Hope Clark Dance in France

I met Hope Clark at the 92Y in New York in February, 2001, ten years ago. I recall hanging with her when she interviewed at Stanford; she wanted to enroll in the film school (t)here and teach in the dance school. I thought of her recently because I met an assistant at SF World Performances (I was watching Ava Mendoza play music with Dance Elixer) from Australia and I recalled that one of Hope’s friends was an acrobat from Circus Oz.

There was another more famous Hope Clark(e?) in dance.

The above video was from that same year, it seems. More recently, I met Elizabeth Streb at Stanford; Hope had trained with Streb.

I recently ran into my old college chum Taimi Strehlow, who books a choreographers’ speakers series at The Flea in New York City and also manages Nina Winthrop Dance Company. Also, today I got a post card in the mail from Mary Armentrout, about her upcoming shows in Oakland. They are at the Sunshine Biscuit Factory, a venue to which I’ve never been, although when I spotted it from BART one day it made me think I should get them (if they still exist) to sponsor a blues hour (long history of biscuits and blues, but I digress).

One of these days I will try to reconstruct in the blog post sense my entire dance Pantheon (which I once mis-identified, in a letter to June Omura, as my “dance Parthenon”).

This is utterly gratuitous but the name of the beauty who plays Josephine Baker in the Woody Allen “Midnight in Paris” (which also, for example nails Gertrude Stein with Kathy Bates so to speak) is Sonia Rolland, the first African-born Miss France.


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3 Responses to Hope Clark Dance in France

  1. markweiss86 says:

    Here is a more recent look at Hope Clark, as returning guest dancer for Streb. When I met Hope she explained Streb thus: “Body hits the floor and that makes a line.”

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