Richter, Serra, Ruscha

This makes me want to listen again to my Sonic Youth record, and that I saw a great biopic about Gerhard Richeter at Vogue on Sacramento in SF and Bill Frisell did a show with strings and GR at SFMOMA once


This makes me want to zip over to Stanford and see if I can walk thru his torqued corten steel maze or just see it thru the fence, or is it in SF?


I don’t think Edward Ruscha truly belongs with Gerhard Richter or Richard Serra but his name camp up suggested by the computer when I was looking for something else; also: A Failed Entertainment something about Infinite Jest by David Wallace Foster?

I’m also wondering about: Manifestoes including Cate Blanchett as 15 different artists, Rose B Simpson driving her El Camino Maria down our El Camino from Menlo Park El Palo Alto to San Jose and filming in two directions like Ed Ruscha, Manhatta 1920 film also Eric Moffett did a film about Valencia Street during Covid shut down

bw what the hell i’m going to stick it here I was starting its own post about Emma Acker and the precisionists also known as “Cult of the Machine” and there are glimpses of 10 bridges in her book, but also cut to a local artist Jennifer Clifton print of Cupid’s Span sic in front of Bay Bridge — makes me want to find my art of Bay Bridge by a Palestinian artist drawn while Ed Crayton and Luis and I met to discuss the homeless from the window of 400 Vallejo circa 1991. It may have been the same day or certainly same month that Nolan Ryan thru a no-hitter, and also I was linking Charles DeMuth “5” with a screen capture I just did of Tim Lincecum’s no-no, wearing 55 — which made me think of Rose Simpson again “Gia”. From the essay in the Mia book. 

10 Glimpses of Bridges in the Catalog of Emma Acker’s precisionsist show:

  1. p. 28, an ad reads “Is Man Doomed in the MACHINE AGE?” By Bennett Lincoln no thats not it try p. 46 an ad for Manhattan “the Proud and Passionate City”
  2. p. 104 Edward Jean Steichen 1931 George Washington Bridge
  3. p. 105 Berenice Abbott Manhattan Bridge 1936
  4. this is a false sighting but there is an Paul Outerbridge in the show (
  5. also: I am wearing a Charles Sheeler shirt depicting GG Bridge but it does not reference the show per se, or is not in the catalog, I don’t think but will check again. p. 122 Ralston Crawford, Whitestone Bridge, 1939-1940
  6. p 124 and this epitomizes the concept Joseph Stella Bridge 1936 at SF MOMA but provencance notes it was created in WPA government stimulus spending
  7. p. 125 Elsie Driggs, Queensborough Bridge, 1927
  8. Charles Sheeler Golden Gate Bridge 1955 kind of an outlier and belies what I just said about “not in the catalog” but the shirt references the DeYoung but not the show — the GG Bridge was built during the era but the painting came later;
  9. Charles Sheeler and Paul Strand, 1920 stills from Manhatta sic  35 mm film 10 minutes no sound — hey, what about an original soundtrack? Plate 88 pp 166-167; quotes “Shapes of the Bridges, vast frameworks, girders, arches” also: in intro to book: Rainer Marie Rilke, 1912: Oh, to whom can we turn for help? Not angels, not humans; And even the knowing animals are aware that we feel little secure and at home in our interpreted world — I am writing this as shots of violent protest screen on our flat Samsung and a man named Dan Kalb of Oakland vows to protect us from Federal invaders — maybe the city scape in some ways birth the violence? Not quite it but: Louis Lozowick, 1927, the whole of mankind is vitally affected by industrial development and if the artist can make his work clear in its intention, convincing in its reality, inevitable in its logic, his potential audience will be practically universal.

    Cat Power “Manhattan” video

  10. Louis Lozowick, p 173 Through Brooklyn Bridge Cables, 1938 Lithograph at Achenbach, 9 x 12 by the way its is definitely the suspense bridge I am keying on; and in the coda of the catalog a timeline with little illustrations including 1936 Bay Bridge Opens, p 228. Are there bridges in the show not in the book? 
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‘O Sleepless as the river under thee, Vaulting the sea, the prairies’ dreaming sod, Unto us lowliest sometime sweep, descend; And of the curveship lend a myth to God’

We are approaching the centennial of Hart Crane’s epic “Bridge”.

