Playing the horses

Sky Glory not to be confused with This Guys Glory Hole, getting to the gist of the matter or manner or manor or menorah

Glenvoy – guy named Glen who is an envoy

My Man Draymond – I never took him for a bottom

Askin’ For Trouble — exactly

Gooch Express – seems vaguely racist

Kona Breeze — is that a drug  reference  I’d bet him on 4/20

Cajun Bettor — reads better as “butter” “better” or “baton” Or is it a reference to Chris Strachwitz and His investment in music from Lafayette LA?

Greg sat – autocorrect of “Gregdar”

Crack A Cold One — sounds druggie to me or were there 2 indie rock bands Crack?

shifty dancer — TMW reports in real time that they are giving her time off Monday

Liberty Park – if Liberty Ellman fronted Linkin Park or in a duo with Mike Park

Zedekiah — there are six different ways to mispronounce this

Sunrise Journey took the Fifth

Neptune’s Spear — don’t ask where he keeps it

Aalsmeer — something tells me this horse is belated to Glenroy

Better Trip Nick — first word can be used as two parts of speech likewise trip has two or more meanings as does Nick  I would pick him in the third, by a nose

Little Cents has Little Feet  shoe enuff

Cartellate reminds me of the time a week ago that  Duffy ate part of a chick

(I’m putting myself to slrrp)

Red Livy was all Ivy

the one six back sounds like a rest home

lucky ant area — reminds of McHales Navy movie where they heard “your in a fine area” for “mine” meaning explosives

Raiderette — I still have a recollection of 1975 guys next to me at Oakland football game has a crush on Anita … Wheeler??

Atonarun — atoning for what? Poopies?

Power Times Two Ie 2hp?

Hardy Chisel I read as Handy

another byproduct of Andy Dolich class Guys and Dolls and their Smart Phones


Hadn’t read this box in about 40 years




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Larry Jackson 1964 VS Larry Jackson 2009


Larry Jackson of the cubs won 24 games for a mediocre team the year I was born


Larry Jackson the pro soccer goalie and coach was a freshman at gunn in 2009 the year I organized a 25 year reunion of our championship basketball team Tom Jacoubosky mentioned him —he was the national team U 15 goalie so did not suit for the titans. He played for Santa Clara, and New England in the MLS before the Oakland Roots. I believe he was fostered by Mr. Geers and therefore eligible to attend Gunn, tho his bio says he is from East Palo Alto. Jackson was the fourth going to graduate to play for the MLS including Andrew Jacobson, Mark Marquess, And check back to see if I actually correct this Mehdi Bellachy  of morocco, Who I saw the score the winning goal Santa Clara two to one over Stanford in front of a sellout overflow crowd at the old Maloney Field before they built high fences. 

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Phar Lap VS Charlap

Phar Lap is an Australian race horse that died mysteriously in Menlo Park in April 1932.
Charlap is a jazz musician who plays piano is based in New York and maybe appearing in Palo Alto, in April 2020. He is likely playing Yoshi’s in Oakland the day before or day after. I met Bill when he and my client Henry Butler appeared on the Billy Taylor Holiday radio show, taped for a live audience at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

Pianist Bill Charlap (seen with his collaborator Tony Bennett, the Italian Stalion)

Not to be morbid but the jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi died shortly after completing a set in Menlo Park, about 40 years ago.

I had heard the name Phar Lap but did not know that it was a horse. The name is derived for the Thai word for “lightning”. In Andy Dolich’s class last week we had two men who make their living at the horse tracks.

The list of piano players who tickled the keys of the Palo Alto (chinese made) Baldwin at The Mitch include:

Mitch Woods
Motoko Honda
Marco Diaz
Melecio Magdalayo
Javier Santiago
The bassist for the Molly Tuttle band
(Wil Blades played organ at Art Center)
(A member of Beth Custer’s group played the piano at Art Center)
Andy Langham

Friday next we have a pianist sidepeson named Allison Lovejoy.
December 20 supporting Elvin Bishop Mitch Woods returns.
I have a confirmed date in January with pianist Marta Sanchez, on a co-bill with the duo of (John Santos sidemen) Marco Dias and Melecio.

