Little piece of leather don’t you know: Stella Brooks, Connie Han & Blanca Cecelia from Queens

I forgot to write the rest of this. Briefly:

  1. Stella Brooks was a singer from San Francisco who was big in the 1940s and her signature song was “I’m a Little Piece of Leather Don’t You Know (well put together don’t you know” which became a British dance Northern Soul hit later, the Beatles did a snippet at a soundcheck, but was also a Peetie Wheatstraw/public domain song;
  2. Connie Han is a rising star as a jazz piano player, from LA, on Mack Avenue a good label, but I question her sartorial choices — both of her cds have her pictured on the cover in leather, maybe pleather, or tight-fitting or ripped jeans;
  3. Blanca Cecelia is a classical violinist from Queens College Music School — aka Aaron copland school, originally from Colombia and I found this cool video of her interacting with a street musician in a small gallery – she’s wearing leather, a leather jacket, but it says “fonzie” more than “floozy”.

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Peter Selz VS Terry Acebo Davis

Terry texted me a link to some citation on the Internet about her and when I clicked on it, it’s a used book seller selling a file from the archive of the recently deceased and very esteemed critic and curator Peter Selz (Berkeley Art Museum —I think we actually bodies by auger fee er bought his autobiography.

So I’m querying the guy and suggest that we might be interested at roughly 60 percent of what he’s advertising it for. Likely we have all the ephemeral —postcards, announcements maybe a clipping or whatever. And the compliment is already taken that there was a file in Peter’s archive.

Or it’s fun to imagine his notes: I’ve met the most amazing female artist and nurse if I weren’t so happily married I would drop everything to help her full-time —maybe someday some nice concert promoter guy will do so.


spokesman for Alan Wofsy says that they are selling piecemeal the files of Peter Selz which they claim were donated to Academy of Art college who then sold it to a bookstore upon which Alan and his team found it and they’re trying to unlock it’s true value. at Donkey Mill Art Center 2013:

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Imagining a mash up of Maki Morinouye ‘Dream’ VS Dave Douglas ‘Moonshine’

9D31F9A5-487D-448B-B252-19B8C55A3214Maki is a choreographer, dancer, coffee farmer and mom in Kona Hawaii by way of Purchase, NYC  and Seattle.
CED276F6-897C-4FD5-9FB8-D9C7F6F312A2I don’t believe I’ve met her but Terry and I visited her family’s art studio in 2011.
44E6F033-62E9-4F64-A7A9-5B3C89BAE2F6 I am wondering if she could improvise on a cold reed, like a sun-e painting, A combination recollection of this dance she made from nine years ago and her reaction to Dave Douglas moonshine title track for three minutes and 24 seconds in honor of Dave’s birthday or I guess it could be 57 seconds recorded on a smart phone with there without any other morinuyes  participation

edit to add:

I forgot that this was composed to accompany a fat arbuckle short about a bootlegger — are we certain it was not meant to be about a thin coffee growers daughter on a hill on an island?

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Dave Douglas, Trumpet, Aoife O’Donovan, voice ‘Barbara Allen’ VS ‘KC Moan’ Memphis Jug band, from Harry Smith Anthology

Or the Aoife O’Donvan Time Warp Tour Dave Douglas sent around to his mailing list a version of exquisite Barbara Allenism, with Aoife O’Donvan, the singer from Bluegrass band escaping Crooked Still, she’s neither. it’s doesn’t ring true like something in my bone, in the lew welch sense, but the title rings a bell and the style does. Maybe I heard it in some movie? Also, I did peak at the Frank Turner version but didn’t stay, the first time I noticed the link. By the way, it does not seem to be on ITunes by Apple, tho other words by A’Od thar they blow.

I was going to listen to next one or nine other versions: Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Frank Turner, John Travolta, Dolly Parton – -I thought of sending this to AJ Lee of Blue Summit — Norah Jones with Billie Joe from Green Day, Art Garfunkel, Everly Brothers, Colin Meloy — from the Live album which someone comped me at NPR SXSW in 2009 — or maybe I was going to contrast “Barbara Ann” with Itunes helpful suggestion “Barbara Ann” but then something weird and Plastic Altan happened, my laptop started playing KC Moan by Memphis Jug Band.