Contemporaneous depiction of Brooklyn Bridge, new to me as of Emma Acker’s “Precisionist” show at the DeYoung Museum in 2018:

39941336-54A2-4FD7-8CE7-FD333C2672FCQuirky and superficial but I did correspond with my former professor Donald Pease. A page from JSTOR version of his famous essay:


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Shut up and Dance by Pearl Harbour and the Explosions 1978 Vs The Dance section of Hart Crane bridge poem circa 1923 or 55 years prior

sing out sister

I thought of Pearl Harbour this morning because I learned she is the sister of the recently deceased gallerist Ed Gilbert.
Her biggest song is “Shut Up And Dance”. My smart phone let me play it, somewhat quietly. My wife Terry Acebo Davis is stil sleeping. I’ve written 20 emails already. And a text or two.
I have a 9:30 appt at Mac’s Smoke Shop to discuss displacing porn with art.
But I noticed in my worn and marked and tiny copy of the mentor book of major american poets that there is a section of Hart Crane called “The Dance“.
Has anyone pondered the possible influence of Hart Crane on Pearl Harbour?
Just me, huh.
And you, gentle reader.
I hardly knew Ed Gilbert.
He lived in Germany, as did his boss or mentor Paule Anglim.
We met Terry Allen there. Terry my Terry knew Ed well, but isn’t sure if she saw Pearl at The Mab. 
People I thought of and poked already today include: John Hanes, Karen Stackpole, Scott Amendola, Veronica DeJesus, Constance Button, Brian Corcoran  the hocky guy, Sarah Jackson Han, Rebecca Eisenberg and a Ukranian American singer I met at an Indian restaurant  named Irina Apina and her hubby Ven, who I am fixing to have sing along to John Chowning’s “Stria”.
Whereas yesterday I bombed the shit out of my former professor Donald Pease.  Who guest lectured Cox and Porter’s class on August 16, 1984. 
Not hurry up please its time but more like, and I’m paraphrasing the swift red flash or flesh, a winter king, who squiered the glacier woman down the sky. I’m jest saying.
Kate the curt, skate the skirt, roller coaster skinny, shake shake. dot dot dot mythical browns. we saw retiring loaths.
ufkc fuckd dudley fuck fuck fuck

More elegantly and damn straight from Tony Bravo in the Chron:

Gilbert was a colorful and impeccable dresser, easy to spot during arts events throughout the Bay Area as he favored suits in bright pinks and orange, intricate prints and experimental designs. In her book “Recollections of My Nonexistence,” Rebecca Solnit recounts that artist Jay DeFeo would call Gilbert during her terminal illness in 1989 and ask him what he was wearing as a form of comfort.

“Perhaps the reprieve Ed’s wardrobe provided a dying woman was one of the ways I was learning that who you are and what you do and make and wear and say can be a contribution to people around you,” Solnit wrote.



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‘Seether’ Veruca Salt VS ‘Remedy’ Seether

Apparently Remedy by Seether 2009 is five times more popular than Veruca Salt “Seether”, 52m plays to 9m plays.
I never heard it before just now.
I bought by wife a dress from J.Foss in Palo Alto with a bunch of cd covers, including Nirvana and I thought Seether by Veruca Salt. Bait and switch, yo.
Seether the band is originally referencing poison gas. They had to change their names to get signed in US, not South Africa. The ones I like the song is about their cat, they are females and they are named for a character from Willie Wonka. My Seether are contemporaries more or less of Nirvana, whereas hard rock Seether are bad second pressing of such.
Meanwhile around the corner a young server at a Georgian restaurant here less than a year wore a new Green Day “Dookie” shirt. Camila. And I said my song was “She” but first I missed it as “Welcome to Paradise”. She, she screams in silence. Camilla is from the part of the former soviet union that Borat is not actually from, I think.

My computer thinks I am at a Green Day show today at Oracle baseball park. I wish. 

I am all by myself. (hidden track)


meannwhile my wife has not discoverd that it is stil her brithday and I bought her a dress. I left the box in he car I bought her. Kudos to Taru for modeling. She is a very stylish girl. Dmitri from Paris or central India. 

edit to add, apparently this is my foruth time here at plasty praising veruca salt. 

