Poitier at Stanford Theatre in September

Stanford Theatre the movie palace has announced a summer fall schedule after two years being shutter due to the epidemic a highlight is a September 2 day run of two movies featuring the late Sidney Poitier.

meanwhile Earthwise will resume September 28 with Steve Poltz and September 29 with Mads Tolling both events directly across from the theater at Lytton Plaza .

A modern Japanese movie called “ran” from 1985 will also play in the series .

The announced a total of 40 films maybe someone will see the whole set . i’m good for a bakers dozen or so.

edit to add: here is an alphabetical list of some upcoming shows at Stanford theatre and their Halliwell ratings — * one star means worth seeing; ** two stars means twice as worthy, two reasons to see it; *** means this is a very good film and you should see it rather than not; **** four stars in Halliwell means a classic, do not miss it, you are not film-literate if you have not seen this; you should see it multiple times.

Beat The Devil 1953

Bread, Love and Dreams 1953 *

Casablanca 1942

Dinner at Eight 1933

The Gay Divorcee 1934

Hidden Fortress 1958

In a Lonely Place 1950

It Started With Eve 1941

In The Heat Of The Night 1967

Meet Me in St Louis 1944

Miracle of Morgan’s Creek 1944

My Fair Lady 1964

100 Men and a Girl 1937

North by Northwest 1959

Notorious 1946 ***

Philadelphia Story 1940

Roman Holiday 1953

To Sir With Love 1967

Sabrina 1954

Top Hat 1935

Yojimbo 1961

Wizard of Oz 1939

That’s 22 out of the 40 shows Stanford Theatre announced as summer fall series. Ideally I would see all 40, or at least see parts of all programs and not necessarily both shows of the double feature. I’ve definitely seen seven of those 22. I may have seen the bulk of them, but not well enough to discuss. There’s also Ran from 1985 and I wonder if it was part of the 2020 March announced Kurosawa series. It’s very recent — 1985– by Packard standards. “To Sir with Love” is also recent by Packard’s standards – -someone had to die to get it booked here. If you are a film programmer and were plotting for two years to do  this, you would not be doing much better than this list as a microcosm of the Stanford Theater Story. 

Have they announced a new wrinkle in ticketing beyond line up give them your $7 in cash? I recall the rare times that David P would take tickets he would wear gloves — he is known as a germophobe. 

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