Sun Ra vS sun Kil moon

sun Ra  Herman Blount shares a May 22 birthday with Richard Wagner Naomi Campbell Arthur Conan Doyle Laurence Olivier and Harvey milk

Sun Kil Moon is named after a boxer.

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Ants marching VS ants dancing

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Hopkins Struever “Painted Perfection” Wheelright Museum Santa Fe, New Mexico 2001 p 68: The insects holding hands illustrate a Hopi story of how ants got tiny waists. matthews circa 1994: Lights out we up and Die…mommy.

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Tory Burch hand bag from Nordstrom VS demonstration of supergravity in Daniel Z. Freedman / Antoine Van Proeyen sense with a little help from Magritte

F665CFDE-96D9-4E86-B78B-3E8C93880677This is $348 to me at least if I click on the correct virtual buttons and in the right order according to an email I got 14 minutes ago.


Dr. Dan and I watched France in the World Cup in his condo and then I went to the museum with my wife and her brother, Gary who took this picture. earlier dan had shown me the text book he wrote about supergravity which featured the same twinned Apples super neutrinos or super nutritious on its cover — about $50 used. 

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Ring Lardner VS Otto Correct

It rained down in Cincinnati one day and somebody organized a little game of cards they was shy to man to make six and asked hi and Kari to play.

“I’m with you if you get AC and make it seven handed “says Kari.

so they got a hold of AC and we went up to Smitty’s room.

“I pretty near forgot how many you deal “says I like “it’s been a long while since I played “

oh my and Kari gave each other the wink, and sure enough, he was just as ignorant about poker as billiards. About the second hand, the pot was opened two or three ahead of him, and they was three in when it come his turn. It cost a buck, and he threw it in to.

“It’s raised, boys “somebody says.
“Gosh, that’s right, I did raise it “says Ike.

“Take out a buck if you didn’t mean to tilt her, “says Kari.

“No, “says Ike, “I’ll leave it go. “

well, it was raise back at him and then he made another mistake and raced again. They was only three left in when the draw come. Spirited open with a pair of kings and he didn’t help him. I stood Pat. The guy that raised him back was flushing and he didn’t fill. Smitty checked an Ike bet and didn’t get no call. He tossed his hand away, but I grabbed it and gave it a look. He had a king Queen Jack and 210s. Alibi IKEA must have seen me peeking, for he leaned over and whispered to me.

“I overlooked my hand, “he says. “I thought all the while it was a straight.”

“Yes, “I says. “That’s why you raise twice by mistake.”

there was another part that he came into with tens and fours.

it was tilted a couple of times and two are the strong fellas drawn ahead of AC they each dried one so I threw it away his little pair and came out with 410s and they were four trays against him Carrie looked at Eicks discards and then he says this lucky bum busted two pair

no I didn’t says ache yes you did says Carrie and showed us the two fours what do you know about that says like out of swore one was a five spot well he didn’t have no payday yet and after a while everybody except like was going shy I could see him getting restless and I was wondering how he’d make the getaway he tried to her three times I got to go buy some collars before supper he says no hurry says Smitty the stores here keep open all night in April after a minute he opened up again my uncle out in Nebraska ain’t expected to live he says I have to send a telegram would that save him ask Carrie no it sure wouldn’t says AC but I want to leave my old man know where I’m at when did you hear about your uncle says Carrie just this morning says AC who told you asked Carrie I got a wire from my old man says Ike well says Kari your old man knows you’re still here yet this afternoon if you were here this morning trains leaving Cincinnati in the middle of the day don’t carry no ball clubs

yes says like that’s true but he don’t know where I’m going to be next week ain’t he got no schedule asked Carrie.
I sent him one opening day says Ike but it takes mail a long time to get to Idaho.
I thought your old man lived in Kansas City says Carrie

he does when he’s home says Ike.

bw (“backed with” — like the b-side of a 45 rpm)

I found a 1996 Yankees press guide in a free library in front of a house around the corner and took it tinkers to Evers to chance.

I noted they were 19 Yankees in the first 90 years of the franchise that started with the letter E.
Raleigh east work stood out although he’s really a red likewise dock Ellis a pirate. There’s a John Ellis from the ‘60s but that stands out because that’s the name of my client or former client from the 20 aughts, that plays saxophone.
I noticed a Kid Eberfeld. Five foot seven I learn from my baseball encyclopedia which similarly stops time a wiles ago. Shortstop mostly. Bounced around a bit but did put several seasons together for the Yankees like 1903 to 1910. Born in Ohio died in Tennessee at age 69. The Tabasco kid only his mother called him Norman.

And1(which is a basketball term and out of season):
This is actually the nidus of the piece. There was actually a longer Version a wrote in my head, in the hour, about an hour ago but it went down the drain. And another version of this hand written in a journal. Short version: when my mom died I took stuff from the attic and went through it and either stored it or tossed it. I did walk the De Anza college flea market looking for a baseball vendor card who was supposed to be there, with some hope of unloading a trunk load of my childhood treasures. This stack I 6-4-3’d To a kid or the kid, Kid A as it were. There’s a bit of narrative here, like the pecuniary theme or monetary Don money Dave Cash. Norm cash maybe. Also and to really timely I am glad that the obituaries for Bob Watson remember that when I was 10 years old and he was in his 30s he scored the 1 millionth run in major league history. I wonder if I ever made 100 all time any league or level. Actually I was just about to write Moosie Barron of the Merc, to complain about the tech billionaires I first met him in little league. Also I spoke to David O’Such a star in my day and he mentioned the passing of two of our teammates Paul Hanley and Don Degrasse. Not sure if Kid A will guard the cards or sell them his choice really. Where have you gone, 1971 Luis Aparicio? This much I know:

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Laura V. ‘Galaxies’ tutorial prompt VS Ben L. ‘Giving Tree’ result

Laura Veirs a singer-songwriter, mom, teacher and author in Portland, was slated to teach at Stanford April 4-5, then perform at The Mitch, April 6 — all postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic and “shelter in place”.