One is quaint and historical and the other exquisite. Maybe it’s randomness or AI or Russian hackers — Wired says that anyone who ever ran for public office is being stalker cyberly by the Ruskies — or maybe there’s wisdom and order since one of the few things I have ever downloaded to my now-defunct Apple lap top is Harry Smith, the famous anthology of 50 years ago catching songs from 100 years ago or so. Whereas my phone now has 3,000 songs — I pay $10 per month but I am still waiting for the sticker shock bill for $3,019.
Then even weirdlier I hear my own laugh over my subvocalize pecking away at the keyboard — another thing on here are my own imports about 10 fiels from my cellphone to my blog, including 30 minutes of Patricia Barber in Occidental, CA and I laugh at her intro*. For the record I don’t beleive her yard that she was blackballed by Clear Channel for being smart or funny or gay — it’s just not their tea, sis.

I still don’t know the story of Dave Douglas and Aiofe O’Donvan – is she guesting on his session or he playing on hers?
I came to hear his conversation with Aubrey Johnson — tho even that I digressed into trying to reach out to my hookup from my Deadhead days,I was adjunct member of something called AWBY.

Dave Douglas with a bluegrass singer is like chamber jazz for blue grass.
Chamber grass?

Memphis Jug Band is vernacular music, the old weird America that Bob Dylan or Greil Marcus speak of. Also: I ran thru Coen Brothers Inside Llewyn Davis again and now want to hang with the dude – -I almost wrote Hagan with the Dude — because that is Kenny Rogers checking what condition our condition is in.
Or as Faulkner famously said: Man will not only cough, he will produce. *My Frere Lady
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‘Philadelphia Freedom’, The Philadelphia Experiment — Ahmir Thompson, Christian McBride, Uri Caine VS ‘Bright Mississippi’ by Monk Quartet

this is a dif knit cap than in the video — I actually thought jazz guys wearing knit caps was invented by Danton Boller, John Ellis in winter 2003

I’ve been thinking about Monk.
BLUF Not sure my tech devices get me any closer to the urban or southrern or blacker essenses of these jazz places, from my insular and easy suburban shelter and place.

Still trying to train my ears.
There’s also an Allen Touissant cd called “Bright Mississippi” with a slew of guests, I guess Nick Payton is the horn on this track.
I started this exercise by scrutinizing a tower of cds in my office, while putting on my shoes — my office is a spare bedroom of our home — and then switched to loading the tracks into my smartphone. And now I am running such while lacing my runners. But there is a litle video of Monk band –and I admit I cannot immediately name the sax, bass and drums — and he is wearing a knit cap — which reminds me of the Remi Wolf Youtube I was listening to list night. tho I doubt Remi knows Monk. Maybe the tv show. Remi says she made her knit cap. Now T is walking around the bandstand while the bassist is soloing and doing a little jerky quasi dance. The bass sounds a bit muddy. I can slide the lever back to 6:18 piano to re-view the antics.
More relevantly I saw Touissant at Stanford a few years back, I don’t recall if he played this.
He certainly did not write it, I checked.
A weird tech anomoly – – my smart phone will not let me screen capture the image of Monk and them I am describing. (Tho I can likely find the same piece on Youtube per se).
Im guessing the drummer is Philly Joe Jones?
Ties back to my quasi theme of Philadelphia.
The TPE was from 2001 and besides Andy Blackman Hurwitz of RAD there is also as producer per se AL Levinson, whose class I took at UArts.
Another page on my smarkpone has Monk ‘s Dream album, the one I literally have and it has 3 versions of this track. Now I’m playing the 3.
Two other points:
I had to use my cell phone torch to read the labels in the early morning March low light cloudy day, and old guy eyes.
I reached for my laptop computer to jot these notes while my bare toesies dnagle in the wind or wiggle — i meant this as shoe tying music.
I am hearing a bit of singing along, in the Keith Jarrett sense. It reminds me a bit of Sweet Georgia Brown, in the way that In Walked Bud by Helen Sung reminded a friend of mine of “Linus and Lucy”. Which Ethan Iverson says is a redo of Cast Your Fate to the Wind and someone else claims that In Walked Bud is contrafact of Blue Skies, which is also a Willie Nelson jam, which had me ringing Jack Walrath, tho yesterday I made a bad joke about Ballin the Jack. dig? and all this before coffee, bank or walking the dogs
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Vida Blue vs Pumpsie Green

Joel Selvin mentions that Pumpsie Green was a truant officer, chasing kids from Provo Park, near Berkeley High, in 1970, and maybe knew the stabbing victim who died at Altamont, Meredith Murdock, Hunter (Selvin, 2006: Altamont: The Rolling Stones, The Hells Angels, And the Inside Story of Rock’s Darkest Day, p. 157).
This helps explain Pumpsie’s lack of interest in helping a musical namesake tribute to him, the Pumpsie Green (band) that featured, for one gig, Henry Butler on weighted key electronic board and Etienne de Rocher on electric and accoustic guitar; actually come to think of it, Etienne dragged into Cafe DuNord that night some weird mechanical bass, like the fodella that blues legend “San Franicisco Bay Blues” played.