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Turning the page



Whatever happened that derailed Darrell’s scholastic football career, the first year Bulldog of College Of San Mateo runner seems to have turned the page.

San Mateo is undefeated thru five starts and top ranked in the state. Besides the former St Francis Lancer, they have a former Serra passer. They also have on the roster Dietrich Sweat, another first year. He was a Titan defensive stalwart; I’m inferring that has returned from a mission.

Page’s promising start makes me wonder how many players have won state football titles at both the high school and JuCo California levels?

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Flash Seats – tm are fuckers

The logo is dumb

Flash Seats are fuckers. Flash Seats, it seems, are also some kind of widget for cellphones owned by billionaire duche bag Phil Anschutz, as part of his AEG Golden Voice and AXS Tickets kairutsu (Japanese word for when a billionaire fucker or group of billionaire fuckers get their dicks into the asses of large corporations and their underpaid exploited workers. (edit to add: He’s worth $11B, #38 on the charts, from real estate and oil.)

Am I being too hard, so to speak, on Flash Seats? (And or Anshutz, AEG, Goldenvoice and AXS?.

The short version of the story is that I spent $300 for two tickets to the Wilco show Sunday yesterday at Brooklyn Steel. I bought the tickets at 9 a.m. California time (I live in Palo Alto) but the tickets didn’t arrive until shortly before 4 p.m. as in 7 hours later. It was a 7 pm doors in New York, meaning the people who used the tickets got on the subway at Columbus Circle and didn’t know until they emerged in Brooklyn whether they were in or not.

Meanwhile, I spent most of my day tracking this problem down, and on the helplines of the involved parties: StubHub, AXS and Flash Seats.

This should be the FlashSeats logo since dealing with their widget or app is torture.

Also, I ended up dong a second transaction — buying a third ticket, for another $150 or so, to help track what was going on with the first pair, the first transaction. I had never heard of Flash Seats before. I had used AXS with okay results — par for the course, the brave new world, the disruption, the 2.0. For example, I had been to virtually every show at Frost at Stanford, with ticktets by AXS and shows by Golden Voice. (I saw: Bob Dylan, Lionel Ritchie, The National, Willie Nelson, JRAD).

My angst is about the fact that I do not believe that an individual duche bag bought an extra pair of tickets to Wilco and then blithely decided to load them in to Flash Seats before selling on StubHub. Why bother? What I think is that on some level StubHub is in cahoots with AXS and Goldenvoice to launch the evil boil on the industry that is Flash Seats.

That is, I believe that some Peter Principle yahoo at Flash decided that they would use the sold out Wilco show to beta-test Flash Seats on suckers like me.
The point is that Anchutz is looking to take down Ticketmaster, who sells tickets for Live Nation and in the Bay Area Another Planet, I believe. Ticketmaster is evil, so the thinking must be that Flash Seats can fuck a lot of innocent people in the ass as long as they stay on the human side of Great SaTMn.

I happen to know personally, although slightly, the CEO of AXS, Bryan Perez. When Bryan was at Stanford getting his MBA he was head of the Stanford Concert Network, and we partnered on some shows, like the Rolling Stons New Music tour. (The magazine, not the Jumping Jack Flash guys). Bryan’s term at Stanford CN included a residency at CoHO by Jewel. He went on to be a higher up at Madison Square Garden before going to work for AEG. (AEG, in case I wasn’t clear, made their money on TK before founding or buying some sports franchises – -like MLS franchises in two markets, me thinks — and then buying out Moss Jacobs and Paul Tollets, indie and punk promoter engine Golden Voice. Somewhere in there Coachella was launched, which I admit was a brilliant idea and involved a significant investment of assets.