Laura meanwhile posted a tutorial on her Raven Marching/self-titled Youtube channel for “Galaxies” — now with nearly 2,000 views — and later nine other songs. I meanwhile, partly as a gift to Laura, and plaintiff whelp, send her prompt to some friends and family – -including other Earthwise at the Mitch performers, past and prosective.

Terry, Terry my wife, the artist and front line health care worker, Terry Acebo Davis, suggested Ben down the street. A few weeks elapsed — I had posted the six previous results — but today on our way back from not-the-farmers-market — the farmers-gray-market — we saw Ben and he appeared in rare form, the sun was just right and it was Shabbat, I thought to hit him up.

Ben L. from Palo Alto — not Ben my nephew in Daly City and not Ben in Portland who works with Laura – -and not me — ok, I do have a walk on or cameo, and I’m the camera guy, and I’m the Hal Willner of Downtown North, and a fan of the late great Mal Sharpe, “Man on the Street” — but my middle name is Ben, too, or Bennett and I briefly, when I was 8 signed my papers in Mrs. Todd’s class “Ben The Great”, with his response to Laura Veirs “Galaxies” just the barre chords, strumming pattern and first verse – -its about sadness or loss or people, and fish:

By the way I marked this one “sex” which means “gender” because Ms. Veirs is a woman, w, o, m, a, n, and “austistic” sic because the only time I’ve met her or seen her perform — half a set — was in Austin at SXSW in 2005. Here is her tutorial: it’s actually A minor, C, G, F barre chords: Here is the original which you will note has a very nice video and the song itself, the performance, is very well produced – -she was on Nonesuch for a while the best label for hard to categorize good music. A huge imprimatur. She found me thru Bill Frisell. I will report back if she either agrees to re-schedule – -no sooner than the fall, certainly, or officially passes. She is offering an online version of her songwriting course, or something like it. I guess you could add “actor” to her CV: coda: Here is Sylvie S of SF — clip from the previously posted or published version — I called it the Earthwise Siphonophore Chorus named after a long-tailed sea creature: Edit to add, later that day: i’ve watched Ben’s video 10 times it’s perfect; Rereading the text I realize that “plaintiff whelp” It is probably not the best I can do; I mean parentheses pleading parentheses Howl or yell or utterance parentheses maybe “Plaintive yelp” there was a dog in the scene plus a butterfly
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Bong’s ‘The Host’ featuring Jerry Stiller

I saw a Bong Joon Ho double feature and met the director in SF, in 2007, and then saw the movie twice and told a lot of people to go find it

Yesterday I read the Times’ preview of the TNT pilot of an adaptation of another Bong movie, “Snowpiercer” and commented that current Hollywood should do a remake of “The Host” as a comedy, with Jerry Stiller as the creature. (I had heard Terry Gross interview with Jerry Stiller in the car, especially while driving along the Alameda estuary). Thinking of my friend Marsh McCall and a kid from Hebrew school named Ed Solomon. Bong Joon Ho won the Academy Award of three of them for “Parasite” which I saw thrice, at Palo Alto’s Aquarius downtown. “The Host” which is a monster movie about distrust of government — in the way that “Godzilla” is about nuclear war — and it would be interesting to see it again in context of coronavirus. Which reminds me: I had posted to PAW and it was quickly deleted something that sought to link two threads, one about Tesla’s defiance of worker safety laws — separately Robert Reich was quoted as calling it “capitalism at its worst — he wants to put worker’s health sacrificed to profit” — and ramping up the testing — I suggested that all the tissue or fluid extraction was a presage to the story of “The Matrix” — how much blood do they need? I guess my suggestion would be randomized testing not billions of venipunctures. I will try to watch “Snowpiercer” at least the pilot — I just saw the movie for the first time. The series stars Daveed Diggs of Berkeley and “Hamilton” fame. Does he get to sing? I also saw in WSJ before my wife tossed all my tear sheets, a quote from Gretchen Peters and an ad for a store in New Orleans selling Elvis’ wristwatch. Meanwhile the Chronicle had an article about Susan Skaggs founder of Different Fur, who passed at age 80; and about Stern Grove — with pictures of Pete the bluegrass activist from 1980 and Carlos Santa — Seeger — his niece Cassandra Seeger was a schoolmate — Carlos Santana rather — I meant to do a headline and its own post “Later later alligator for Tank and The Bangas and Stern Grove”. Dig?
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Came Sunday: Valerie Troutt, her father, Charlie Musselwhite and me —Palo alto December 29, 2019

CBE03469-9EFB-46D1-8F86-9BCEEA14672CThis is an Ellington song made famous for Mahalia Jackson version:

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