I just posted this to Youtube, under Etch’s video.

Part of the kismet of this is Cake playing at the Greek, and Bruce Solar getting us back stage passes, which took a while to get sorted. There was some talk about Henry sitting in with Cake someday, and Henry imagining what parts he could play undernear or in between the radio friendly but not really jam band stuff — actually Dan Adams when Cake played the Cub — and excuse the digression — suggested to Todd Roper — in 1995 or 1996 – one or the other show, probably 1995 — that he thought of Funky Meters. And Cake and Etienne were both managed in those days by Bonnie Simmons, who I think of as a KPFA Thursday night DJ but others knew her since her KSAN days.
I’m a serious baseball fan –I’m wearing a Bob Melvin game-worn jersey as I write this –years later — who buys the jersey of the Manager? Well, he’s my age, or so, and grew up around here — there were kids in my high school who played with Bob Melvin on Palo Alto Post 375 national finalists — and as I write this I am also half-watching or using as friendly white noise the tape of the Lincecum no-hitter– I was actually there — you can sort of see me, along the right field splash zone standing-room-only fellows – I’m literally the guy on the end, past the foul pole even. And yeah, where, as David Shields says I am writing about Etienne De Rocher or Joel Selvin or Murdock Hunter or Henry Butler I am writing about myself.
So I remember that Vida Blue played the Fillmore and I didn’t have a ticket and I ran into Dan Prothero — who I didn’t or do not know very well — I know he is Brown and not Big Green — but he said he didn’t think he could help me get in. At times I was down with the Fillmore and BGP people — Joe Paganelli, I saw Morgan Pittmen at Pollstar recently — but I was not a made person there. (Actually I got 86’d from the officers by Bobby Bell the bouncer and nearly thrown down the stairs like in I’m Gonna Git You Sucka when I was pleading my case that Train should play my series even though their agent somehow lost the depost, the cashier’s check. I took too literally the Tom Peters rule of business success that an in person meeting is a good thing. In fact, the Train show at Cubberley — Gregg Rolie’s one time high school – -I wonder if he played that room? — was the same month as Etienne De Rocher opening for The Mother Hips. And Tim Bluhm just last week at Mitchell Park El Palo Alto Room — the new Cubberley Sessions, Earthwise at The Mitch — said that that was where he met the Moore Brothers.
Anyhoo, I had noted gleefully despite the shutout at The Fillmore that Trey from Phish had a side project with Mississippi Allstars or someone called Vida Blue. So I thought of Pumpsie Green. Like a pump organ. Like the Guy from Greyboy Allstars or something with Henry. And somehow Etienne joined the conversation, like I said they were in sort of overlapping circles, or I was.
So I noticed that Green the first black player on the Red Sox — who were the last team to integrate — Common Ground — was giving a talk at the El Cerritto library and I went and got his autograph and ran my idea by him.
“I’ll have to check with my wife” he said, and gave me his number.
When I called back in a few weeks he said thanks but no thanks and that was the end of that.
Henry by the way had deeper collaborations with Malcolm “Papa Mali” Welbourne – which is well-documented on youtube — and Steven Bernstein. I got to know both Steven and Mali due to having been HB’s pm.
Which also reminds me: Mitch Woods has a video of collaborating with Dan Bartholmew and members of Fat’s Domino band. We call him “Antoine” the way we call Dr John “Mac” and the way we stress the article in “the Mardi Gras”.
I first heard of Henry Butler because I had bookd Blind Boys to play a free concert at Mitchell Park outdoors underwritten by Hear Music stores but bailed to join the Tom Petty tour on 10 dates had to play all 10 dates and Danny Scher, Paly grad, tried to intervene on my behalf with Chris Goldsmith to no avail but then with the same money I hired Maria Muldaur to fill that date, plus Femi Kuti at The Cub and Henry with my own money around that time. I recall Danny pulling the cd out of his custom cd cabinet with smooth gliding doors. Henry and I later had lunch up there with him, and I caught maybe two of those benefits he would throw in his garden. Danny who I had met when he and his son were shopping for sneakers at Palo Alto Sport and Toy and I was putting up flyers for a Ledisi-Galactic-Broun Fellinis show.
I just put this on Youtube — all this is sparked by reading about Altamont, Selvin’s book. Selvin I met when I was in YAD the Young Adults Division of the San Franicsco Jewish Federation and I organized a speakers series or an authors series, and Joel spoke. I later wanted to work with Dr David Smith to do something with the same people when Graham Bill passed, and called Joel but he actually spoke against it. I hit up Joel — who likely does not remember all this, about Lew Welch and Huey Lewis, but he said it was not his bag of bones, man.
I think Castilleja should enlist Grace Wing Slick Kantner to help them push threw their proposal for a giant parking garage under the softball fields:
Maybe I’ll make a fake endorsement with her HS picture and the line, which is a Starship lyric — one of the best shows of my life — with Huey, actually — what a weird Palo Alto connection — her hometown and that of his stepfather.
I sort of dissent from Selvin’s indication that while at the time Jefferson Airplane were bigger than the Dead that after the beat down of Marty Balin and Spencer Dryden being left to fend that it was all downhill. A lot of bands have ups and downs and Starship and especially their new wave and 80s stuff was still pretty decent. I mean, lots of bands have personnel issues and ebbs and flows. I think its a strong song “Stairway to Cleveland” and sort of anticipates REM “End of the World” and well, Trump CoVid19 and all.
By the way, a guy named Bo Crane – whose dad played football at Stanford with Bill Kreutzman’s dad — gave the keynote to Palo Alto History Association annual dinner and published a chap book about Palo Alto Rock History, which includes a funny riff about The Donnas versus The Rolling Stones. I said: She’s Like a Rainbow was about a woman from Palo Alto named Marlinda Fitzgerald. Ok, a woman from the LA scene who five years later moved to Palo Alto, and built a rock garden– boulders — on Greer Street.

