Dave Douglas in Berlin, Anoushka Shankar in Hamburg


Two great shows, for all you Germans and your superfast touring sedans and the highway: Anouska Shankar in Hamburg, Dave Douglas in Berlin. Auto-something. Precision auto, if I pass you just to slow down. Anoushka on the Autobhan.
The agent Todd Walker said yesterday he was off to see Anoushka, I asked him to check her, his client, for a tattoo on her lower back, lumbar 3-6 kind of thing, that I noticed when she was at Stanford a few years back – -I was with Hans Wendl, who is from Munich and ECM. In 2001, with her dad.

Dave Douglas in Ghent tonite but Berlin later — I’m so confused…

Dave is doing ding dong three shows in honor of The Alter. Lamb something. Pretty famous piece of wood. Though he is brassy.

The Weisses I suspect are not really Weisses. We checked the Levi’s back to 1750 or so. On my mom’s side, and I spoke to Craig who worked with Chris who works with Anouska – the nidus of this yarn — and repeated that the Baker’s are actually either Soukoenigs or Sudeniks.

Big world, one love. Plenty skronky.
Auf widerson. Tjat’s all I gat. Gatsby. To be or not to be. I’m just a teenage dirt bag, Andrew. In German the Iron maidens are literally maidens and literally have metal uppers. Steel Pole bath tube, bambi nonymous

Tomeka Reid, Dave Douglas in Germany today


  1. This is from Berkeley Planet, December, 2001 — twenty years ago today — courtesy of something called the internet search foonkshun: Jupiter Dec. 6: Joshi Marshal Project; Dec. 7: AVI Bortnick Group; Dec. 8: Harvey Wainapel Quartet; Dec. 12: Mushroom; Dec. 13: Joshi Marshal Project; Dec. 14: Broun Fellini’s; Dec. 15: Norah Jones and Jim Campilongo; Dec. 19: Spectraphonic; Dec. 20: Joshi Marshal Project; Dec. 21: Crater; Dec. 22: Post Junk Trio; Dec. 27: Joshi Marshal Project; All shows are free and begin at 8 p.m. unless noted. 2181 Shattuck Ave., 843-7625, http://www.jupiterbeer.com.  I was one of only 10 people at that show. I heard about it from Hans Wendl, who was persons 1 and 2 of the 10. Avi Bortnick was from Berkeley before New York and played with John Scofield but also produces and triggers samples via guitar; Harvey Wainapel I saw recently, February, 2020, Mardi Gras it was a Tuesday, right before the lockdown with Beth, Ben and Sheldon clearly netting; Mushroom is Pat Thomas and sometimes Ralph Carney and once Caroleen Beatty; my timeline for Norah is that I saw her at Yoshi’s with Charlie Hunter, was told by Hans that she was Ravi’s daughter but not to repeat that, for 20 years and only then to wait until WordPress was invented; her album came out; the Jupiter show, no one there; Liberty Ellman somewhere in there said that Blue Note was hoping for 20,000 units not “diamond platinum” as of February, 2005, ten million; John Ellis my client for about 13 months stradling my 40th birthday which I also spent with Patricia Barber and Joan Bender, so to speak, dated or married Pavani — slightly post-term in my parallax view – who was friends with Norah so they, for instance, saw SNL as her guests; and although we are discussing a Black singer from England influenced by Nina Simone the agent Todd Walker who covers the waterfront and apparently 2 or more continents mentioned that we had to have our phone meeting around noon because he is off to Germany to see Anoushka. And then in the actual meeting said that the tattoo discussion was “water under the bridge” but I brought it around == the card that is so hard and wild – -is that Leonard Cohen – -just some Joseph looking for a manager — to point out the nice tats on said singer. Stranger. 
  2. I guess I should take this opportunit to get the least est fluency about the alter the lamb ghent jan van somthing. I think I saw it in Michael Kimmelman book on art that I used to name check so much. Terry, Terry my Terry, Terry TMW Terry my wife, Terry Acebo Davis MFA said she made some prints referencing Ghent – Terry who had a mega-residency in Belgium. Check back. 
  3. Leonard Cohen thing TBA
  4. Kudos and huzza to Carla Kihlsteadt and her brood in Cape Cod; to Bambi Marianne in Petaluma thanks to Mia in Sf and Miranda from the deli — Roy’s –who I guessed might know Marianne based on her….t…a..t…t…oos. 
  5. We are absoFUCKINlutely going to think about drink about Lisa Fay Beatty at Bottom of the Hill, Sunday November 28 i.e. a couple days after thanksgiving, thanking our lucky stars and that we knew her. 
  6. As compared to Barbara Manning doing 30 year show for “This Perfect Green Blanket” at The Mitch five days before Thanksgiving and 8 days before the Lisa Fay fete. November 2 0 at The Mitch. Probably cap the attendence at 10o peeps but who are we kidding and yes Green Day, Weezer and FallOut Boy grossed $4m per show at Oracle Park and Dodger Stadium. 
  7. Saw Chris Strausser at Colts-Niners. Shouted and he wavied back.  The old navy bravey wavey. Georgia and Wallis. 
  8. Shows are piling up, like moss on a pine at Sea Ranch: Diunna Greenleaf, November 18; Bhi Bhiman, Syvlie Simmons, Aleta Hayes and Charith Classical Revolution, November 12; Delbert Anderson quartet somewhere in the Bay Area on November 8, four days hence. Scott Amendola with Wil Blades in December at The Mitch, his debut there. Amendola Goldberg Sickafoos Plays Monk at The Mitch in January; Caroline Davis three show residency around the 28th my birthday; Greaseland All Stars featuring Kid Andersen and his wife Laura Leuschner – another thing I need to wrap my tongue around or my brain – the spelling, how to say it – for purely professional and journalistic reasons — tongue in the sense of idiolect; gotta fix the odd Anouska Anoushka, too; MC Lars and a single about Hamlet, David Foster Wallace, Wheatus, Infinite Jest….creeps at this petty pace. So long Marianne gotta goo. Said the spider too its prey. 

he tried in his way to be free, which reminds that I just read in “The End Of The Golden Gate” Peter Coyote recapping the striving for authenticity that formed and folded Diggers, Sf Mime Troupe and too few other movements, maybe Earthwise can try harder to be like that although I was just starting to think its great to try not to try. Bird on a wire:

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