AEG buying Goldenvoice is ballsier (meaning “good”) than APE buying Mystery Machines (Allen Scott and Bryan Duquette). Also AEG hiring David “Smiley” Lefkowitz is also good, or was.I mean savvy. David who managed Primus and trained Jordan Kurland who founded Zeitgeist and co-founded with Kevin Arnold Noise Pop. AEG cleverly bought the Examiner as a way to evict BGP/Live Nation from Warfield. (Whereas, APE Greg Perloff more cleverly refurbished the Fox Oakland. There is also, if you really follow Bay Area promoters Folk Yeah who went from producing shows at Henry Miller Library in Big Sur to having a SF foothold in The Chapel. Britt Govea is the shot caller. Also, Rick Mueller was hired by Perloff around 1999 and then later went to work for AEG. Interestingly, if you excuse the digression, last night’s Dylan concert was co-presented by AEG and APE and Staford Live but not Stanford Concert Network.

So, if I am I right about Flash Seats, they should probably make me whole by at least refunding the third extraneous ticket and maybe comping me to a Stanford Frost concert or something.

Why does Anchutz own a concert company?

Or maybe there was just a bad player or simple idiot who did not know how to transfer his tickets via Flash Seats.

But why do we need bar codes that refresh every 60 seconds if the bar code reader can recognize if a ticket was already used for access?

Another thing that came out of the shake was a help-desk person tellng me that insurance for tickets doesn’t cover much if StubHub already guarantees the satisfaction of its customers.

I didn’t hear if the two college kids I gifted into Wilco were able to Miracle Gift the third ticket or just ate it. They texted back that they liked the show. I admire Wilco but don’t know their book well enough to rap this up with a lyric, besides are they trying to break my balls? (Also, Jeff Tweedy is from Belleville, IL where my cousin’s hubby was superintendent of schools. Also, and not to brag, but I bought a Jeff Tweedy Martin Guitar from Gryphon Stringed in Palo Alto. And I booked Geraldine Fibbers into my room, after Lolapalooza but before Nels Cline joined that band, so I know what the fuck I am talking about. Plus in a related matter, I booked Spoon into a community center on theirfirst tour — Spoon, who is impicated in some brouhaha about ticket buyers to one of their shows not being able to transfer tickets, or purchasers were not able to enter the show, due to this shakeout and disruption of techeting.

Also: Bill Graham of BGP — who was once firebombed by Nazis — founded the modern concert industry, while trying to save SF Mime Troupe and a guy named Francis X Sillerman nearly destroyed it by buyng the regional leadrers for around $200 M then bundling them for resale for $400 M i.e. he took a $200 M delta for his effort. That is,it caused ticket prices to double.

This is the third time I have attacked a bilionaire. Somewhere in the cycle I will have some remorse, especialy if “the fucker” decides I am an actual threat and counters.

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Goldfinder VS Goldfinger

Goldfinger the horse

I’m in Andy Dolich’s class at Stanford Night Moves talking horsey duckey piggy and learn in a moment of reverie there was a horse named Goldfinder in the Victorian or Edwardian Era that won 25 races without a loss.

Goldfinger is a villain in a Ian Fleming story or movie with Sean Connery but I like the lady in the opening credits. Auric Goldfinger.

outro petra haden with scott simon on NPR: i saw Petra with Bill Frisell at HSB and they didn’t play this, but it’s on an album of her favorite movie soundtracks. (there’s also a steve bernstein sex mob version, maybe a akira tana…and moore, roger moore).

Petra Haden had a problem when she was a child.

PETRA HADEN: I remember watching Looney Tunes cartoons and having the music stuck in my head, like (humming).

SIMON: And the problem kept getting worse. Soon, it wasn’t just TV songs but movie scores too. Now, Petra Haden is the daughter of a famous jazz musician, Charlie Haden. She’s also an accomplished musician – former violinist and vocalist in the rock group That Dog. And she’s sung with Beck, Foo Fighters, Mike Watt and Bill Frisell. But for her new album, she went back to that old affliction. Cue “A Fistful of Dollars” and “The Man with No Name.”


