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I’m cutting and pasting this from last week’s post plus a few other just added:

Mary Gauthier and U.S. Army Sergeant Joshua Geartz met in his hometown of Buffalo, NY.

TAMMY HALL, solo piano at Johnson Park, downtown north Palo Alto, 2 p.m. Saturday, September 10, 2022 – (note: Stanford plays USC later that afternoon, nearby, at 4:30 which means Tammy’s show is for the hippest of the tailgate crowd or people who gave up on football somewhere between Al Davis moving to LA and the Chargers’ retired star Junior Seau killing himself due to a diagnosis of traumatic head injury and depression, if that is not too dour a note on a Monday morning).

MADS TOLLING, quartet, free at Lytton Plaza — and are “tammy hall” and “mads tolling” some kind of homophone, wordgame or just cool idea for a euponic duo someday? Thursday, September 29, 5 pm free at Lytton Plaza, presented by Earthwise (note Earthwise founder Mark Weiss also owns this blog Plastic Alto).

More shows

This is too post modern with which to futz

AKIRA TANA STEVE SANO DUO — this does not actually exist but because Akira played with Tammy recently at PAJA’s party at First Congo — they call it that — AND Steve’s mother recently deceased was a member of First Prez — I thought the two should jam together in her honor. Check back.

AKIRA TANA ERIK LAWRENCE DUO OR TRIO — Lytton Plaza, September 9 a Monday. They have never met but did record some sessions together during Covid, at my suggestion, for my quasi label Lions With Wings.

PEACE HAS COME TO ZIMBABWE — that’s not a band it’s a lyric by Stevie Wonder and I spoke it into the microphone during my send off last night at the DaShawn Hickman show. For the record, I bought DaShawn Hickman, Wendy Hickman and Brevin Hambden ribs and things from Armadillo Willy’s – -I had a brisket sandwich — while Vicki Randall later got takeout from Dohatsuten ramen– and Charlie Hunter asked me if the sandwich intended for the soundman and or my wife was for him, I said “of course!” and I don’t know if he ate it but someone took the meat of the sandwich from the bun. Whatever that means metaphorically, especially from a guy who has an album called GENTLEMAN WE REGRET TO INFORM YOU YOU WILL NOT BE GETTING PAID.

whatever I said below the correct answer we are looking for is Clarke Hart Wilson Harrison for Stanely Clarke bass Billy Hart drums, Cassandra Wilson vocals and composition and Donald Harrison Jr saxophone, but I went at the invitation or urging of Ethan Iverson an accompanist on piano whose recent Monk tribute with Dayna Stephens I helped produce

SFJAZZ MARSALIS GALA raised $1.7M according to freelancer and 408 Yoshi Kato but I was oblivous to such even though I am a donor. I am sponsoring in various ways Beth Custer in November at SFJAZZ. But I was focused on DaShawn and Charlie at Kuumbwa, my 831 debut, so didn’t focus on the lost opportunity at SFJazz. I did see Ethan Iverson, Ron Carter and Cassandra Wilson remote getting NEA honors (the latter two) at SFJAZZ. Which is run by my former advertising colleague Greg Stern to succeed Randall Kline who told me once his debut as a promoter was here in the 650 though it was 415 at the time, Oregon at The Varsity.

And from before: in brief, I have a cluster of shows at Lytton Plaza, then a bunch on Sundays outdoors at Mitch Bowl, usually at 2 p.m., maybe some add-ons to the Marta Sanchez show downtown 6/25 because it is also PALO ALTO WORLD MUSIC DAY, but nothing hard ticket or indoors until December 18 at the Mitch which is Hannukah (Jewish year-end gala) but no specifics about that.

Stay tuned or as Shakespeare once said, spit in the hole and tune again, man.

add one: I’ve added local stalwart and streek busker Gaby Castro, a Casti grad, to the Mary Gauthier show which also features Jaimee Harris from Austin and Nashville.

addadd: I gave a small gift to KCSM in honor of John Shiflett and Chris Cortez was kind enough to send me the air check. Native Elements featuring Chris Cortez on drums will appear at Palo Alto’s Mitchell

Thursday, June 9, Sony Holland Plays the Music of Linda Ronstadt; 7 p.m. Lytton Plaza, 200 University Avenue, Palo Alto; Free, advance registration available at EventBrite.

Saturday, June 11, early show, nooner, Russian Telegraph Band (Beth Custer – Clarinet, Voice; David James – Guitar, Voice; Chris Grady – Trumpet; Jordan Glasgow – Keyboard; Keith MacArthur – Bass; John Hanes – Drums;

Russuan Telegraph left to right Igor, Vlad, Tolstoy, Keith komizdat and Elif (not pictured Theremin)

Tuesday, June 14, 7 p.m. Will Bernard and Freelance Subversives with Will Bernard guitar, Adam Klipple, keys; Eric Kalb, drums; Victor Little, bass; Josh Jones percussion.

Monday, June 20, Mary Gauthier. Reprise of her 2021 concert here, but moved to Lytton Plaza, 7 p.m. Jaimee Harris, Gaby Castro are special guests.

Saturday, June 25 Marta Sanchez Quintet, 7 p.m. Lytton Plaza, free. This is simultaenous to the Palo Alto World Music Day and as such might be expanded i.e. with opening acts or a longer bill or performers – check back or just if you are by Palo Alto downtown that day keep your ears peeled. Marta and her group will be if not the closing show the featured show — somebody might go on after her set, for example to squeeze out more juice from the grapes, use more of the near-Solstice light and all that. 

July 10, Mitchell Park Bowl – Tne Waybacks (interestingly, an early version of this band appeared circa 2003 at Cogswell Plaza downtown, on the city budget, by We The People, as part of the Brown Bag series. In that year there were 18 civic shows in Palo Alto, twelve in the Twilight Series — which were on Tuesdays — and six in the nooner series. And most of them played original music not merely covers. The Waybacks features James Nash and Warren Hood but are a full band not a duo.

July 17, Amendola VS Blades, 2 pm Mitchell Park Bowl. The fifth time that a version of Amendola VS Blades has played Palo Alto earthwise either at The Mitch, the Art Center, Lytton Plaza or Mitch Bowl. 

July 24 Citta di Vitti band featuring Philip Greenlief and Lisa Mezzacappa, somehow inspired by foreign films. 

July 30, San Francisco Mime Troupe, Mitchell Park Bowl, 2 pm; the famous agit prop comedia del arte group has been in and out of Palo Alto in recent years, at either Mitchell Park or Cubberley amphitheatre but Earthwise is proud to be the exclusive producer of this show. 


August 8, Erik Lawrence, Akira Tana duo or trio.

August 7, Native Elements, Mitch Bowl (note: new date)

August 19, ROVA with Thollem McDonas at either The Art Center  or Lytton Plaza, or possibly both. Yes, both. 

October 7 Marley’s Ghost at Lytton Plaza, 



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