Ring of bone versus hall of fame

Not sure this fits, except in Plastic Alto

Ring of bone v hall of fame

I was at the Paly gym last night and I took another look at the set of oil paintings, on board, by Mr Kerr. Actually there are now a couple murals by his daughter, maybe frescoes.

There were three or four of track and field, men and women. Spanning several generations.

I am interested in seeing either at that wall or by the same artist or by a similar technique and production value Lew Welch. He was a track champion but better known as a Beat poet. He was the step father of the famous musician Huey Lewis. That’s a stage name and references Lew Welch of Palo Alto and Marin.

Ring of bone might be his most famous work. The sound of a bone. When you strike it. Or it is struck. 

Speaking of span, I met TJ Martin, Cubberley ’80 but also Paly ’80. He played for Paly, and we were watching his son Jackson Martin #3 play. I think Jackson took the long miss to end the third quarter, where B_ and I left. Paly was up 40-20 and finished up 22. 53-21 or so. Jackson’s grandfather I believe was assistant superintendent of schools here at PAUSD – -I am the beneficiary of his hard work. Martin was mentioned previous but by last name only – he is an honorable mention in the Cubberley Hoops hall of fame. He played with Lockhart and Tim Ruff. Plus my teammate John Ehrlich and Jerry Chang. Paly was 1-3 vs Gunn in Martin’s time there in Gunn’s 22-5 season, Paly beat Gunn at Paly — the old gym, the pit — a buzzer beater by Marc Ford, Henry Ford, Henry and Rochelle’s son. So the father never played on the new gym but the son never played in the classic pit. I wonder how many father-son combos have played hoops for Paly , or any Palo Alto double like that? (Matt Passell and Josh Passell). In the essay or oral history by David Meltzer Welch says that his mother was the last of a tremendous issue. I will edita his exact wording. Issue meaning how many brothers and sisters. 

He says he was good at a game of tag. That’s how he busted his novice, socially. He said there was a teacher named Robert Rideout in seventh grade that also suggested that if he likes one book to try another book by the same author. So he played football and track. Good at tag meaning no one could catch him. 

It was his seventh grade teacher, Robert Rideout, who stimulated his interest in reading. Attended junior high school and high school in Palo Alto, …

he ran the 400 in 49.7. What was Bill Green’s time? Class of 1944. He died in 1970 or so. In his forties. It says Green ran the 100 yards in 9.56 still a CCS record – -they switched to meters. He switched to middle distance. He also died young. 

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