SIMON: For “Petra Goes to the Movies,” she decided to mostly ditch the instruments, though her dad and Bill Frisell do join her at times. This album and its 16 movie scores, from “Psycho” to “Goldfinger,” is largely a cappella.


HADEN: The bass line is the anchor for me. And I started with a bass and either doubled that and then added the harmonies, sometimes out of my own harmonies that I’ve always wanted to sing on the song. And then it just went on from there, singing violin parts and trumpet parts and just trying to emulate the sounds of the instruments.


SIMON: Petra Haden makes recording an a cappella version of songs written for orchestras sound easy, but she admits there are some odd pitfalls.

HADEN: You know, after a while, hearing some of these songs, I think I sound like a chicken or something. Like (Humming). You know. But I think not really.

SIMON: You know, that I can see that in an ad. She sounds like a chicken, Rolling Stone.

HADEN: I can’t believe that I just said that. I sound like a chicken. Great. Buy my record, everyone.


SIMON: Another cut we want to ask about. The superhero that defines them all.


SIMON: John Williams’ theme from “Superman.” It struck me as fitting. It almost sounds like a chorus of kids’ kazoos, not the London Philharmonic.


SIMON: And the more I heard it, the more I thought, you know, somewhere in this world today there are probably is a chorus of kids going (Humming), you know, probably doing it that way.

HADEN: Oh yeah. That’s – it’s my favorite movie, it always has been.

SIMON: Which version are you talking about? The one that came out, the original Christopher Reeve?

HADEN: Yes. I’ve had a huge crush on him since I was little. I have had Superman posters. I had two vinyl records of the soundtrack. People knew how much I loved the music. And anyone that I watch it with, I’ll recite all the lines. I know every single line in that movie. It’s pretty funny.

SIMON: Isn’t there the moment when Lois says to Superman on the balcony, how big are you?

HADEN: I mean, how tall are you? And she goes and how much do you weigh? And he says, oh, about 225. And she says, 225? But by the way, just how fast do you fly? I don’t know really. Never bothered to time myself. Well, say, why don’t we find out?


HADEN: I know the whole scene.

SIMON: Oh, mercy. I’m very impressed, very impressed.


SIMON: Petra Haden, the musician of a thousand instruments – mostly her voice. Her new album, “Petra Goes to the Movies.” Thanks so much for being with us.

HADEN: Thank you.

SIMON: This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I’m Scott Simon.

tk bill frisell at HSB october, 2019

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‘Tioga George’ Burns of The A’s VS George Burns of The Giants, 1918


There was also an Ed Burns in 1918, Edward James Burns, born Halloween, 1887 in San Francisco, died at age 54 in Monterey, played 321 regular season games plus three World Series games, for the Phillies, as a reserve catcher with no punch at the plate. No dingers.

George Burns played for John McGraw’s Giants who went 71 and 53. He hit .290 with a team-leading four home runs during the dead-ball era. (The NL leader hand only eight — Babe Ruth of Boston Red Sox lead the league or tied for title with 11 while also winning 13 games on the mound).

The other George Burns played for the Philadelphia A’s as a first baseman who hit six home runs for a mediocrity of a Connie Mack squad. He came in second (behind Cobb) with a blistering .352 clip — lot of cheese in his steak sandwich that year. Or a lot of Tioga, as the case may be. (I’m actually writing this near Tioga Court, near Cubberley High. I had a friend who grew up there, D_, who played varsity soccer for Stanford and was tragically and mysteriously killed in a mugging at the New York subway, during Final Fours in 1990, if you excuse the digression; getting to: not sure what Tioga means or why George Henry Burns had that sobriquet unless, like the Chrissy Hynde Pretenders song, there is a Tioga falls near Niles Ohio. TK

for “Collegiate” Ed Burns

Say good night, Ed

“Good night Ed”

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