John Paye recalled Lockhart, DiBiaso, coach Hans Delannoy and was polite enough to say he remembered me; when John was in 7th grade and I was in 8th grade, at Stanford Basketball Camp, I asked him to play 1-on-1, to 20 by 2s, losers, during lunch break one day; he won 20-16 but looking back he was probably being polite and just guarded me enough to make me push myself. He also recalled, when I brought it up, that the Times Tribune, where I was a stringer in 1982, named him Athlete of the Year as a junior, bypassing Paly’s Jim Harbaugh. “I think this still bothers Jim,” John added. Paye mentioned there is an event coming up in December at Menlo, regarding Menlo-Salesian and the Warriors owner, who is a Menlo parent. Paye of course is ex-Stanford star in football and basketball, ex-49ers quarterback for a minute, a local coach and owns a gym in San Carlos, Paye’s Place. He said I could pop by and reintroduce myself but I doubt I would have the guts to come in shorts and sneaks and ask for a rematch.

This is weird, but this photo of John Paye has him in the exact same outfit I have today, light blue Carolina dress shirt, khaki’s and although we are about the same height and were born within 13 months of each other, no one would ever mistake me for him:

John Paye, Menlo Girls Coach, circa 2008

Regarding #4 above, One Direction, in the time of two weeks that it took me to get 40 views of this blog post, 15 million more people have seen their video, up to 106,000,000, but not me. I should add the tag “one direction” if that helps me.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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2 Responses to Thirty-three things I (might) write about on “Plastic Alto”

  1. Shawna says:

    Hans Delannoy is not my biggest fan and lacked the skill sets to coach and mentor young men. Benching Brian DiBiaso for a disciplinary issue was a reflection of Hans’ inadequacies, not Brian’s; albeit, an opportunity for you to play Mark so all was not lost. Great to read up on friends from high school sports days and a few that actually moved on to play college etc. –daughter of former college basketball coach and sister.

    • markweiss86 says:

      Hi, Shawna. Thanks for reading my blog and contributing as a commenter. It’s kinda weird to use social media or a blog to further what would normally (i.e. from Adam and Eve leaving the Garden of Eden up through about ten minutes ago) be personal matters but here goes — I consider your brother Brian to be a classmate, teammate and friend — even if I have not spoken with him in many years. Can you put me in touch with him? We tried to find him in 2006 when the school was hosting a 25 year anniversary of those championship seasons.

      I would say Brian did develop to eventually be one of the top four or five players of that group. He was a late bloomer, which is ironic since of course he was born into a basketball family. Last time I saw him, a couple years out of college, on the courts at Terman, of all places, I was pretty amazed at how good he was.

      And for the record, it is not true that in any significant way I benefitted in the form of playing time because Brian was benched sophomore year against Menlo. He was definitely the starter. (And it would have been our frosh-soph coach Rick Atchison calling the shots that year, that incident — I probably should not have mentioned it at all, other than the fact it was the first game in Menlo’s new gym, although John Paye is probably correct in saying that he and not I played in “the first game” — John Paye as a freshman covered Kent Lockhart then a junior in the VARSITY game — the frosh-soph game — that Brian missed at least part of, is sort of only technically the first game). If I described these things too sloppily above I should acknowledge that here. When Brian signed my yearbook that year he mentioned it –me starting in his place — but I had actually forgotten the turn of events. I think I had started briefly at guard but was really a small forward and was demoted to bench but given the one-game reprieve when Brian was made to sit, or something.

      Hans and I spoke recently about some of these topics and he remembered you as an excellent athlete.

      I scored about 7 points for Gunn frosh soph, and four for Varsity. I’m sure Brian scored dozens or hundreds. Brian was the only junior to get any minutes in that CCS championship game at his home court “Mapes” and took one shot which was on target but a foot short, from top of key or what would now be “three points” — he was a streak shooter, and if that had hit it might have changed the entire outcome.

      Hans Delannoy was a super-enthusiastic 28-year-old coach at the time, so probably did make some mistakes. He’s kept on coaching for many seasons and at least once was named California Coach of the Year, for his work with the girls’ teams at San Ramon of Danville, in 2006.

      I hope you, Brian, Dick and all the DiBiaso’s have hit more than 50 percent from the field in all of life’s challenges and opportunities. You brought a lot of excitement and heart to Palo Alto and Stanford, I’m sure in many ways beyond the gyms.

      Please send my regards to your brother. I’d be curious to hear his views on a lot of this stuff. There was a lot of pressure on him and I would say he generally handled it well. It would be great to put a 49-year-old’s wisdom in a 22-year-old’s body then suit him up to replay his high school games all over again, even for me but I’m thinking of him especially.

      One last thing: the Stanford Basketball Camp for kids like us was a great thing, and among my fondest sports memories — so thanks to your dad Dick DiBiaso for his role in putting that together.

      edit to add, a few minutes later — and this is new to “edita” a comment — search engine apparently let me leave a voice mail for my old teammate Brian DiBiaso. Meanwhile, the note I sent to his sister Shawna seems to have bounced.

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