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Hanks, Hanks, ‘Hanks’ VS Oswald, Oswald, Oswald, and Oswald


I am writing about our conversation and in reference to the picture of Tom Hanks that appeared in the Mercury News it reminds me of the controversy over whether Lee Harvey Oswald photograph was faked you have to admit it’s a handy mnemonic so as to distinguish you from the guy from ‘leave it to beaver’

I hereby nominate Marc Oswald to the Cubberley Hall of Fame. Marc is a graduate of the school in the class of 1976. They were only three more classes after his to go full-term and a total of 25 classes altogether.  I estimate that’s about 10,000 graduates/matriculates, maybe 9,500 living.
Most of the discussion so far I understand has been about athletic prowess; the most successful person is Bill Green ‘79 who was the world record holder in the 400 and would’ve won the Olympics had we not for political reasons boycotted Moscow.
Cubberley grad Gregg Rolie of Journey and Santana is obviously in the Palo Alto Rock ‘n’ Roll Archive  to the extent that really exists.  In which case I hereby certainly induct by the powers granted to me by Steve Staiger Mr. Oswald or Mr. and Mr. Oswald: his brother is a honcho at William Morris Endeavor Nashville.
Hans Delannoy the basketball legend and my coach class of ‘69 is the one I believe he said that he heard there were 20 Palo Altans working in Nashville for the Oswalds.
Bret Baird ‘77 is the one who mentioned it and he said their mother was a teacher and later a principal at Addison.
I traded text messages and voicemail with Marc about a week ago but have not met him in real time; I only visited Nashville for the first time last fall for IEBA.

AF8A467C-0DA4-476D-81BC-208A8B9808D9Marc mentioned in our exchange that he was also student body president.
Bo Crane a Paly grad wrote a 2019 chap book about rock ‘n’ roll history mostly focusing on The Dead, Grace Wing Slick and, oddly, The Donnas. (Although at his presentation at the annual dinner exactly one year ago it therefore gave me the opportunity to mention that Cubberley parent Marlinda Fitzgerald the mother of basketball star Kent Lockhart ‘81G (i.e. he’s a Gunn grad) is plausibly the focal point of the Rolling Stones song “she comes in colors (she’s like a rainbow)”. Kent and Marlinda  after a work out around 1990 told me the story that Marlinda was decked out in a mirrored bodysuit and people were tripping and the spotlight hit her and refracted her and the Stones were there being stoned.  And excuse the further digression but there’s a review in today’s papers about a new series on helter-skelter and name checks or compares this to the Quentin Tarantino movie “once upon a Time in Hollywood” but I am about halfway through “get Shorty” with Ray Romano and Chris O’Dowd as Ricky moreweather and miles Daly. I am not clear on how many Palo Altans have ever worked for the Oswalds Nashville or their relationship to the so-called Nashville muzik mafia.

cue the sound of motorcycles or perhaps Harleys

edit to add, moments later: pending input from Mr Oswald I found this cite that indeed Marc Oswald was the personal manager for MuzikMafia founders Big and Rich; he suggested that Big Kenny, a Virginian from Fredericksburg form a duo with his friend/rival Rich. The rest is his story.

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Vote for ‘SMEK’


Four fingered slate: 1, Stone; 2, Malone; 3, Eisenberg ; 4, Kou (named for a Dreamworks character from 2015 voiced by Steve Martin

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Now we’re messing with The Kid: Earthwise announces content development deal with Christoffer Andersen of Greaseland Studios for Lions With Wings imprint

Kid Andersen of Greaseland quickly found, when prompted, two or three of his projects charting in the July issue of Living Blues


He is both the Bay Area’s best kept secret and the all time greatest bluesman from Tunisia.

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‘Brave Dragons’ VS ‘Dragon Hoops’



One guy is a MacFound Genius Grant laureate who wrote a graphic novel 2020 bleeds black and gold of Bishop O’Dowd, the other was a Page Pirate and Gunn Titan, won a Pulitzer has a book about pro basketball in China circa 2010 and is being groomed to be editor of The New York Times. Also, maybe the last time I saw Yardley was Times bureau in Brooklyn circa 2000 — we met in 1980 — I think that bureau is near the new Nets crib.


edit to add, a day later: I’m really enjoying this book, about two-thirds of the way thru. I know a fair amount about hoops, but this book has me filling in gaps. For instance, that George Mikan went to private school. That the Harlem Globetrotters are from Chicago. The thing about the weird previous coach did come to mind, and he, Yang Man is handling it in a smart way.