Also: Etienne De Rocher was briefly in a band with Henry Butler called Pumpsie Green, that played exactly one show, at Cafe duNord, for 20 people, but then Pumpsie Green, a former major league baseball player who was, unbeknownst to us, also a truant officer, meaning not too hip, nixed the idea — true dat it was a reaction to Vida Blue, the Phish sideproject named for another East Bay baseball legend, that played the Fillmore around that time and another Fog City band was the opener. edit to add, coda, and1: this has nothing to do with Pumpsie Green or Altamont and I had already used up my allotment of digressions and non sequitars and free association but: I woke up this morning thinking I could, after 26 years change my name from Earthwise to Ears Wide or Earswide in that “big ears” is jargon for having diverse interests in music and “wide” is a play on “big”. Not that I am abandoning an interest in the environment (“green” “sustainable” et cetera) but is secondary and generally has been. The actual reference, three comments ago and 11 days ago, was to the Kubrik film “Eyes Wide Shut” which I think is about lucid dreaming and maybe going to parties. (I said Yoshi Kato in his preview to the Parlour Game show that never happened could have been more definitive in his praise or critique of the group. I was going to say that going to our event might be like going to that party in the Tom Cruise movie. Now I would joke about Eyes Wide Shut-In. (posted that on PAW article by Yoshi Kato about Earthwise VS Parlour Game). Andand: Wrote a note to Keith Hagan the former Mammoth Records publicist about Kenny Rogers, his name in the obit, recapping my 919s. I never realized that Kenny Rogers was the voice of the song in the dream sequence for Big Lebowski. What condition your condition was in. Makes me want to view that movie.
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Remi Wolf 7 year itch

I bought a ticket for Cautius Clay because Remi Wolf was on the tour, but got too busy to see the show — that plus I’m middleaged.
I’ve known Remi since her junior year in high school. I met she and Chloe at Philz Coffee open mic — I think I did a set of not funny comedy called “Harbaugina Monologue”.
She was playing Gotye Somebody I used to know. I wanted to write Tom Windish, his agent. Years later, she graduated USC and tours fairly regularly, booked by an agent in the same shop, Paradigm.
Here is a song she did a few months ago, on tour, in Portland.

Here is a song she did exactly 7 years ago, that was posted to the PAW site:

Remi Wolf March 20, 2013

actually the auto-generated links below yield that I shot them and wrote about them in November 2012. Getting back to the subject at hand, Remi and Chloe are one of the most promising teen acts I have seen in a while. They pick good covers and are writing their own music. I think their parents have the right mix of being helpful and supportive but not pushy. I saw the girls at Camille Townsend’s kickoff event and understand they also stumped for Melissa Baten — both re-elected for school board.

Remi Wolf in 2012 at the former Varsity Theatre, or busking in front of such

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