New Yoshi’s boogie

I heard Catherine Russell on NPR which sent me to my palantir to seek out her version and more info on “He’s All I Need” a gospel track attributed in the fifties to Sister Rosetta Tharpe. I was gonna dedicate it here in Plastic Altlandia to Jeremy Lin, he of the Cross over dribble fame.

But the oracle told me that Catherine Russell will appear in the flesh in San Francisco’s Yoshi’s on March 9 doing a Grateful Dead-influenced program, pre-empting my first impulsive.

Well, I will resist any articulated Jesus versus Jerry versus Jeremy allusions, but I do recommend people of varying tastes, stripes, creeds and tax brackets check out Yoshi’s Frisco now booked by born again West Coaster Eric Hanson (who used to work out of a caboose in Half Moon Bay, and brought albeit briefly Nina Simone back from the Dead, or from France at least, to Newark, New Jersey that is, where they also briefly gave us Whitney Houston, and Walt Whitman).

The video above is from five years ago but despite a synch problem got me psyched. Somehow the whole thing makes me wonder about Catherine Russell touring with Papa Mali (7 Walkers, featuring Bill Kreutzman, of Palo Alto and GD).

Also, Stew is at Yoshi’s the week before, been itching to git to.

I’ve spent a little time on the mountain, don’t you know.

Cryptic note to self: I can’t believe I used “booger” in a headline twice within five days.

edit to add, three minutes later: argh, never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn: 1) Stew is in Oakland Yoshi’s, March 6, which has a relatively new “booger” (booker) of the name escapes me now that longtime booker Peter Williams is at the Uptown in Napa. Speaking of which good luck to orginal Yoshi’s booger and fellow Gunn hoopster alumnus Jason Olaine (that’s J-Olaine not Jeremy Lin, but I understand your confusion); 2) Catherine Russell’s appearance coming up is part of a project called American Beauty Project which draws from two particular GD releaases — and by the way, I took me about 13 years to realize that “American Beauty” is a type of rose before it was a Kevin Spacey 1999 movie, which used roses to a delightful effect. 3) finally, not sure which instrumentalists in my video, five years ago in New York will be in SF next month, or if this song is even in their repertoire, but I am sticking with it. 4) Catherine Russell has a new release of jazz and gospel on Harmonia Mundi out of SoCal. 5) I hope Bonnie Simmons reads this post and books Catherine Russell and or American Beauty Project into Hardly Strictly Bluegrass whether or not Rusell has played there before; which reminds, did they just rename Speedway Meadow for Warren Hellman, such that I could have somehow called all this New Speedway Meadow Hellman or some such? It works for me, in Plastic Alto.

I got the chance to update my scorecard of heavy-hitting bookers, or Boogers, in the Boog Powell sense — I am moving on to baseball in many ways, already, here in this weird dry February — during my initiative to Save The Varsity Theatre here, which I, if merely to confuse Satan, called TLPW456: Hanson, Olaine, Steve  “Home Run” Baker, Gregg Perloff’s assistant’s assistant, someone in Dawn Holliday’s office, Bill Bragin I think, Danny Scher, David Lefkowitz, and others.

Dianna Arnspiger never called me back but it’s cool; she’s got a daughter and all that; she got us in to the Decemberists last Valentine’s Day.

edit to add, again: i switched the title here from “New Yoshi’s Booger” pun on booker to “New Yoshi’s Boogie” back to GD and Hellman reference, sort of.

Here’s a link to a Huff Post about Hellman, slightly snarky and three weeks of Hellman’s passing, but most people didn’t know he was sick. I even texted Bonnie Simmons’ former assistant something about calling it “Billionaires’ Bayou” or some such, but then felt bad once I knew. And, to go full circle here, like a Jeremy Lin around Derek Fisher spin move, I stayed home and watched Jeremy Lin on national television versus going to the Hellman Memorial Concert, although I was and still am tempted to ask my fellow Oak Creeker Ms. Ann Ozer to give me a review (she’s a former School Board candidate, and her daughter works on Farm Aid). She said she went to his memorial at the synagogue.

weird personal note to EH: i saw a phil rizzuto poetry book, which was just some fans transcribing weird things he said and printing it unjustified; thought of you.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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  1. markweiss86 says:

    this is really off topic but Elliot Randall has a house concert March 10 in the 650, in Pescadero, by the ocean, but we could probably do better than than, finding 25 people and a room closer to the population center?
    call me dianna,

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