I want to suggest he add a page about The Mikan Drill. Am I the shortest and youngest person who still does that? Also, to see footage of the first woman to dunk. Meanwhile, Stanford recruited for class of 2024 the first woman to alley oop.

Can’t wait to find out if BOD finally wins State.

The books also reminds me of my coach Hans Delannoy who a, came in second in CCS section in 1981 for Gunn, losing by 2 points to St. Ignatius the BOD of SF, then b, 25 years later won sections for San Ramon against Berkeley for Girls, and c, his school San Ramon won state a few years later; Hans was not a coach but knew most of the kids and saw alot of the games live. He was later inducted into their Hall of Fame and is nominated for the Cubberley Hall of Fame here.

Also: in the way I once confused Al Pacino with Robert Dinero, I admit I confuse Leon Powe with Ivan Raab. Isn’t there something about BOD and Jesse Gonder or his son?

And Pumpise Greeen was a supervisor for Berkeley during the time of Altamont, accoding to Joel Selvin.

And today I rang a door bell in Mountain View that was NOT the former home of Paly janitor circa 1969 Roy Hartgraves AND met the owner of a house in Belmont that was NOT the home of his colleague Don Coyne. Small world, amazing, yo? Wait, wait, we –meaning our circle, rang the doorbell of Larry Bailey a former Paly (and NFL Falcon) hoopster who id’d Bruce Davis, another custodian, may he rest in peace, or all of them. All of us.

Between binge-watching Ray Romano and Chris O’Dowd’s “Get Shorty”, this poker book The Big Bluff and Gene Yang, I’m finally getting that gradaute degree.

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Lions With Wings logo reveal

By Queen Sara Saturday:


This is a pretty random Segway but apparently Leicester England Has the same liensHas the same lions in a big fountain that is famous there

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A peaceful protester in Portland was shot in the head by one of Donald Trump’s secret police: Now Trump and Chad Wolf are weaponizing the DHS as their own occupying army to provoke violence on the streets of my hometown because they think it plays well with right-wing media.

US senator and former Paly basketball star Ron Wyden via social media, Thursday, July 16, 2020 regarding Black Lives Matter


from Anna Eshew newsletter gazing tight

For what purpose, and under what legal authority, did the FBI conduct such aerial surveillance?
(b) How many flights for aerial surveillance over protests has the FBI initiated since May 25th?
(c) How many law enforcement actions were investigated or initiated by the FBI based on data collected during aerial surveillance?
(d) Has the FBI transferred any data collected through aerial surveillance to other federal, state, local, or international agencies (including law enforcement agencies), to private corporations, or to any other organization? If so, please list what was shared and with which organization.
(e) Other than the FBI, which federal, state, or local government agencies, law enforcement or otherwise, participated in or conducted such surveillance that the FBI is aware of?
(3) If the FBI did fly aircrafts over Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Nevada, or other U.S. cities as described in question (2), what surveillance equipment did the aircraft have on-board?
(a) Please identify whether or not each of following the types of equipment was on-board the aircraft and whether each was activated during the associated flights:
(i) fixed or mobile video surveillance systems.
(ii) rangefinders.
(iii) thermal imaging devices.
(iv) radar.
(v) ground sensors.
(vi) dirtboxes, stingrays, other cell site mimicking equipment, other radio frequency sensors, or other telecommunications interception equipment.
(vii) wide-area surveillance system.
(b) What is the maximum resolution of the camera system(s) attached to associated aircraft?

(i) How many pixels does the imaging sensor possess?
(ii) Can any camera system discern specific vehicles or individuals, even if it is not able to identify them on its own?
(c) Did any equipment on-board the aircraft include any equipment that has associated software for facial recognition, other biometric identification, or automated license plate reading? Was such software used during or after the flight?
(4) What policies, protocols, and procedures – including any Privacy Impact Assessments and System of Records Notices – does the FBI have regarding the use of aerial surveillance? Please provide a copy of any associated documentation for these policies, protocols, and procedures.
We would appreciate your prompt response to these highly important



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